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  1. Quote:Original post by tremault there appears to be a space of roughly a month between each submission. this suggests that you do not produce a large volume of work. a good concept artist would likely be producing these sort of images daily. my first view of your gallery was a piece on lined paper. this is bad practice for an artist. not good first impressions. what I see here is potential. for the beginnings of an artist, this looks promising. at your current level, you may be able to work with a team making a quick basic game with zero budget. you would have to be pretty dedicated. keep practising and get a lot of life drawing practice. draw people wherever you are, look around and just draw. I draw everyday, Its just that i don't have a scanner,Good digital cam or tablet There are a buttload of sketches and all of my ideas that are on paper all on my desk- As for projects, I'm currently working on something pretty underground with a programmer. I've came up with about 95% of the game's concept and ideas that revolve around it- I had to come up with new leveling systems,Completely new friendly UserInterfaces and a s**t load of unique weapons,armor and to many things i couldn't explain in a night. This project for me is about 6-7 months in the making,I don't have plans to publish anything about it untill after xmas- (Or when we're ready)- But that's why i didn't say anything about it- I just wanted to see what kind of responses i would get without people knowing :P As for school, I'm in NEBRASKA- There is LITERALLY NO ART JOBS FOR ANYTHING (besides bleak/generic logo making), And even art schools- there is a arts institute about 150+ miles away from me- But i lived in cali before and moving back yada yada yada- So i do plan to go to school when i finish up the few classes i have out here. (and i just turned 19 a week ago)
  2. I don't have a tablet, And my laptop cant run CS2 (photoshop) I'm practcally broke, and i need to know if im good enough to be hired as a 'character designer' yet http://monkeytv.deviantart.com/gallery/ Let me know what you think ):
  3. Oh no- he didn't offer 'a' contract, he just said if i wanted we could try and find and set up a contract, Yeah i totally get what you mean by that.
  4. Well as of right now i'm basically graduating from high school, and i'm going to be doing a bit of moving and working on the game over the summer.. So in some ways i wont be able to get a job as soon as i'd like But we plan to try and get the game out at the end of the summer so it's sort of chaotic. One of the reasons i need to make this contract, is because a programmer (who's in his thirties) all the way from Finland contacted me and so it's been a little sketchy at first but he seams trustworthy, He actually offered to do the whole contract set up. So since i have no money i'm trying to make a contract be the best option that i have right now. But i will continue to look at all of these sources, I just want to find something simple enough but to actually have some power, But i'm guessing i wont find anything of the such lol.
  5. As you, [Your name] _______________ reads this you fully understand that you will not sell, claim or use without permission any of digital, traditional, conceptual art and literature work/property that is not your own. As [Team name] _____________ and people who work under [Team name] ____________ Will not sell, claim or use without permission of [Team name] _______________ digital, traditional and conceptual art and literature work/property that is not their own. You will also need to be permitted by the project director(s) to show any digital,traditional and conceptual art and literature work/property to the open public,internet or any source of traditional or digital media that the public or other persons may see. As you sign below you agree to the following terms and conditions. Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____-____-_______ The contract is suppose to be made so that the people im working with wont steal my artwork or any concepts, If there is any suggestions on what i should add or fix, Anything would be helpful- Thanks.
  6. Well i mean i know that there's no way of actually stopping him, Its just incase we get into final development, And then he boots me off- This would pretty much be my proof. But i will look at all of the links though, Thank you :D!
  7. Basically i'm trying to find a simple contract that makes sure none of my teammates who are helping me build a game. Cannot run off with my conceptual and art work, Basically stating that I wont take their stuff and they wont take mine. Any help would be great.
  8. Somebody giving me a free unreleased copy of modernwarfare 2.
  9. Wow :D, Thanks alot everybody this will help me out- ALOT, And if any of you are wondering, I'm actually working on a game right now so that's keeping me busy as well, But all of this advice will get me that much further into what i hope to be- Thanks all. (and to let you know, I know im not worthy of getting picked up by anybody so i don't expect for someone to do so for the time being-)
  10. Well i'm still slowly but surely building my portfolio to get into the career of videogame developing. http://monkeytv.deviantart.com My first time ever coloring anything (still working on it) > http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/684/newbitmapimagegxw.png Just about ready to graduate from Highschool hoping for the best ): All of your opinions would help me greatly, Thanks.
  11. Wow :D Thank you all for your reply's this all will help. and also to Konidias- thanks for the trademark information,ill be able to use that.
  12. Well what if it was updating small things like weapons & armor with different attributes-.. So big things like whole new level additions,events and new story to the world will have to be copyrighted by themselves?' I guess the main concern is copyrighting the important ideas and images that can't be used by someone else or another company..
  13. I've literally spent about a month+ trying to figure out how to copyright a MMO.. Or a game that can be constantly updated and have those updates copyrighted. My questions: Do i have to have the game complete before i copyright it? Do i have to copyright every update? My main concern basically is just wondering if I'll have to keep on spending money on copyrighting with new updates. I apologize for not really asking the right forum.. But i'm not sure how else to ask so.. ANY HELP IS GREAT.