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  1. Hey everyone, I want to share my android game:   Crazy Pixel Run is a game about pixel-rabbit which was born in dark world and wanted to colorize it. It is platformer style indie game where you have to collect energy to stay alive in randomly generated infinite world. To gain energy you can colorize level geometry and collect glowing things. The longer you survive the harder it is. Gaining energy provides acces to new levels and chunks with some secrets of running through them. Start game, choose direction and run!   Rules of main game mode: - collect flaring cubes to earn energy - avoid falling down or you will loose some energy - touch and paint world to earn small amount of energy - the higher level the more energy you will earn or loose - the higher time the higher energy decreasing rate is   FreeRun mode: - you can choose start level - you cant save score   EnegryRun: - no loosing energy by time or falling down - darkness rises from level start point, run away from it as fast as you can! Advantages: - 70+ different chunks! - Google Play Games integration for achievements and scoreboars which can be shared in +Google! - hidden secrets!     Some screenshots are shared here:   Available for free in Google Play Store:
  2. RobTek (TPS\Arcade)

    Another demo released : (June 28, 2011, ~7mb) [media][/media]
  3. [b]Title[/b] : RobTek [b]API[/b] : Unity Hi there! First of all sorry for my English This is my fist serious project in Unity. Workink on gameplay now and some testing\feedback of current needed. [b][size="4"]About game[/size][/b]. RobTek is a company working on new weapons and robots. Company makes tests for their new robots (one of them we playing) in simulation system. [b][size="4"]Gameplay[/size][/b]. Shooting , blowing, jumping ) We has three types of weapons, two force skills and two types of jumps and everything can be combined. [b][size="4"]Keys[/size][/b] : q - push force e - pull force w , s , a , d - driving r - jump with rotation , axis of rotation is athwart to tower dir mouse left - fire mouse wheel - change weapon guntower rotates to mouse position. [b][size="4"]Videos[/size][/b]. [media][/media] [b][size="4"]Screenshots[/size][/b]. [img][/img] [img][/img] [b][size="4"]Demos[/size][/b]: Win demos: [url=""][/url] (26 june 2011, ~7mb) [url=""][/url] (24 june2011, ~6mb) [url=""][/url] (22 june2011, ~6mb)
  4. Are you rotating static objects or dynamic? Cause there are some problems with static one (its not allowed to rotate them).
  5. I`ve made this topic because some people still looking for simple tutorials of how to integrate Nvidia PhysX in their DirectX based application, also some of them tryed to translate my tutorial (on Russian languge) to English by tools like google offers, thats not good, cause there are a lot of Russian jokes there -) So I`am hope my translation will help some people. Also sorry for my badly English;) Enjoy! [upd] There been some problem with host... so there are two links to that lesson, one another below: [Edited by - crol on June 13, 2009 10:14:27 PM]
  6. in PandaSoft you can use animation and all DirectX file futures, but be ware cause you will have some problems yusing it such i am - this plugin works in 3ds max 2008, but not in older versions:( to check working of plugin try to open saved model by DXViewer tool.