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    Motor Ball v1.0.3

    This is the new release for the race soccer game Motor Ball, v1.0.3 . Have fun playing. I included a snow texture on the footfield to feel the christmas. the web url http://www.motorball.planetyupeee.com/ download it at http://www.motorball.planetyupeee.com/files/setup_motorball.exe some screenshot don't forget to change the camera with 'c' if you have a hard time playing
  2. republicall

    cross product vs angle

    thanks for the answers first to say this is for 2d :) but i have to dissagree with both: 1. this are some gamedev post: >>> Remember that acos() returns the angle in radians, so you'll have to convert before calling glRotate(). Also, an alternate way of finding the (signed) angle between vectors of arbitrary (non-zero) length in 2d is: angle = atan2(perpdot(a,b), dot(a,b)); dir = Math.toDegrees(Math.atan2(pos.perpDot(dirVector), pos.dot(dirVector))); <<< atan2(v1.x*v2.y - v1.y*v2.x, v1.x*v2.x+v1.y*v2.y)) <<< vector2 diff = target - position; float angle = atan2(perp_dot(forward, diff), dot(forward, diff)); <<< 2. >>> and the sign of the cross product tells you if you should turn clockwise or counterclockwise). <<< i use the next 2 functions with the same results(from this i guess the function is ok): double CGame::AngleInDegrees_uv(D3DXVECTOR2* u, D3DXVECTOR2* v) { float dot = D3DXVec2Dot(u, v); float cross = D3DXVec2CCW(u, v); double radians = atan2(cross, dot); return radians; } //********************************************************************************* double CGame::Angle2Vectors2d_uv(D3DXVECTOR2* u, D3DXVECTOR2* v) { double angle = atan2(v->y, v->x) - atan2(u->y, u->x); return angle; } later edit: the error was somewhere else but you can use the functions above in 2d
  3. republicall

    cross product vs angle

    I have computed the cross product and the angle between the same 2 vectors. The results confuse me, for some input vectors they have different signs for other input they have the same sign. Shouldn't they have the same sign ? i compute the angle with atan2(cross,dot) [Edited by - republicall on December 7, 2009 8:44:10 AM]
  4. hi all, i want to implement support for force feedback stearing wheel for a pc game made in directx 8 and 9. Can you recomend something for 100$ ? in my local store there is logitech momo but i don't know how good is it. But i can buy from web if you recomend something else. thanks in advance.
  5. How could i know what is the procent of how much Holland for example buys indie games. And i would like to find out for each country somehow. The reason i ask is that till now i have a numvber of downloads by posting on general forums. But when i made some posts in my country forums the number increased. So i guess it could be a good ideea to post in each country's forums in their native language using maybe google translate.
  6. republicall

    Motor Ball 1.0.1

    I have released a new version of Motor Ball. The main improve: you can play in split screen mode. http://www.motorball.planetyupeee.com/ This is a continuing for my last post http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=531209
  7. OK, thank you , i think this is what i am going to use as i'v seen it in some more threads. But what about WinSock? I am going to build only for windows. Are their sdk's wrapped around winsock or is straight forward to learn. What is the best ratio (easy to use/built in offerings) between winsock and RakNet? Thanks again
  8. i have searched the forums and i see the directplay is over and i should use sockets until something microsoft will do. Can i use something from microsoft this days? or should i use raknet. Is it raknet using sockets at base? thanks
  9. republicall

    echivalence to 1 meter

    thank you for your answer. So 1 meter can be 1 unit. I knew i can choose but maybe there is a standard in the indie community. You see i will activate an option for gamers to upload their space ship models made by blender or whatever exports .x for now. But if they consider something else for 1 meter(10 units) the space ship could be too large.
  10. How big a model should be in directx? what is the echivalence to 1 meter? is it 1.0f value ?
  11. This is the first release of Motor Ball 1.0.0 Africa worldcup 2010, from PLANET YUPEEE Use arrows to drive, 'c' to change camera, and enter and escape to start and stop the game. Screenshots: Download link and website: http://www.motorball.planetyupeee.com/ [Edited by - republicall on April 18, 2009 4:23:19 AM]
  12. republicall

    Registration code - really needed ?

    Are you talking about banners ? My game includes a football field and i put a banner with its own web page. The rest of them are made up. Do you think people could not buy my product if there are banners? I mean in real life there are, so wouldn't it be bad not to put them? People will have a feeling of "not real life" because of the lack of banners that normally appear in real life. Now i don't know what to do :) Maybe i'll let the option to remove them and remained the name of the game or something.
  13. In my next release i will do so but till then i want to release it as soon as possible as i want to have some results before i turn 30. :)) . I use frame limiter because the game is some kind of a football soccer at high speeds in a continuous play stile so a constant FPS is more that necessary. But for some reason it just work harder in some moments, and in others not.This is what hurts me. Is like the buffer is full and a internal management tryes its best, but i would deactivate that efficency if possible. In an First Person Shooter it would be kind of ok, but not here. It messes up my game play. Later Edit: It seems that you were right. By just removing the frame limiter the movement was smooth and actually went up to 63 FPS. My guess is the Sleep() function is killing the frame rate. <<<You can get 30 FPS if your frame is even a little over 1/60 of a second (since you'll have to wait for the next refresh).>>> But this is actually what i would bat my money for, but i don't understand how it reflects in my code. I gues by just removing the frame limite it just does its job.
  14. republicall

    Registration code - really needed ?

    So , in my particular case there is no need to protect my registration code ? I will not do any bad guys hunting. If there is someone to buy it he will buy, he will not even know that i don't use an md5 hashing to protect my key. It will all depend on my REAL targeted customers. It is true that like 9000 serials will be uncovered but who cares. My opinion is that in this domain of serial protection you give it 100% or do nothing. At least this is what i understand in the past 5 days.
  15. I am generating a terrain football field of size 100x200 at average 60 FPS(based on andre le blank tutorials). Now i multiply my rendering with 4 that is 400x800 and i still get an average 60 but sometimes FPS drops by to 30 and after a short while ups to 60 again(and this is happening all the time, not just at the begining). Now i multiply my rendering with 8 that is 800x1600 and the same situation. Now comes the strange part when multiplying with 16 that is 1600x3200. Call me crazy but everithing works just fine without dropping(only that at 40 FPS). So what is going up at 4 and 8 ? Is because i use a FPS limiter? I use this to limit it. DWORD end_time = GetTickCount(); if( (end_time-start_time) < gameSpeed ) Sleep( gameSpeed - (end_time-start_time) ); Anyway i limited at 40 FPS and now 4 and 8 works ok(better to say). I guess this is it just the maximum that my game can really render, although the average is 60 ???
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