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  1. Hiyar

    Checksum testing

    My question is, can the executable be modified so that any checksum cant detect it. I didnt say the checksum algorithm is in the executable And of course I would never use any checksum directly, A single checksum function used for "cmp" would be useless of course.
  2. Hi, Is it possible for a hacker to modify the executable in a way that all kinds of checksum tests are useless. If yes, how? And is it possible to still detect the modification by using different methods such as testing different parts by using offsets, or some other method? Thanks
  3. Hiyar

    CryEngine Terrain

    I dont think Crysis draws same size chunks like in usual geomipmapping, the Lod system is quadtree based, if you use the console command "e_terrain_bboxes 1", you can see the bounding boxes.
  4. My real-life reference is a lagoon-like environment click But yes I could indeed try to use better colors. thanks
  5. I am not sure if I understand you correctly. What exactly do you mean by deepwater color? I am using height based fog for underwater and I am using refraction map too. You can not see this in the picture maybe See this for the lerp blending I am using fresnel term. I think I am just going to experiment with different normal maps, should I use fresnel for this additional specular highlights too?
  6. I am just trying to create sparkles, little specular highlights on water surface, what I am having looks more like a flat disc with little distortion. I am using fresnel term to blend refraction and reflection maps, should I use this for specular heighlights too?
  7. thanks for sharing this
  8. Hi, I am using animated normalmaps and usual specular calculation result looks not that good, Is there a way to make specular highlights on water look better and natural? Thanks
  9. I mean grass rendering as described here Anyone tried to sort like this? Or another approach? Any suggestions?
  10. Hi, I am not satisfied with alpha tested grass, harsh edges are the main problem. Also dissolving at distance is a problem too, I tried to use noise texture to simulate "fade out effect" but it still looks like garbage. I also used a 2 pass approach alpha blending and alpha testing, but in the end I decided to use alpha blending only with semi transparent grass billboards. This is expensive but looks very natural, this gave me the best results, but I dont know how to sort the billboards properly. I read somewhere that one can first sort the grass batches(grid cells) and then use pre calculated view positions, if I understand correctly, but this would eat alot memory. So how do you sort grass billboards in an efficient way. Thanks
  11. Hiyar

    Open world terrain realisation

    With marching cube terrain, you could do some procedural stuff like explained here And write an editor where you edit and texture the terrain with a sphere brush, similiar to editing heightmap terrain. But okay, the memory footprint can be indeed an issue.
  12. Hiyar

    Clicking links

    Every topic, I am using IE 9 but this happens only here in this forum Anyone else has this problem?
  13. Hi, When I click a link in a forum threat, in my browser always an additional tab opens with the same content. It is really annoying. Is it my browser or is this a bug? Can you not fix this? Thanks
  14. Hiyar

    Open world terrain realisation

    Hi, What exactly is your reason for using 3ds models for the terrain? This type approach will be very artist driven and time consuming. You want to have overhangs and caves etc? Why dont you use marching cubes instead of 3ds models? If today I would start to implement a terrain renderer from scratch, probably I would try to implement marching cubes based terrain
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