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  1. anybody can tell me why?
  2. I found that the d3d's present function may cost more time when using slave monitor than primary monitor, why?
  3. Quote:Original post by Stringer Bell Quote:Original post by Erik Rufelt Which means bitwise AND and XOR operations. As far as I know this can't be done, not in DirectX, and as stated in the glLogicOp reference not in OpenGL either for RGBA formats, only for indexed palette color. Colors are usually regarded as floating point values, and as such those operations have no meaning. Perhaps it can be done in a shader if you use a render target with an integer format, and your GPU supports bitwise logic operations, though I've never tried anything like that. Hi, OpenGL indeed supports glLogicOp for for RGBA and INDEX mode. See the official spec here: glLogicOp (i guess yours is outdated). Concerning DirectX 9, 10 or 11, they don't expose this functionnality (but only ROP blend modes. Btw it's not clear if there is dedicated hardware for handling logic operations on current GPU generation/ could be done at the driver level with shaders etc). However, i've successfully have implemented it with decent performances on top of DirectX 10 API in the case of a commercial port of an OpenGL CAD software. I think it would be rather unfeasible in DirectX 9/or extremly slow. Ok, thanks, i see
  4. yes,but i want to know how to implement the function like opengl's glLogicOp or gdi's setrop2 in the directx's fixed-pipeline.
  5. Does the directx9 have the function,how to implemment it?thanks
  6. how to decode the dds using mmx

    Quote:Original post by Promit I would start by decoding the DDS without using MMX and then add the MMX later. Can you share your code,thank you
  7. who can give a example about it! thank you!
  8. Quote:Original post by jpetrie You can't, in general. The closest you can get is to render your scene into a render target, bind that target as a texture, and render again, this time reading from that texture. What are you trying to accomplish? Thank you,I see
  9. I want to obtain the back color in the pixel shader! how to obtain it