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  1. We're super excited to bring so many new events to the calendar this year. Last year was an incredible achievement with over 250 unique events, but now we're looking to hit the 300-event milestone in 2016! We've also been increasingly covering events on the site's social networks, so be sure to join them! Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Google+: Events for Gamers has a core focus mostly on listing industry professional conferences and conventions. There is also a diversity of other industry related events, such as the IGDA Leadership Summit, and the hardware show, Computex. The calendar has grown so much, that we've added a new Quick List that features all of the events in one easy to peruse page: Quick List: Core Calendar: Google+ Calendar: This focus keeps the list from overflowing with events that stretch beyond the bounds of what we know you want to get the most out of the site. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list that pertains to the professional industry. If a LAN event or festival has hardware vendors or similar backing, that is often sufficient to qualify it to be listed. There are other considerations as well, including events requesting being directly added. Events for Gamers wouldn't be possible without your event and news submissions. Whether you are an event coordinator, attendee, or industry writer, we greatly appreciate your submissions and want to hear from you! Even if it is just to inform our team of a new event, it helps the rest of the community to get the key attendance information they need as soon as it becomes available. Thanks for being a valuable contributor to the Events for Gamers community!
  2. Trouble with our sites style on WPEngine

    I just got a word from the calendar team, and it looks like it's a Gzip compression issue. They tweaked the setting and the calendar works just fine now.   Has anyone encountered this before, especially with calendar type plugins for Wordpress and on WPEngine? I don't understand why the fix worked, it just did :).
  3. I was hoping a CSS/web/Wordpress expert could help us out here. We've had the core function of our site down for a week now, the event calendar.   The trouble began after we migrated to WPEngine. The staging environment works fine (, but only logged in admin users of the primary ( forwarding to will work. Those not logged in or not admin see the main calendar and sidebar calendar without the CSS style.   Everything else with the site works jiffy. I suspect this is a server caching limitation or security block somehow. Can this be worked around, or what do I need to say to WPEngine to get this fixed?   Thanks so much in advance!   - Mathew
  4. New game conference event calendar

    It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally reached the point in the development of Events For Gamers and all its websites to where we can provide you a truly all-encompassing game industry event browsing experience. The features you are looking for get their full treatment right here with the newly announced website!   Read more about Events For Gamers at:   The Site’s History   If you haven’t visited the site before, Events For Gamers was originally launched back in 2008. Marking our 5th anniversary, it’s been through five unique iterations. The first design theme was on a custom HTML solution and had no news or forum capabilities. Suffice it to say that design didn’t last very long with its myriad of template errors and security issues.   We quickly moved on to what was at the time a very promising CMS solution – Drupal. While it took awhile to setup and tweak the template, Drupal provided a fantastic array of options to customize the site in order to provide all of the event categories you wanted. Unfortunately, Drupal was too complex for us to maintain. It often had outdated plug-ins that opened up significant security threat concerns.   The Previous Design   This brings us to the previous iteration on Invision Power Boards (IPB). Up until WordPress, this was our most promising CMS platform. A few years ago the folks at IPB decided that CMS systems were so popular, they needed to take their forum solution to the next level. They added to the forums several key CSM features that included articles, pages, commenting, etc.   The site would still be on IPB today if it wasn’t for our recent experience in working with WordPress. Between Drupal, IPB, and even vBulletin and its wide array of options, we can’t positively remark enough about how WordPress and all the available plugins brought this site to the next level. As you peruse this site and reflect on how difficult it was in the past to navigate event pages, you will see what we mean.   New Event Features   Here is a highlighted list of all the game industry event features you will want to take a look at: SEO optimized news section with the ability for you to submit news to us, as well as receive feeds and comment updates via e-mail Dynamic event calendar section with the ability to submit calendar events. Also includes a new category: Parties! Individual exclusive event pages that have complete customization for event coordinators to present any content they wish to reveal Google World Map that shows where all the events are around the globe Multiple Facebook and Twitter feeds to quickly view the latest hourly event announcements ‘Connections’ profile section to find others in the industry that you may wish to connect with (direct game and event support fields coming soon!) Improved ways to share social network feeds, news posts, videos, and calendar events straight to your Google Calendar! Built on an open CMS solution that provides robust community development   And much, much more. This is only the beginning of what we will be able to offer game industry event attendees and interested readers.   Join the Community   If you have any questions about the new site, find an event we do not have listed, an update to an existing event we should add, have experience working with WordPress or editorial skills and would like to help us out, please contact us!   Thanks everyone for being a part of the Events For Gamers community!
  5. Games for Tournaments

    No worries webwraith! We have been trying to bring in the tournament and LAN crowds more anyway :).
  6. Summer game events

    Indeed :)
  7. Missed early bird LOGIN registration? Register now for a LOGIN Conference pass via this E4G exclusive link and get 30% off! Using the link automatically discounts the cost from the normal registration fee.   Link also here:
  8. Summer game events

    Anyone attending the summer fan events like Blizzcon, QuakeCon, Gen Con, and others?
  9. I got started in the industry by volunteering as a news editor for a media website, I never thought at the time that I would actually make it as a community manager, or have my own site for that matter, but it happened! I want to provide that opportunity to others now.   I've had a website for game industry events for almost five years now. Called Events For Gamers at, it consolidates and organizes game industry events into one area. Right now this is a small group project, but it could be more with the right help behind it, and we really need it. I was hoping some of you here would be interested. Here is what we are looking for currently:   - News editors/writers - Forum moderators/community evangelists - Website developers - Marketing assistant - ??? (What do you see we need?)   If you have an interest in one of these areas, a website like Events For Gamers on your resume is a great way to show that you took the initiative to get started in some way. I did it this way, so I know at least for some it can work.   Please let me know if you have any questions about the site and how you can be a part of it. I'm hoping you will join us! Thanks in advance .
  10. We need your help!

    We just added a new contact form, apologies to those who didn't get a response before! Please try again.
  11. NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference, March 18-21, 2013

    Thanks LetsKillDave (interesting name:))! We've added the conference to the calendar: Will setup an exclusive page for it too.
  12. GAMEXPO 2012

    Thanks GAMEXPO! Will get this added.
  13. Events Suggestion

    Thanks Racecarlock! Apologies about the delay in responding here, we haven't had a chance to build up our presence, but we're changing that now.
  14. New Google+ event calendar

    We haven't updated the community on our progress in awhile, so I wanted to share a few cool new things that we've developed in the past few months. The first being a new Google+ calendar, and redesign to our homepage calendar. See here: We also redesigned the front page to provide a more welcome explanatory format of the site: We're also reaching out to a lot more events to partner with them to provide you with discount codes and other exclusives when attending. And we need more help! The great thing about Events For Gamers is it provides some unique avenues for editorial exposure, marketing outreach, and other opportunities if you are interested in getting more into the industry. Please contact us at if you want to participate in some way. Thanks in advance!
  15. A new year for Events For Gamers

    Greetings game event attendees! We are preparing another great year at Events For Gamers and want to bring in the community more than we have in the past, now that we have a site built on the very technically (IPB boards) that also has established. While we haven't been active here in the main forums, there has been a lot of new developments going on over at [url=""][/url] itself. As always, we need your help! Have an interest in seeing the E4G community grow? Let us know!