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  1. AlexandreMutel

    Real-world garbage collection with LLVM

    Thanks for your feedback, that's interesting! Have you look about the generated code? I have read many times that using llvm.gcroot is removing most of the potential optimizations later done by LLVM (the issue 1917 for example was closed with 'wontfix') so I'm not sure that LLVM allows gcroot to be promoted to registers.
  2. AlexandreMutel

    HLSL Language Service

    Great work Mike, I'm the author of NShader, and was very too busy to go to the lexer/parser way (although, like you, I found Irony to be a very handful lexer/parser alternative at the time of evaluating this option). Also, if you are implementing everything on VS2010, It will be probably a bit easier than the legacy managed language service provided from VS2005/2008 I used in NShader. And indeed, It's quite annoying to not having a BNF grammar for HLSL from Microsoft... Keep up the good work!
  3. AlexandreMutel

    Sounds Like a Hack

    Nice hack, thanks for sharing! Did you try to modify the sampledata buffer after passing it to soundbuffer? I guess they make a copy of it, but just in case... (anyway, we would need sound playing position... so it's not usable as you said for continuous dynamic sound generation)
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