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    Barbarians and Minotaurs

    Thank you so much for the reply. I am actually keeping this game on back burner. even though its a small game its a little large for me right now, as I am doing it by myself but the analysis of the game you made is deffinetly helpful for when I do work on the game.
  2. Penta Oasis

    Barbarians and Minotaurs

    Creative input Again my challenge is to make a simple game that can be created with few people. But I am asking not just for what is easier but what would be a better idea The idea of the game so far is a Fantasy game that would play lick Unreal Tournament. Basically a Death Match game of one Team vs the other Team. The first team is the Barbarians The second team is the Minotaurs I have 2 idea's on how characters would be created. It would A.) only class based, where weapons, armor and skill are determined by the class they choose. Barbarian classes (Work in progress, no more then 4 or 5) Warrior Stalker Wolf Rider Shaman Minotaur classes Knight Wizard Forrester Priest Each class would have one model, equaling 8 - 10 models) Or It will be B.) skill based game system where characters choose the model that suits them Their would be three different character models for the Barbarian Race, and three Different models for the Minotaur race. Each model would have four different Armor types to accompany the model. Model would be Muscular Average Lanky Armor would be Plate Chain Leather Robes Which means there would be 12 models for each race, making 24 models for the entire game. (Perhaps the sequel can be more advanced) It is a creative question I ask, and a technical question, which do you think would be better in the aspect of making it a good game, but making it more accomplishable. I've been in so many game projects that fail because small teams with very small or no budgets try to do games that are meant for large teams with large and huge budgets. [Edited by - Penta Oasis on July 29, 2008 6:09:11 PM]
  3. Penta Oasis

    Barbarians and Minotaurs

    Barbarians and Minotaurs The idea of this game project is to create a moderately small game that can be developed at low cost with a small team. I do have a question... I have 2 thoughts on the detentions of the game. One is to make it a 3D Action RPG, made as closely in graphics and Action to the Guild Wars game. Yet not even close to the size or perhaps the fluid functionality of the game. But similar. Or create a 2D game using Hand Drawn graphics and set it up as a Side Scrolling game, but much like the more advanced old school games where there is some depth to walk not just forward and backward, but up and down. If someone could give me some input on weather with my challenge of creating a modest size game as simple as possible I would appreciate it. Thanks
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