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  1. I wish to create a voice-controlled racing game using the Unity game engine for MAC. In short, the game starts, a user records two separate sounds for acceleration and braking. During gameplay, the user uses a microphone to perform both actions. Problem is I can not find any documentation for something of this nature although I know it has been done for games like Tom Clancys End War. Anyone know where to begin? I am searching for anything, books, source code, articles discussing the programming of any type of movement through voice. Thanks in advance everyone.
  2. saaddani

    Masters in Programming

    In short, I'm not exactly sure. The college I attend added the programming track to their game development department two years ago and I have been programming for one year. Most classes in the department involve 2d/3d stuff as the department is traditionally revolved around graphics and animation so there isn't much being offered. I am supposed to graduate in one year and have taken most of the programming classes available (except for one which I take next semester as well as an ActionScript3 class I am taking for fun). All classes consist of Java or C++. I feel as if I have not gotten past the basics of programming or at least not very deep. The textbook used across all Java classes is: Java Programming: Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques (Third Edition) The textbook used across all C++ classes is: An Introduction to Programming With C++ (Fifth Edition) My knowledge is basically limited to what I have learned from these two texts. I don't know where to go from there and am supposed to graduate in two semesters so I am getting nervous. I want to go in depth; just don't know how. The masters degree is supposed to do that for me only I now doubt if I should jump into this given my limited knowledge base. What should I be learning on my own? What do I go into next? What moves do I make education wise? [Edited by - saaddani on September 8, 2008 4:20:56 PM]
  3. saaddani

    Masters in Programming

    Relational Databases? As in Database Management? Those classes make my brain bleed but we actually do take that at my school. Thank you very much for the advice; you have no idea how much your help is appreciated. I just spoke to a representative from Digipen over the phone and she said that as long as I met the GPA requirements and passed the "Graduate Record Examination" Math, Verbal, with a combined 1000 or higher as well as the GRE Computer Science subject test (she mentioned no score) then I'd be eligible to attend for a Masters in Computer Science. Who would go for the graduate program? Who would go for a BA in Computer Science?
  4. saaddani

    Demo ideas for getting a job

    Wow, that demo was gorgeous. Wonderful work! Although I do not have extensive experience, I still agree with the above posters on the polishing a game versus starting from scratch in such a short time frame. I myself am working on my final project in school which will probably be what I demo for an interview. It's a voice-controlled iphone (+bluetooth) racing game and has been in production for two months. I have eight more months to finish it and am still sweating ...and this is with two other people working on the project with me! Short time frames will make your brain bleed but I still find it as a great self-test with working under the pressure of time constraints. Which is good since it is something you will endure often in the game industry. Good luck with your demo, job interview, and other endeavors. -Danny
  5. I currently attend Bloomfield College in Bloomfield New Jersey and am finishing up a BA in Game Development: Programming. I realize that although this degree has it's benefit, it does not provide a well rounded understanding in programming. As I searched the internet I found many people giving the advice of getting a BA in Computer Science then a Masters in Game Development. If I pursue a masters in Computer Science then I would be doing the opposite. I worry my foundation in programming will not be sufficient to do well in a masters program. My question is should I wait to go for a masters degree sometime in the future or jump into it immediately after finishing up my BA this year? Also, I was interested in attending Digipen for their masters program since it is more within my budget for grad school and they offer a rigorous one year course. Should I consider this option or would this be too much for the intermediate programmer? Thanks in advance, Danny
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