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  1. I have another problem that maybe you can guide me, i am from Uruguay and i dont know, if here we have an attorney for videogame, to make draft contracts or other stuff, what can i do?, can i hire an attorney online to make this draft contract and use it multiple times?     i am editing this answer a little more: i dont want to pay to someone for an art, and when i start selling the game get a response from this person saying "i doesnt allow you to use my work this way, i will sue you", i want to avoid that cases.
  2. Hello  I am a programmer who wants to start making a new game, that will be commercial when finished,  getting help with the graphics from freelance pixel artists, and the music from freelance musician, etc..   My question is about the copyright of the art or the music, to whom these rights of the pixel art or music belongs, to me?, to my freelance employee, to both?, can i use the art of the freelance employee for my commercial use?   I need to put him/her on the credits?, i have to pay him/her something for use the resource in a commercial game?
  3. Load a tga from a custom resource

    well after several try and test i figured it out. thanks lc_overlord for the hint. ;)
  4. Load a tga from a custom resource

    i can´t make it work, can someone please show me an example. i want to load 32 bits tga compressed.
  5. Load a tga from a custom resource

    ok i will try that, thanks!
  6. Hello i`m new to the forum, and i have been following the lessons from nehe, and i have problem, i want to load a tga image compressed or uncompressed from a resource file; how to make a custom resource file is explained in: http://gpwiki.org/index.php/C:Custom_Resource_Files so what i want is a mix between the custom resource file and the tga load, so i can load tga files in the way that nehe explained from the custom resource files. sorry for my english i speak spanish.
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