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    Creating a world map......

    Quote:Original post by MasterSlowPoke code zombie I'm guessing you're not partial to C++ either? naw I don't like organization, but i you have to use them so i use them anyway
  2. Code Zombie

    C++ books for total beginner's

    Wiley's "teach yourself c++" it even comes with a neat IDE called quincy 2002. you could also try Jessica liberty's "teach yourself c++ in 21 days" she is really good at explaining the basics to you, but wiley's book gets you into advanced topics fast. I'am pretty sure they write these books in your language, if not I'am pretty sure there is a whole lot more written in your language that are just as good if not better.
  3. Code Zombie

    Any good Cross Platform IDE/Compilers?

    Install borland c++ 5.0+ there free comand-line compilers then integrate it with a source editor with a good graphical interface and ta-ta you got a great free "almost an integrated development enviroment" like compiler. The installation is not easy as with all command-line compilers but it really pays off, if your looking for something commercial you got try borland c++ builder, but the best thing about the free version is that you get to choose your GUI instead of having a fixed one and you can change the gui anytime >.< but i'am not sure it has a debugger. You can do the same thing with mingw32, but i warn you if you have never done it before do NOT custom install the packages it can be very confusing, instead download the complete package or the installer, follow the instructions and it should work out. Then install the source editor and configure it to run with your compiler. I think if it comes down to managing very large projects you should look for something more commercial because managing many files in command line compilers can be very tedious. The good thing about most of the command line compilers is that they are pretty much platform independent, I mean you should see how many platforms ming can run on.
  4. tried running as an adminstrator, with a project name that did not exist and i got the same message: creating project 'project1'.... project creation failed
  5. Code Zombie

    Creating a world map......

    lol in my opinion, DON'T try c# unless your a totally object oriented freak. well thats just my opinion, tbh i really hate classes all together but they are very essiental to programming so don't take my word for it.
  6. Code Zombie

    Basic C++ Programming Concepts ?

    I'am in usa now, so its a relief that i can just go and buy it from the store, but phew its pricey.. don't think i can ever afford =), you could buy pirated for like 200 ruppies lol, but that was morally wrong and since i knew it was pirated i never did it.
  7. I don't know if it is this crappy vista I'am running or just that since it is kinda like freeware its got a lot of bugs in it, but anyway everytime i try to create any new project on it... it says "creating project<project name>... project creation failed". now i uninstalled and reinstalled it 4 times now as well as unistalling and reinstalling the .NET framework and it stills give the same stupid error. Now i was planning on buying visual studio just to get visual c++ 2008 but after this i worry that it will probably work the same way as this.. does anyone have any suggestions on what i cud do to fix this?
  8. Code Zombie

    Basic C++ Programming Concepts ?

    Wow, truly impressive car, what 3d software did you use to do it? That is brillant work for three months, i know i have been practicing c/c++ for six years and i'am still pretty lame, but with your kinda learning skills i don't think it wud take you anywhere near that long. and dude one question, your from karachi i used to live over their too and i looked all over the place for a person that sold the software(like 3d's max, maya, lightwave etc..) that was not pirated and i could not find one, was it that hard for you too find it legally sold or was it just me?
  9. Code Zombie

    C# text game help

    Yes dude, i tried the same thing you are doing, it is only natural that some at some point there will be alot of conditional statements somewhere. I kept there numbers down by specially designing objects that i linked together(kinda of like linked lists only not quite the same) and used them to keep track of the game objects that needed to be functions that needed to be ran. when it was time to redraw the screen i woulud terminate the list of objects. then once again every individual game element will slowly build a new one, each adding to the list and then i would sort through it, have the program execute each function(i used alot of function pointers for this one, also i wrote this in c++ so i'am not quite sure c# even supports function pointers) on the list then finally once the ending one was reached i would have the list destroyed and it wud repeat... gosh it was horriblely hard lol gl.
  10. Code Zombie

    C++ Workshop - Arrays & Strings (Ch. 13)

    does anyone have an answer for this cause its been bugging me for some time why is it that when a call the sizeof operator on the name of an array without the [] it returns the size of the entire array. I mean if the name of the array without the [] operator is a pointer to the first element in the array how come it does not just return the size of the pointer?
  11. Thanks for showing me the syntax for declaring a pointer to a member function, to be honest i thought you could not have a pointer to a member function I'am so glad you can man, i love pointers to functions they are like the best part of the c/c++ language in my opinion and i'am glad they did not drop their use out of object oriented programming. but i got a question, does the pointer have to be within the class? or can it be outside and can you declare a typedef with that pointer and used it as a custom type? or does the function have to be static in order to do this? in that case why not just call the function without the pointer? also if you can use them outside, does the compiler call the constructor when you assign one to a member function because the member function might assign a value to one of the member varibles and if they are not declared wouldn't that cause an error?
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