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  1. Unity RET::SDK - A new graphics engine has born!

    Okay. Next screenshots are taken from a game (still in development) using the engine:
  2. List of free libraries

    My graphics engine: RET::SDK Is a 2D/3D multi-platform oriented engine for C++.
  3. Hi there. As you may note I'm new to these forums. The thing that brings me here is the announcement of a new graphics engine I made public a couple of days ago as a little contribution to the game developers community. The engine, which is for free, is a 2D/3D cross-platform oriented engine (right now only runs under Windows 2K/XP/VISTA) but I have plans to port it to the Mac and other platforms when the time allows me. The license is not restrictive at all despite that the source code is not provided with the SDK package. Feel free to know more about at the official website: RET::SDK Regards Miki