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  1. DarkMage139

    Choose my next read for me

    Anything by Terry Pratchett is good. Speaking of which, they're re-publishing some of his older books in a "cooler" format...
  2. DarkMage139

    Worst drink you ever had.

    I went to this one restaurant near Beverly Hills, and they had this fruity alcoholic drink... it tasted like medicine. @_@
  3. DarkMage139

    I want to see 'em sexy lines of code!

    How to make a linked list node... BOOL CLinkedListNode::Create( void* lpData, unsigned int iSize ) { // check pointer if( !lpData ) { return FALSE; } // check if there was some existing data before if( m_lpData ) { // check if there's actual memory if( m_iSize > 0 ) { free( m_lpData ); } // set the pointer to NULL m_lpData = NULL; // set size m_iSize = 0; } // copy size m_iSize = iSize; // check if it's just a pointer and not actual data if( m_iSize == 0 ) { // copy pointer m_lpData = lpData; // cool return TRUE; } // allocate memory m_lpData = malloc( m_iSize ); // check if it worked if( !m_lpData ) { return FALSE; } // copy memory CopyMemory( m_lpData, lpData, m_iSize ); return TRUE; }
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