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  1. zyrolasting

    Investment and piracy

    I had no idea that someone was typing a reply by the time I had tried to close things up. Good ol' Tom. I can always count on your quick judgment. Sorry folks, and thanks Frob. Question has been put back.
  2. zyrolasting

    Investment and piracy

    What unambiguous evidence is there to show that piracy negatively influences returns on investment?
  3. zyrolasting

    Simple Animation

    You are loosely describing hierarchical transformations, but I also detect an interest in constraints. Given your level of experience, let's just worry about the former. Make sure that you have a good background in linear algebra (matrices, vectors) before attempting this.
  4. zyrolasting

    Anime purely as a drawing style

    I'm trying to understand where objectivity comes in and why it is appropriate for it to do so.
  5. zyrolasting

    Anime purely as a drawing style

    I suggested there is often little point in carrying on about how something is depicted. Color and value contrast make images more interesting. This is not especially subjective. This is an objective measure of art quality since the middle ages. It's basic composition, which is generally pretty objective as far as art quality goes. Anybody who's been part of an art critique before knows "to each his own" is a flawed starting point for looking at art. There are tons of objective measures for judging the quality of art.[/quote] A religious zealot believes scripture to determine what is moral on faith. You treat a process for evaluating art the same way. How do you, personally, benefit from art? What do you reflect on, and why? If you find that the quality of art is low, do you just dismiss it? Who does your thinking: you, or the criteria? Read this, then research metacognition and empiricism. They have some relevance to this discussion.
  6. zyrolasting

    Anime purely as a drawing style

    [color="#1C2837"]Well then what is the point of discussing art in general?[/quote] To exchange experiences related to a work for mutual benefit. [color="#1C2837"]One thing that did always bug me about a lot of anime is how muddled the colors are. It's almost all single value with a pretty small range of color contrast. IT SHOULD BE NOTED that a lot of looney toons episodes are worse than others by the creators' own admission. They would create some episodes in just a couple weeks in order to spend longer periods of time on their good ideas such as [color="#1c2837"]Also bare in mind that this is a 50 year old cartoon and this: [color="#1c2837"][...] [color="#1c2837"]is 10 years old. [/quote] "This cartoon is older and has more color, therefore it is better!" The attitude in your posts suggest an objective criteria of "better" or "worse". If "to each his own" is wrong, then let others be wrong and happy about it.
  7. Introversion is not shyness. Valuing personal time is not anti-social. Introverts have networks and can understand the value of being assertive and leaving their comfort zone. Articles like these try to put the quiet and the timid in the same boat, which pressures introverts to not just leave their comfort zone, but to ignore it altogether. An introvert's network might not be as big as an extroverts, but (s)he can compete and prosper with enough discipline. I would only call that a disadvantage if said introvert was chronically envious (and therefore unhappy) when comparing themselves to an extrovert.
  8. zyrolasting

    Anime purely as a drawing style

    I think the anime one is more emotional in that case. But, if the emotional impact of an exaggeration is subjective, what is the point in discussing "accuracy"?
  9. zyrolasting

    Anime purely as a drawing style

    I really don't agree with this at all. Manga artists are no better at portraying emotion than any other artist - arguably, they are worse, since they have to resort to distorting the character's features beyond recognition and/or adding external icons to portray them. WTF does that 'tear' thing even mean? [/quote] I'm not too sure why this is even a problem on either hemisphere. Looney Toons portrayed lust as some guy howling like a wolf, stomping the ground with one foot while wearing a grimace, letting his eyes pop clean out of his skull and having his heart try to escape his chest cavity. Both eastern and western style toons can resort to beating you over the head with the character's mood via exaggeration. Cartoon characters can express themselves in more "human" ways too if so desired, but they do not have to. Now, if you do not relate to how a show tries to behave, that's totally fine. No argument there. Anime is much more than simple animated cartoons, it's a form of art and therefore it can be much harder to digest and you need to be open to the story, egocentric and biased people will find hard to understand what the artist is trying to communicate and they will judge everything by their own understanding, ruining the big picture for themselves (same thing as putting ketchup in everything they eat).[/quote] Er, I'm with Sandman on this one. These are words of bias that remind me of this. As for judging by one's own understanding: That is a human trait. We learn by experience, and tend to distort new knowledge to conform to our previous understandings. I highly recommend reading up on metacognition. Start with this, as it's a really interesting read. Care to give any examples?[/quote] Now you've done it.
  10. Sounds like bad news for introverts. [color="#1C2837"]If anything, the companies discovered that they were paying way too much for certain jobs which didn't require that much "skill". [color="#1C2837"]... [color="#1C2837"]Regardless of bias, a lot of programming falls under that. If a 12-year old self-taught can follow a few tutorials and produce something with business value, then there really is something odd about someone else asking $250k for 10 year seniority. Way too many jobs have complexity of the former.[color="#1C2837"][/quote] [color="#1c2837"]I understand what you mean when looking at jobs that the less experienced can handle, but politics can get ugly in a task that seems easy to managers from a result-oriented perspective. I charge more for projects if they are complex or tedious enough, but when a client presumes on the difficulty of an assignment without knowing the process involved, bad assumptions about the skills involved can follow and the perceived value of all the work drops. ("Whaddya MEAN you need an hour to move that thing there?!") Thing is, I wouldn't kill myself by bidding at $20/hr based on these misconceptions. [color="#1c2837"]How should seniors address the drop in their perceived value?
  11. If it is any consolation, nothing says you cannot enjoy other disciplines outside of your career as a hobby. Take my word for this: specialization is not as fun as honing multiple disciplines, but it yields more prospects. On another note... Job security. Globalization coupled with the fact that programmers can work regardless of location has made outsourcing the norm (if websites dedicated entirely to freelance project bids are an indicator). Prototyping firms, public science labs and Arduino also seem to be setting the stage for making engineering costs damn near disappear. It is one thing to program or tinker as a hobby, but choosing them as careers brings the question of how you can remain indispensable. Why would a company always want to hire you instead of an equally skilled bloke on the other hemisphere who will do the same job for less? For this reason (with some others), If I were you, I would think of programming and engineering as skills to augment the career I end up in. Make yourself more valuable in an industry that can most benefit from your services.
  12. zyrolasting

    HTML5 or Java?

    Where is this argument going, really? I'm starting to think we have left the realm of helping the OP relate his/her specs to the tools available and entered a speculative debate of Now vs. Later. I'm with Antheus, options we are discussing that are available now are time tested and functional, and should not be dismissed based on exciting new developments (or lack thereof), especially if it comes at the cost of ignoring the relevant project. More on this here. I won't seriously try and dictate the flow of the thread, but think we could get the OP's input before we go too much further? I'm curious as to what (s)he has found out so far with the chess/chat project.
  13. zyrolasting

    Anime purely as a drawing style

    [color="#1C2837"]There is a dislike towards anime (especialy in profesional conversations) that I feel is a bit unfair. IMO As a result commercial products shy away from using 'anime style artwork' in fear of being associated with it.[/quote] [color="#1C2837"]That is not entirely true, but the simple fact of the matter is that for some media X, everyone will have a different opinion on it ranging from zealous hate to zealous love. Nothing unusual. [color="#1C2837"]Personally, I agree that the style is beautiful... When it holds still. [color="#1C2837"]Thank Disney for that bias. [color="#1C2837"][color="#1C2837"]I'd love to hear your opinions![/quote] [color="#1c2837"]My opinion on anime is the same as my opinion on movies, music, plays, books and every other media in existence: I might like some of it and might not like others. Even if there are some works I'm pretty sure I won't be fond of (Rap music, Jim Carrey), I can be pleasantly surprised and develop more of an appreciation for a genre and the culture that made it.
  14. zyrolasting

    HTML5 or Java?

    Seconded. "Which tool should I use?" threads should not normally stir things up this much. @OP, a generous helping of evidence has been offered here, and there might be enough data available for you to make your call. Again, consider YOUR needs over our suggestions. To save some reading, I compiled the statements explicitly or implicitly made in this thread. All of the technologies discussed so far are valid choices for game development.Client-Side Java has few capabilities and support for it is dwindlingHTML5 is neither widely or fully implemented, but has tremendous potentialFlash will involve a smoother learning curve, and will not be nitpicky with feature support issues.Don't consider the future when you are worried about right now.Plug-ins may influence HTML5's growth.Older technologies are dying, but can be sufficient.
  15. zyrolasting

    HTML5 or Java?

    [color="#1C2837"]I guess....HTML5 is the future?[/quote] [color="#1C2837"]Having some game code exist as data to be displayed in browsers AND allowing JS to take advantage of local hardware acceleration makes using W3 languages seem hitting the jackpot for both devs and players alike. [color="#1C2837"][color="#1C2837"]Thanks guys! I'll stay away from HTML5 for now. Java it is then... [color="#1C2837"]... [color="#1C2837"]Now you have convinced me to switch to Flash. [color="#1C2837"]... [color="#1C2837"]Now I'm swerving towards HTML5![color="#1C2837"][/quote] [color="#1C2837"]It's great that you want to get the tool most relevant to your project, but don't let your final decision ultimately be determined by what we tell you. Weigh the options and make your own call on what works best.
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