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  1. By the way, I had the same project for a while. My conclusion are that Big editors already has their own developement team. I had more success with smaller editor. One thing to keep in mind, their is not a single rule for IP, each contract is different. Sometime the editor get all the rights, sometime you need to pay a part to the artist or sometime the game conceptor keep the right for electronic adaptation. As said above, the best way to connect is to meet them in person in essen, i went to Cannes in France and got some nice propositions.   Good luck in your project.  
  2. Unity Unity3D Board Game development

    Just to give you an idea. I have been programming for more than 20 years now for my living(in c++).   I started adapting board game on unity for multiplayer matchs. I spent more than 500 hours in the last 6 months, to set the bases of the architecture. I spent 3000$ in licences (unity + smartfoxserver)  i have now everything ready for game adaptation, should get licence on my first game in the coming days.   I Hope it can gives you an idea of the work load....
  3. How to design a state machine?

    and if it"s a state machine that update often, you can change remove the switch and uses funtion pointer instead : typedef void (Machine::*STATE)(float); ///< this is a state for state machine #define VS_IDLE &Machine::stateIdle ... STATE mState; ///< this is the current state, be sure it's never null and in you source : void update(float iDeltaTime){ (this->*mState)(iDeltaTime); }
  4. Im trying to build a game close to an RTS, if you feel like having a chat one day we might learn from each other.
  5. Automatic class inter-relation

    You have not many options but to check all the collision between all [color=#1C2837][size=4]clsSpaceEntity. You don't have to do another check for ship or anything as they all are checked being a Space entity. Physic engine usually reduce the test needed by creating collision spaces, so the obeject belonging to a given space are test but not tested with the objects of the other space. When to space intersec then they become one space.[/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=4] [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=4]Help it can gives you some hint on how to continue.[/size][/color]
  6. Backgammon

    for the spike, you will probably just want to put a image in the background and for the dice animation it will probably be animated image(their is only 6 possibility so not to hard) But just one thing, it might be good to find some tutorials on how to do the basical UI components.
  7. World Map Display

    Maybe you should think of the way you are going to store this information. If you uses the idea of a heightmap, where each value is a given country, you can build class that will be able to return the current texture given the color of each country. This texture could be any part of the whole image so you can zoom in and out. This class should also be able to return a height (or country) given any X/Y value. Then you only need to build an UI component linked to this object. I'm not a pro so maybe their is better solution, Hope it help André
  8. Your Game Engine!

    Just a suggestion if your engine is in c/c++, instead of counting line of code, count line with a ; It's still pretty useless but it make lore sense comparing as people have different coding structure.
  9. [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]For the quesiton about the gun mesh maybe you could ask yourselft some question like : Does my spaceship always have this gun there? [/size][/font] Is this gun used on other spaceship? If I'm not wrong, when you render a scene your visual entity needs to ask their logicals equivalent the needed information in order to draw corectly. If the spaceship have no damage then the damage animation won't show.
  10. Mitigating Permadeath- Thread 3013

    can you raid other player's settlement? If not then I feel that the game is a pve game where you compare what you got a bit like Diablo. If you can I like it but some people might get scared of being raided and loose everything and then have nothing more than a first day player.
  11. I would not call RPG a game where i need to be agile with my mouse to succeed or where i need to have good reflexes. When I play a RPG i see it as if i was the avatar consciousness and i was telling him what to do and being good at that is only a matter of thinking. To me chess is a RPG, you play the role of a general that send orders to it's man... you can be blind or seated in a wheelchair and still be good at chess. So basically when I play a RPG the only skill I want to use is my thinking.
  12. I Think you should post in the help wanted forum and don't forget to use the template. Before to post ask you the question "Why people should be interested in helping this project" and don't come up with the easy answer "because they want to get involved in the creation of a fantasy mmo" because there is already a bunch of community based fantasy mmo in development. By the way your forum need an activation, it's close to a mail verification according to me :)
  13. Clan system

    I'd say it's more a conquest system then a clan system. In old vassal system people were not spending their life challenging their vassal because they would loose something. So if there is a advantage at not challenging the leader I thing it would work best. (It's like the farmer, if he go to war against his vassal he can't harvest and loose food, if he do achieve to get his freedom he can keep the whole harvest next year) But I reaaly don't like the "clan" calling for such a system :)
  14. What is the purpose of games?

    I'd say that the most common is Enjoyment. So now the question is what make people happy. I'd say success. They want to succeed at something, finish majhong in less than 1 minute, reach top level, become the world leader.... So I'd say that a good game need to have goals that the player can reach before getting stuck by boredom. You still have some special class specially with the coming of MMO where player don't play but work in a game in order to sell their labour for real life money but that's another story....
  15. Why people play solitaire game card? Chess? mahjong? People fix their goal and are happy when reaching them. If their goal is to become that lvl high they are happy to find the best way to get their and feel like they did it better than average Joe. MMOs are adding something to games, you don't play against the game but against people and their tactics keep changing. That's why according to me people grind. One more thing, maybe that game are not becoming more repetitive but as you played a lot of them and get older you feel like game are becoming boring repetitions...