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  1. Quote:Original post by Kitt3n Also, MS added 'safe' (nonstandard extensions to sprintf, sprintf_s). I think they take an additional parameters (not sure, I always use the standard compliant ones) sprintf_s uses the same parameters as sprintf. It's snprintf which takes additional parameter ;)
  2. You are checking "if( count == 50 )", but I can't see the place where you increase this value. Maybe triangle just flew out of screen?
  3. I would go for them. They give you everything you need and there is also nice interface for them provided by ID3DXEffect class. I don't know of any drawbacks (can be my limited knowledge). Also, AFAIK Mass Effect used them.
  4. Quote:Original post by coldacid What happened to making fun of Slashdot? I just can't read that bloat. dot.
  5. Maybe one of google's results can help you ;)
  6. OpenGL

    Uhm..I was looking forward to new API. Anyway, I'm just happy with D3D. Seems like Microsoft actually know how to do the things.
  7. Quote:Original post by legalize Quote:Original post by hlsl Move "char test[256];" to header(ie make it static) and declare it like "char test[MAX_PATH];" No, don't do this. This will define test in any source file that includes this header and then you'll have multiply defined symbols for test. Also, I don't see why declaring it of size MAX_PATH is relevant here; from the examples shown, its not a file path. Generally, I don't use C style char arrays (I use std::string) or printf style functions in C++ because they aren't type safe. I'll use C++ iostreams or boost::format if I am converting legacy printf-style code to C++. Both C style char arrays and printf-style functions are the constant source of complex and difficult to find errors in C++ applications. Avoid both of them. I'm sorry for my unexplained post. I meant to move it to class members for example. The same thing happend to me recently and I was just describing the way I solved it so topic poster could try if it fixes his problem. I'm not saying it is the right way to solve problem, just the way it worked for me.
  8. Make sure you are distibuting release build and also there are latest DX runtimes installed, that should fix it ;) Maybe try to install VC++ redistibutable too.
  9. Move "char test[256];" to header(ie make it static) and declare it like "char test[MAX_PATH];"
  10. Personally I have used these tutorials years ago. I really liked them although the coding style is not that awesome. Try these also.
  11. Hey, I'm reading your journal regullary [smile] Also, why not VBOs? They are very similiar to vertex arrays, while using server-side memory.
  12. I have used both SDL and SFML and I would go for SFML. I like its design, it gives you everything you need in SDK, there are nice tutorials on the website and since rendering is done with OpenGL, it is MUCH faster than SDL.
  13. Quote:Original post by phantom "released" is a bit premature, they aren't due out until september. Yeah... I was just about to download them [grin] Nice news anyway.
  14. Congrats! [smile] Quote:Original post by Corygb It is only for LINUX!!! Why is that? SDL also works nice on other platforms as you know. Also, any screens?