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  1. Critique of my Art

  2. Epic track from my first album :)

    Album is out   You Can find it on all popular music streaming services and music marketplaces:  Spotify, Wimp, iTunes, Amazon, BandCamp...  http://patrykscelina.bandcamp.com/album/interdimensional
  3. Epic track from my first album :)

    Hello. My first music album (INTERDIMENSIONAL) is coming to the public next week. I'm very excited and I'm very happy to present one of the tracks. Let say it is a "single" called "Return of the Heroes"    I hope you'll like it.    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/patrykscelina/return-of-the-heroes You Tube: http://youtu.be/aTWVjNPLsbs
  4. SciFi Production Music Release

      Hi Guys. I've been working on my first official music album lately.  It is a Sci Fi, orchestral / electronic hybrid music for game cinematic, trailers and advertisement. Album is called "Interedimensional" and it's going to be released in march 2014.    It's going to avaliable on iTunes and BandCamp for purchase, but I'd like to give few free copies for "event" members on facebook.    I'll be glad if you join this event and listen to some of my previous tracks made for some games and ads.    Thank you for reading this and joining the event:   https://www.facebook.com/events/610874945615893/?fref=ts
  5. Hi guys. I'd like to invite you to visit my new web site. There is a demo, some of my video projects, and I'd love your feedback on my music.    (Edited by mod to align with forum's rules and guidelines.)   www.patryk.scelina.com
  6. My new epic track

      Thanks :)   You mean Violin I guess ? :)  It is Solo Violin from East West library.       Thank you :) Sure. I use Cubase 6.5 . Actually I use Cubase since Cubase SX3 version. I really love it.     Thanks Man. I really appreciate this.    I just finished new track. Maybe You would like to hear it also ?  https://soundcloud.com/patrykscelina/patryk-scelina-unlimited  
  7. Got Soundcloud?

    Check out my profile too :) http://soundcloud.com/patrykscelina
  8. My new epic track

    Hi guys. I'd like to share my latest track. It is an emotional and energetic mix. I hope you'll like it. I'll be glad if you write some coments. thanks.   Patryk Scelina   http://youtu.be/eMREEj9nk3I
  9. Patryk Scelina - Composer profile

    Hello to everyone. My name is Patryk Scelina and I create music for media. I was involved recently in few interesting projects and I'd like to share my music with you. Check out my recent tracks. I'll be glad if you have time to write some comments. Thanks anyway. http://youtu.be/Yu1-yaYZQgc http://youtu.be/Sk7yuXPCUM0 http://soundcloud.com/user9741524/hidden-enemy http://soundcloud.com/user9741524/time-for-battle http://soundcloud.com/user9741524/gettheegg_master_01
  10. Music composer and sound designer

    Hi. I am games composer and sound designer. I've made music for 12 years and I'm prety well oriented in games music subject. There you have few pieces of music: www.myspace.com/patrickscelina If any one like to get more samples please contact me by mail: patrykscelina@wp.pl
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