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  1. As I said "more than you can chew", don't kick the cat after reading this, and no crying. You know so little, you have no idea how much there is to know, and how much you don't, and that is fine, but when you direct others to follow you in your ignorant bliss, intimidating, posturing, demanding they drink your homemade koolaid, I will speak up. There must be a few people who come to this forum in hopes that they might get a few tips, a few pointers to head them in the right direction on their path to become better story tellers, and it is for them that I engage you, remember no crying. You stated "I can't stand Joseph Campbell", "a transscendentalist/spiritualist of some sort", "he writes blindly enamoured of ancient ritual and noble savagery". I read this by you on the second page of this thread, and it really got under my skin, and of all places here on a game developement site, and even after reading this I remained civil, and interjected some humor to keep it lite, I realize now I should have lopped your arrogant head clean off right then and there, but will do so post haste, got a basket ready there sweetheart? This entire industry would not be here if it were not for ILM, and the decades of hard groundbreaking work that the computer animators, and programmers there put in, and one man spearheaded that endevour with his own wealth, and creative vision, George Lucas, he made all this happen, for all of us, and he has all our respect, he certainly has mine. If not for Joseph Campbell, there would be no "Star Wars", no wealth, no power, with which Lucas directed like a laser beam into this very medium that this entire site is dedicated to. You shadow have no idea what Campbell's writing is even about, and the role it played in Lucas's story telling developement. The entire premise of his work is not "transcendentalism", his work is dedicated to finding primary human stories told across all of the worlds cultures, and boiling those down to elemental themes we all share. Lucas took Campbells coming of age central theme, and wrote "Star Wars" based upon his theories, Campbells work is the foundation for "Star Wars", well actaully a mash-up between Kurosowa's film "Hidden Fortress", and Campbells writings, his theories are "Star Wars". For you to crap on him, on this site, is disgusting on so many levels, his work is directly responsible for gaming as we know it. No Campbell, no "Star Wars", no "Star Wars" no ILM, no ILM, well you get it, and you asked for it. To dismiss a pillar of this entire industry with "not my own personal taste", is ignorance of the most dangerous sort. Campbell's work is about human stories, and story telling, not "noble savagery", you obviously by your definition of his work are utterly clueless as to what his work actually is, his work is about primary universal themes compiled from all of the worlds cultures and their stories, and this is not a personal taste issue. You know so little, you are talking non-sense, you are casually dismissing the very people who built this medium, I am surprised you have not been checked before this. If you ever have a sit down to sell a story, start off with your views on Campbell, please, because I am sure they will agree with your personal opinion over Lucas's, who is computer animation, and you are?
  2. Obama selects Biden.

    His mode of operation is to disqualify his opponents then say he is the change, that is how he ran for senate, problem is, that he has no practical, and tangible conviction base, so when you look at him closely there ain't much there, all he knows is how to point at other peoples flaws, lets face it, he thinks he is running against Bush.
  3. I am talking mechanics, method, the physical application to achieve a goal, this case writing. I avoid three things in discussion, politics, religion, and personal opinion. I have seen your webpage, and have rendered an opinion, my own personal taste. Stay civil, take me to task, but we both know you won't, I did not say can't, I said won't, if you had your way I personally feel I would be removed simply for not bowing at the altar you have created here for yourself. Avoid direct questions, silence disention, see a pattern here? "Why are you afraid of me Dr Zeaus"?
  4. You should not be moderator status, you have no idea what you are talking about, seriously, and any debate becomes a challenge and is confronted with non sensical jargon, a matter of taste? I have been talking about mechanics, not taste. The mechanics of character devlopment, and one method, used by a master, you get way off subject then divert it to a taste issue. When ever a person has bitten of more than they can chew, they always try, as you are, to reduce it to some kind of taste debate, which this is not. Only a fool would disregard a masters approach to craft, in any medium, as if your taste is beyond a masters, just a very foolish position in general. News flash the rules of writing, mainly the ones that apply to games comes from Aristotle, but I am sure his writings "CONTEXT" displeases your refined palate, and well it is so old as well, why it's ancient, oh dear! It is people like you online who make it immpossible for others who can contribute something to do so, you make the experience a childish wasteful enterprise beyond actual constructive debate. A matter of taste, just your opinion, there are two side to every coin, etc... are phrases used by persons worldwide when they have no clue what the hell they are talking about, and want out of the conversation, and always deliver said phrases in a last word context, see Ma', used context in a sentence, should I define it for you as well, as you and your english muffin seem to have no idea what context is, or means. [Edited by - paul8585 on August 28, 2008 1:01:22 AM]
  5. I own and use "animation master:HASH", it is a patch modeler, hybred render, it is supposed to export, polygonal models as well as models for game engines, does anyone know this program and have seen it used for game models?
  6. Maybe your professor was, ah, maybe correct. I have papers as well shadow, and they for the most part would do just as well layed out on the floor as on a wall behind glass. Maybe you could explain the whole context thing stimarco is talkin' bout'? You do realize we are discussing a writer who is by many experts to be maybe the best, the best, as well as someone who's work has moved me personally, on a deep level, his skill and craftsmanship has gotten me. So when anyone discusses a top of there field type artist, you have to say more than, you don't like it? What specifically? Be specific, what is this context? Why does one writer dislike another writer, a true champion in the field, a cornerstone, to dismiss his lifes work as utterly without any method or merit. There has to be something to his process worthy of a second look, even if you don't see it the first few times around, and certainly if so many claim it is there, don't say it is not without getting very specific, maybe the best, the best, he is I tells' ya'! I should have known you were a girl, unicorn icon and all sorry bout that'. I am just digging deeper hunh?
  7. Stimarco or "Artful dodger"? Classic Dickens charac... aww, what's the point. See joke, laugh joke, good joke, down joke, down!
  8. Seriously, what exactly do you mean, by context, in this context?
  9. Dickens wrote in periodical format because he married a newspapermans daughter, good for the family busines, periodicals. He was as well a man of the stage, quite, and as for yourself being English, sounds like a personal problem, get specific, what exactly is this context you speak of, in this context. Shadow did nothing to warrant my wrath, and no malice was directed twords her, I was joking, but you, well, English humor, sometimes flounders in translation, and when I insult someone, they know it, that is whole point. Sorry shadow if you feel, felt, slighted, challenge of convictions leads to truth, I know, I know nothing, except what I think I know. If I engage you, I respect you, even in disagreement, and I can be, ha, can be, I am a smart ass.
  10. Free will or predestination?

    I guess if there were long pauses, with sped up first syllable useage in certain words, yeah it would be shatner.
  11. Don't like Dickens characters? I guess you can lead a man to knowledge, but you can't make him think. Above is a joke in good spirit, exercise is close, but exercises prepare for, this is a way to do. I read on another post you were looking for a writer, you, who does not like Dickens characters, in charge of writers, say it aint so.
  12. When governments want to know the true character of any individual, they observe, and keep notes on all they observe, Mother, Father, school everything, then based upon those notes they have the most complete picture of the characters, well, character, and what that character might do in any given situation. Dickens IS the best ever at, and is known for his picture perfect character development. Dickens would write pages upon pages of these character documents, he would as well stand before an enormous mirror, and become the character, in speech, walk, everything, then take these physical manifestations, and use them to great effect in his characters, he knew who these characters were before he would ever write a single verse incorporating them into his stories. Dickens is to written character development, as Kirby is to drawn character development. Process is internal, reference is external, at some point if your gonna write, gotta write! I mean like drawing the body there are basic principles, and one must draw, draw, draw to hone these principles, same with writing, a shadow drawn on the inner thigh, is like a portion of a written description, it is in the general area, maybe not perfect, but your mind has already moved onto the torso, just as the writer now explores, via writing, the torso as well, and so on. Now when the artist comes back to the thigh at a later date he see's the shadow not quite right, out comes the eraser, and that shadow now a little better, just like the written torso, now we see it a bit more clearly and can describe it a bit more effective with different words, words are pencil strokes, and the final product is words built upon words upon words. The more a writer writes, the better they become at writing, the more a drawer draws, etc... Just try what I am suggesting Shadow, give it a try, or not.
  13. Thinking about a motorcycle, need advice

    Very impractical, a bag of groceries is one thing, but several? Easier to steal a bike as well, two dudes one truck ten seconds. Zero respect from cars, weather, god the weather. Me, gsxr 1100.
  14. Stop Animation vs 3D Animation

    I watch "Thunderbirds are Go", so maybe my take, is well skewed a bit, gotta' love "MARIONATION". All will serve a purpose, our collective mind has excepted these crazy effects, on there terms. I mean "Tools" first video is so claymation, as choice, the medium, clay, is a much more manipulative material, and can look physically abused. I always become fully aware that the Thunderbird dolls, are actually dolls, when they get knocked out, and the camera shows these little dolls laying around on the floor, I then realize, god I am watching dolls on strings.
  15. Are you ready for some football?!?!?

    Pirate is pissed!
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