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  1. Hey, i can imagine this has been asked a tousand times already, but honestyl I can't find any threads like this one. In my game I want the user to be able to modify his avatar as much as possible not only skin color and body height but also let him equip stuff etc. How is this done the best way? Should i use a multitexture approach? Should i divide the person into sub meshes that can be replaced (feet, legs, torso, head, hands)? For skin color i could use a pixel shader I guess. Hope I can start a nice discussion here and greetings, DrHalan
  2. DrHalan

    How draw 200.000 fast vertex with opengl

    Also are you doing one big drawcall or several small ones. The latter decreases performance a lot!
  3. DrHalan

    Dat file

    It could also be possilbe that it is a file archive (.zip, .rar, .tar.gz or so) and just have a different extension.
  4. DrHalan

    MMO architecture

    Imo if you keep this central sever really light and hand all big operations to the zone /chat servers I would prefer a).
  5. DrHalan

    Level Editor - free tool for making games

    Nice but why don't you load a nicer texture and gui skin?
  6. DrHalan

    Permutation with repetition

    Quote:Original post by ToohrVyk Initialise the set with all elements at zero. To compute the next set, start with the first element. If it's the maximum value, turn it to zero and repeat the process with the second element. Once you reach an element that does not have the maximum value, add one to that value and stop. If all elements have the maximum value, you're done. You definitly wouldn't do this. It is a senseless waste of resources in my opinion.
  7. DrHalan

    Permutation with repetition

    Isn't this just a simple n-tuple? You normally consider permutations if there is a fixed amount for a certain value. so it would be (value+1)^length. Plus one because 0 is also possible.
  8. If you want to know how a 2D engine works look into PhoenixGL for example : http://code.google.com/p/phoenixgl/
  9. DrHalan

    Free and easy to use 2D game engine?

    PhoenixGL is really awesome if youre using C++ http://code.google.com/p/phoenixgl/
  10. DrHalan

    inheritance overkill?

    Also a molecule consists of several atoms so you should better let it store a vector of atoms. Then you can also easily perform reactions by passing atoms from one molekul to another etc
  11. DrHalan

    Raknet vs OpenTNL vs ???

    I am developing a network framwork myself: http://code.google.com/p/open-network/ It is zlib-license and therefore free to use. Just browse the svn or so if you like to find out about it. greetings, Halan
  12. DrHalan

    G++ and Templates

    well I could however export the specialisations trough the shared object. But i hoped that i could but the whole template in the header.
  13. Hey, i am using G++ as compiler and try to figure out a way to make a template header only so users of my lib can easily include it into their project. However, it seems like you have to make specific implementations in a file that will be built. Is there a workaround? greetings, Halan
  14. I for myself are just scared of big commercial sites like facebook getting popular it would be cool if something like this would work decentralised. I have never coded with XMPP or so but maybe one could have additional account data on the server and with a proper XMPP client you can request user profiles just like emails or so. And taht way you could also write a web client for it. But again this looks like a lot of work and i hoped someting like this would exist. How would I go on writing/proposing a Jabber-Extension?
  15. DrHalan

    D [programming language]!?

    I think the biggest reason why C++ is so popular is exactly that. You can use C inside C++ and don't have to start from scratch. There must be a really big reason for me to move to D as everything in I wrote so far was either in C or C++. However I think that at some point you've to draw a line but doing that needs a lot of effort and/or money as microsoft did. greetings, Halan
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