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  1. The truth about MMO's

    Just wanted to mention that was another article written on the same topic. It was a different author and it is just some more reading as to the cons of jumping into MMO design as an indie team. Please be sure to do your research before making such claims. Sarcasm my friend. And yeah, basicaly it is the same article, and his response is very very well fit for both of the articles.
  2. The truth about MMO's

    Thumbs up!!
  3. Online Gaming, Basic Theory

    We may all be focusing more on the idea that kalkas is trying to make an MMO.  Although I also assume this is what we are talking about we should also mention that you can have one of the players "host a match" on their own PC's and use your web space / PHP scripts to create a simple match making lobby that will get players together.  In this case the internet server isn't very important at all, you can go with the least expensive PHP / MySQL web host you can find.  You will simply be using http web requests to get a list of matches, join one, get an IP to connect to and then connecting and communicating with the host of the game (and or the other players directly). I believe poker is considered MMO right? Then I am trying to make an MMO. But you can't have a game with money involved be hosted by one of the players. He will be cheat his ass of!! ( I don't know if this phrase is correct :) )   Anyway, I do understand how serious is an MMO, even a simple one like poker. I wasn't "afraid" by this. I think the cost is one problem for me. And I think that you underestimate the independents community, but you're right, all this are very arguable.   Come on, I think you are overeacting now, are you? Or should I be scared now? Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic. After I say to you that I expect a poker-order size community but it's still gonne be a card game, are you gonna respond the same?
  4. Online Gaming, Basic Theory

    Maybe my choice of words (online-gaming-architechture) was a poor choice, but that's what I had in mind too. I perfectly understand now. If the winner is the quickest, and the clues to that are generated in the client, there always gonna be cheaters. And if you do this on server will be unfair for the slow connections. Besides, you always know what is the best for you, unlike LOL and WOW where you have to know and the other players' choice to know what is the best for you to send. Anyway, I completly get this now.   Thank you for your time.
  5. Online Gaming, Basic Theory

    Thank you for your answer. Apparently I didn't search enough :) The FAQ is pretty complete as well as your answer. But, I would like an answer to my last question, which is more specific and the FAQ doesn't( and I didn't expect to) covers it. So, for a game that the winner will be the one with the quickest response, in a poker-like game, I have to expect a lot of cheaters, am I? Is there any solution to that problem? Because I can't find or think anything. Seems to me it's a online-gaming-architecture problem.
  6. Hi   I recently decide, with some friends, to make an online game. The questions I have may sound pretty basic to some of you but please don't sent me back to google. I have limited time and I was there the last 2 days. The bad thing with google is that you cannot converse with it. So here I am, looking someone to verify my understanding and cover some holes I have.( don't think like that you dirty people! )   When you rent some space on some server for some webpage, all you got is some space and nothing else and what you can do with that space is what you can do with the space of your PC. Save things, and possibly run some script with php to manipulate some database, which is also in that space, and/or cover some basic logic stuff. Now, I can imagine that for some very simple game I may cover my needs with php. I haven't heard this from anyone, I just figured it can be done. But, for a more complex game I may find php too weak, so I may need some real program. And then I will need to rent a whole PC?(or some "portion" of its CPU?? - you know what I mean portion ). Can I do anything I want with that PC?? And, I know there are some universally accepted architectures for servers, but with that thought, that is having in my dispossal a whole PC, I can build my server as I see fit and do whatever crazy stuff got in my head and actually work, right?? And I can use whatever language I want?? And, last, something more specific, for a game with money involved( you know, like poker or silly games on facebook) and in need for accuracy I will have to deal with 2 problems. First, I won't be able to be that accurate(I need accuracy below one second) and I will have to defend the players from cheaters. Now, sorry for my english, I don't know exactly where the actual questions are, I just need you to say if I got all correct and where I have mistakes please correct me.   Thank you.
  7. Yes It's saying: Corrupted Content Error
  8. Hi I'm looking for the FON files format struct so i can work with them in C++. I had looked everywhere but nothing. I could only find the file struct for FON files from Fallout & Fallout 2. If anyone knows something, please. Tnx
  9. Ok nice lecture for how you suppose to speak. Now to the real problem..if you finished checking how I speak to people whose mouth going faster from their mind. And this is not only for smasherprog. And this is not an insult, is merely the truth. If someone can't bear I can't do anything. I always speak the truth. Now, I know it's very hard to believe,nowadays, someone who says that he's know what he's saying but believe me, I know what I'm saying. If anyone read my first post I wrote that I made some changes before the error. Those changes was adding the myStruct and start using the template class string.h which I was suspected. I don't know if anyone took me serious there. Anyway. I heard fastcall22 and comment everything but return true... The same thing. But there was something else. I commented and the only argument of the myMethod. Worked. Not till the end but until the next method with type string as one of the arguments. Now there is a very small chance to happening something wrong when I use operator= between two type string variable, didn't had time to check, but my main conclusion is that something happening in the deconstructor of the basic_string (member of the std I think). And this only when I use string as an argument of the current method. If the string is used inside the method then all good. In the first situation right at the return point and somewhere inside the deconstructor of the basic_string something wrong is happening. Another problem is that I don't have internet in my house and I need to go to another house to connect. And because of that I can't make tests in the same time you answer. That's all. Thoughts?
  10. The reason for insisting that the error is in myMethod is because the error is happening right at the return point. I don't know much of assembly but I know that in the call/return state of a function, a trade-off between memories (I don't know which memories) is taking place. I could check for a millionth time the rest code and post any suspicious part but I will insist in the myMethod theory.
  11. Sorry, I've made a change in the code. Yes Rattrap, the pointer is valid and the myAnotherClass is properly initialized. It have tested it before i make the changes. It's working. smasherprog and for all the ignorants out there, please if you don't understand something, don't post. Read the message. It's says "There is no source code" which means the source that exists it's syntacticly correct. It's compiling and running. The error happens in the run-time. Something in the return of the myMethod produces the error. ApochPiQ, I have made the that trip in the debugger use said and the error pops up in the return of myMethod.
  12. Hi I'm writing a library in C++ for OpenGL and in the same time a program to test this library. Recently I made some changes which produced an error. Unhandled exception at 0x7c91ac4a in testOpenGL.exe : 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x00000010. Pressing Break appears this message: There is no source code available for the current location. I can press Ok and Show Disassembly. I press Show Disassembly and the assembly code of my program (I guess) shows up. Here it is: [code]7C91ABEA nop 7C91ABEB nop 7C91ABEC nop 7C91ABED nop 7C91ABEE nop 7C91ABEF mov edi,edi 7C91ABF1 push ebp 7C91ABF2 mov ebp,esp 7C91ABF4 sub esp,68h 7C91ABF7 push ebx 7C91ABF8 push esi 7C91ABF9 mov esi,dword ptr [ebp+8] 7C91ABFC xor ebx,ebx 7C91ABFE cmp esi,7C97E178h 7C91AC04 mov dword ptr [ebp-8],ebx 7C91AC07 sete byte ptr [ebp+0Bh] 7C91AC0B mov eax,dword ptr fs:[00000018h] 7C91AC11 movzx ecx,byte ptr [ebp+0Bh] 7C91AC15 mov dword ptr [eax+0F84h],ecx 7C91AC1B cmp byte ptr ds:[7C97E0C4h],bl 7C91AC21 jne 7C91A4DB 7C91AC27 mov al,byte ptr ds:[7C97E1E8h] 7C91AC2C neg al 7C91AC2E push edi 7C91AC2F sbb eax,eax 7C91AC31 not eax 7C91AC33 and eax,7C97E1E0h 7C91AC38 mov edi,eax 7C91AC3A mov eax,dword ptr [esi+10h] 7C91AC3D cmp eax,ebx 7C91AC3F mov dword ptr [ebp-4],eax 7C91AC42 je 7C91ACE6 7C91AC48 mov eax,dword ptr [esi] 7C91AC4A inc dword ptr [eax+10h] <<----------------------------------------------------------------<< 7C91AC4D mov eax,dword ptr [ebp-4] 7C91AC50 and eax,1 7C91AC53 mov dword ptr [ebp-18h],eax 7C91AC56 mov eax,dword ptr [esi] 7C91AC58 inc dword ptr [eax+14h] 7C91AC5B test byte ptr ds:[7FFE02F0h],1 7C91AC62 jne 7C9439C6 7C91AC68 cmp dword ptr [ebp-18h],ebx 7C91AC6B push edi 7C91AC6C push ebx 7C91AC6D jne 7C92BE6D 7C91AC73 push dword ptr [ebp-4] 7C91AC76 call 7C90DF4E 7C91AC7B cmp eax,102h 7C91AC80 je 7C943A51 7C91AC86 cmp eax,ebx 7C91AC88 jl 7C943B0E 7C91AC8E cmp byte ptr [ebp+0Bh],bl 7C91AC91 pop edi 7C91AC92 je 7C91ACAC 7C91AC94 mov eax,dword ptr fs:[00000018h] 7C91AC9A mov eax,dword ptr [eax+24h] 7C91AC9D mov dword ptr [esi+0Ch],eax 7C91ACA0 mov eax,dword ptr fs:[00000018h] 7C91ACA6 mov dword ptr [eax+0F84h],ebx 7C91ACAC pop esi 7C91ACAD pop ebx 7C91ACAE leave 7C91ACAF ret 4 7C91ACB2 nop 7C91ACB3 nop 7C91ACB4 nop 7C91ACB5 nop 7C91ACB6 nop [/code] And here is the part of the source code of my library that has the problem: [code] bool myAnotherClass::myMethod(string name) { if(pointerTo_myStruct == NULL){ pointerTo_myStruct = new myStruct(); // <<--------------------<< Source code of the myStruct (1) pointerTo_myStruct->Name = name; pointerTo_myStruct->pointerTo_myClass = new myClass(this); }else{ //Does not enter here for the moment } }; return true; // <<-----------------------------<< Here is were the error pops up. } /*(1)*/ struct myStruct{ myStruct(){ Name = "No Name"; pointerTo_myClass = NULL; Next = NULL; } //~myStruct(){ delete Next; }; string Name; myClass* pointerTo_myClass; myStruct* Next; }; [/code] I'm not pasting the source code of myClass because it's not new and it has no changes. All tested and working and irrelevant. Now the changes I've made was: adding this struct and start using the string template class (#include string.h) which, I think, there is the problem. Something that I'm not using right. if anyone can think anything I'll appreciate it. Ask anything you want. Thanks
  13. yes the d3ddev is valid. but i think i got it.everything is make sense now with the pointers.i'll try it and post results thank you
  14. look i'm not at home,so i cannot see my project.maybe you're right.i also remember that i have tried the following declaration: LPD3DXMESH *ppMesh and in the load function i used it without the '&'. i've done the same and with the pbufShipMaterial.(and of course i had the same'Unhadled exeption' error)i didn't get any error from the compiler.i assume this is not a syntax error,huh? anyway.i will make some tests tonight but,what about "NULLing" the adjacency?it's safe to set adjacency to NULL,right.why the error still exists?
  15. i don't think it's the adjacency.i don't remember if i tried this,but i remember for sure that i have tried setting the adjacency argument to NULL and got the same error..unfortunately i'm not home to try this now