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  1. Mr Cucumber

    Email a web page

    Thanks everybode. Lode: That was close enough for me. I didnt get exact same layout and background color and such, but it will do. Atleast I got the pictures and the text in about the same as in the web page.
  2. Mr Cucumber

    Email a web page

    Thanks but I dont think thats exactly what I need. By setting the format to HTML in outlook I can insert pictures and such and make some design. But what I really need is a way to take an existing web page and just make an email out of it. Maybe that is what you mean and if so could you please explain a bit more what steps I should take to make an email out of a web page.
  3. Mr Cucumber

    Email a web page

    It doesnt work. I copied the html into the email message and sent it both to my hotmail and to my normal email which I open in outlook. In both the hotmail and in outlook I receive these emails which contain all kinds of graphics but when I just inserted the html, I got the html as text when I received the email and viewed it. Is there another way to get graphics into an email?
  4. Mr Cucumber

    Email a web page

    Sorry for being so boring in this forum, but I really need help. Some newsletters I receive contains more or less advanced graphics. Basically they look like a normal web page. Now I need to send out an email my self and it would be nice if I could use a very simple page I have made. How is this done? How can I send this web page (or html code) in an email so that the user that receives the email (provided that the recipient has an email program that supports it) views the actual page in the email message? And by the way: what happens if the user does not have an email program that supports it? What will that person see when he/she opens the email? Thanks
  5. Mr Cucumber

    XP activation questions

    So basically, since it was a long time ago I installed it last and the hardware in the computer hasnt changed, there is no problem reactivating it. But If I change the hardware considerably I will have a problem? Have I understood you people correctly? Then I would have to call microsoft and explain to them that my hardware has changed and I need to reinstall it?
  6. Mr Cucumber

    XP activation questions

    I have never really thought about the XP activation process. You know, when you install XP you have 30 days to activate it. I just now read on microsofts homepage that a copy of XP can only be activated once and that it wouldnt work to activate it a second time, it would protest. Well now I feel like I need to format the harddrive because of several problems with that computer. What happens if I do that? Will it say something like "This copy of XP has already been activated and you need to........"? If I dont remove XP from the computer, but just reinstall it. Will it still need to be reactivated?
  7. I have been trying to figure out what the sql string I need should look like. Here is my problem: I have to tables. Table 1 has a primary key used as a secondary key in table 2. What I want to do is check which secondary keys are in table 2 and compare that with table 1 to see which are missing in table 2. So basically for all rows in table 1 there should be a row in table 2. Table 2 can contain none, several or all of the items in table 1 so the sql string must be able to handle all those.
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