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  1. Shores of Hazeron is currently looking for help with creation of higher-res textures [remainder deleted by mod -- you must use the Classifieds for this kind of post]
  2. # Is it only me, or are many of you FPS gamers sick 'n tired of rehashed shooter campaigns, and you're dying for something fresh? Fresh like, think for example - Portal! Wasn't that fresh? "Didn't we have some fun though?" ;) I am indeed dying for something fresh. I've been going through FPS's (and games in general) like nothing. Everything just seems like the same old stuff (which wasn't very fun to begin with), but with slightly different skin. Games always seem like a small slice of what they could, or even should, be. # Is it only me, or are any of you gamers also (not such big fans of repetitive shooting, but rather you're) quite fascinated by scenery / storyline / detail / environment / atmosphere / plot, up to a point where sometimes shooting enemies is almost a chore to get out of the way just so that you can go further and discover more awesome environment & story? I enjoy a game that blends everything together well. An interesting story (which I can take part in, change, help evolve, and not just follow a set path). As well as having a beautiful world that I can interact with. And allow me to kill, or do other things (like fish, make money by buying and reselling), have an interesting conversation with some random NPC, pretty much do whatever I want, to advance the story. # Is it only me, or did it ever happen to you in some sci-fi FPS while wandering around hi-tech environments lined with machinery / computers / robots etc (Like in Doom 3 or such) that you wished you could actually operate these devices and do all sorts of cool stuff? Didn't you ever wish they were interactive and in fact very much a part of gameplay, and not just for decoration (or for the boring occasional push of a button / rotating a knob / entering a code here 'n there)? Happens to me all the time. I'm tired of games looking amazing, but more than half of the stuff in them is just there for show, and you can't do anything with. Why have chairs or benches I can't sit in? Or food sitting around that I can't eat? Why have a computer screen or TV repeat the same exact thing over and over, without allowing me to change the channel or volume or something? I've seen games do this partially, but never to the extent that I would like them to.
  3. Hello :D I'm new to C++ (Started learning recently), it's also the first language I've tried to learn. The problem I have is that I'm having trouble 'understanding' what user-defined functions are, and what they do/how they work. I would appreciate it if someone could post a (complete)program or two that uses user-defined functions and explain what they do.... sorry for the noobishness of this question, if you think this belongs in the beginner forum, sorry :(
  4. Apoca

    Absolute Beginner...

    Hello and welcome to GameDev :D
  5. Apoca

    Totally new to game dev'

    Is this going to be an MMO or a one player game?
  6. Hello, I'm looking to find another n00b to C++ (someone with a few days, to a couple of weeks of experience with C++, and hopefully programming in general) to work on some 'projects' with me. My first project, or milestone, is to create a Nuclear attack simulation game that can run in the command prompt. If any n00bs are interested in joining me in learning, please PM me here, or reply to this message. Thanks! :) I think this is the correct forum to post this in, but if it's not, sorry ><
  7. Hello, today I got an idea to start a Role Play forum. I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place to post this, but what I need help with is the plot/setting, so I thought this would be the best place... I'm not really an RPer, and if I did make an RP forum, I probably wouldn't role play it... I just enjoy making up settings/small plots(or whatever it'd be called). for furture reference, if I put (suggestion) next to something, that means I'm asking for suggestions on that part. But I'll accept, and want, suggestions for the whole thing. Thanks for reading! :) Setting: WorldIt'd be set in a diffrent place. The planet is called Cryterra (If anyone knows the latin/greek/somekoollanguage word for Steam or vapor, please tell me, or if you have suggestions for the name, please post them). Cryoterra is a Steam-punk/Magic kind of society. There are hundreds upon hundreds of 'Mining Towns'. There are so many, they aren't given real names, just codes. The mines are for a special crystal called Solgen([n]suggestion[/n]). Solgen is used by 'Solgen Weilders'(suggestion) who use the crystals to preform "magical" task, or things that wouldn't be possible with the normal laws of physics. The planet is mainly controled by Mega-corporations. The military, most towns, land, etc.. are all pretty much owned by one Corporation or another. Town Most of the Role Play, at least in the beginning, will take place in Mining Town Waru-072149. It is located in what is known as the Great Canyon(suggestion), a large concentration of Solgen. It is owned by the Ookver(suggestion) Corporation. The Ookver Corporation is currently the largest and most powerful Corporation, but is currently in a turf war with another large corporation, the Ouad(suggestion Corporation, for mines in the Great Canyon. The battles are getting closer and closer by the day. And the people of Mining Town Waru-072149 are afraid the battles may soon reach them. To top their fear, the Ookver Corporation is hard-pressing all Mining Towns to increase Solgen production, and have sent a platoon of Soldiers to Mining Town waru-072149 to make sure the miners aren't slacking off. ___________________________ That's all I have right now, if it sounds interesting to you guys, I might continue it and actually create the forum. Please give me suggestions. Thank you for reading, again :)
  8. Apoca

    Something for fun :)

    Quote:Original post by metalman666 I congratulate you on your effort. A good read.[smile] But i am not good at deciphering the meaning of some words. So what do you mean by "1337 story". I am an Sicilian by the way, not an English man. 1337 speak is short for Elite Speak, it's pretty much translating regular english into signs and number, like 1 = L, 3 = E, and 7 = T, so if you spelled leet out using that, you'd get 1337. Some people find it very annoying. And since Elite (1337) means very good, or the best (like, I am one of the elite(best) coders). So, if someone said their story is "1337", they mean that it is very good. Most of the time, when people say they are 1337, they are considered arrogent(spelling). Hope that helps a little, and doesn't confuse you more XD
  9. Have no money drops, have Trader NPCs generate a certain amount of money per day, and then let the players sell until that NPC's money is gone. Also, if possible, set up a "Reputation" and barter system. If you're a regular seller, and sell for decent prices, the NPC is more likely to buy from you than the random noob selling for the first time for really low prices. Make it so NPCs in more populated areas have more money. Like an NPC in the rich district has 200 hold, but a traveling NPC only has 25 gold. Also, make it so certain NPCs by only certain things. Like a butcher will by meat, but Leather Worker will by hide. If I were you though, I would just have no money economy and go with a trade economy (I give you 4 chickens for 2 roosters sorta thing. I've always wanted to play a game like that. idk anything about game economy, or reallife economy, so I probably said some noobish stuff, but meh :) lol
  10. Apoca

    Something for fun :)

    Thank you :) And thank you very much for the corrections! :) I probably should have spent more time looking over it before posting. =P Also, in the orginal copy in Wordpad I had An Apocalypse Story Italisized, and a smalled font size than the rest, and the title in a larger font and in bold. I'm not sure how to get bold, italics, etc.. on here... I guess you're type (b) in the beginning, then (/b) at the end? Thanks again! :D -apoca [Edited by - Apoca on September 17, 2008 1:37:44 AM]
  11. Apoca

    Something for fun :)

    Hello all, I just got done reading Booleans list of Do's and Do Not's on posting here. This inspiried me to write a story. It's my first, so probably not that good. It's mostly intended to be used for entertainment, hopefully you all like it. :)Everything in it is fiction (except "The Rules" =P). Thank you for taking the time to read... and I know I probably didn't follow all, or any of the rules in Booleans list, but, again, this is ment for fun and to try out my writing skills. ______________________________________________ The Noob That Didn't Know... An Apocalypse story Once upon a time, there was a noob. Like most noobs, this noob didn't bother to learn any of the rules, nor did he know the proper posting etiquette. However, he wanted people to read his story. Unfortunately, he didn't follow the rules, nor used proper etiquette. When the noob posted his story, nobody bothered to read it because it was a big block of text with no paragraphs, had bad grammar, horrible spelling, and even a few words in 1337 speak. This angered the noob. Why weren't these nice people not reading his story? The enraged noob screamed, "y wnt u morns reed my wndrfl 1337 st0ry?!??!?!1111one1" This outburst of rage angered the nice people, so they retaliated. They yelled back, "Who are you, a noob who can't even spell read, to call US "morns". QQ more and go back to your emo boards!!" This angered the noob even more, so he sent back a volley of insults, curses, and other bad things. He even brought in the nice people's mothers! The battle raged on for days, until it caught the attention of the great Boolean, from the land of Toronto, Canada! In his mighty voice, he commanded, "Stop this foolishness! Anger and hate only leads to anger and hate!" The noob attacked Boolean and his wisdom. The noob insulted his family and friends and called him names. Finally, he left the forum forever in a fit of nooby rage. (keep everything in the same tense. Don't mix "I did" with "I'm doing") The others applauded, but Boolean was saddened. He felt that he had failed. In his sadness, Boolean made a decision. He called out to the others, "Listen to me and I shall lay out rules for post to go by, and save all from the troubles of something like the failure of the noob from happening again!" And so, Boolean, in all his wisdom, laid out rules and etiquette. The rules grew over the time. The others got into the idea of The Rules, as they are known to be called, and helped out. "Don't forget, no 1337 speak," one called out. "And no blocks of text," called another. And soon, The Rules became what they are today: A mighty list of rules and guidelines for newcomers to follow. They were stickied at the top of the forum to prevent another incident like The Noob. Unfortunately, some newcomers fail to read The Rules, and consequently have similar stories like The Noob. However, thanks to the Great Boolean, the incidents have decreased significantly. And that's the end of my tale of the sorrow of an uninformed noob, the anger that can grow, and the hatred that can spawn. And of the kindness of some. Hopefully this tale will entertain others, and serve as a guide to follow the rules and use proper etiquette. Thank you for listening to an oldman's tale and good night! The end. ___________________________________________________________________ Please have fun reading. This is all fiction, nothing in this really happened (besides Boolean making a list of "rules of posting". Please feel free to critisize me and tell me what you did and did not like. Did I use to many ,'s? Paragraphs? And, again, thank you for reading. edit: It wouldn't let me indent =[ edit#2: I fixed the errors that Moonshoe pointed out. :) [Edited by - Apoca on September 17, 2008 11:22:10 PM]
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