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  1. Hey Game Dev Sound and Musicers, I haven't shared personal projects in a super long time, so I thought it would be fun to share a little bit. For the past few months, I've been working with my voice actor colleague Kevin Powe in putting together this character for the Dota 2 Workshop. We wrote the script together and Kevin recorded remotely over Skype and sent to me the raw audio files.  I was responsible for all editing and post-processing to get the voice the right kind of evil. We had a super great time testing it out and finding the right tone and effects needed. A synopsis:     I would love to know what you think, any feedback you might have or just general impressions. Thanks! Link below:   DOTA 2 Announcer: Balmodar  
  2. Our pal at Creating Sound, Christian Floisand, has put together a list of resources and sites that will help our peeps who enjoy programming make the transition to the audio side of things. [quote]Heading into the world of audio programming may seem a little daunting at first, even with prior programming experience. There are quite a number of tools and languages available in this area, so I decided to put together this little primer containing various resources to learn more about this fascinating corner of the programming world.[/quote] [url="http://creatingsound.com/2012/09/audio-programming-primer-2/"]http://creatingsound.com/2012/09/audio-programming-primer-2/[/url] Hope you enjoy! George
  3. In [url="http://creatingsound.com/2012/08/saving-space-with-linear-audio-in-pro-tools-part-1/"]Part 1[/url] of this tutorial, I covered the process for getting started, staying organized, and identifying and removing silent gaps. In [url="http://creatingsound.com/2012/08/saving-space-with-linear-audio-in-pro-tools-part-2/"]Part 2[/url], I went through more space-saving tips by demonstrating how I look for opportunities to reuse the same audio clips in multiple places. In this third and final post, I talk about how to prepare and export the session data for programming. http://creatingsound.com/2012/08/saving-space-with-linear-audio-in-pro-tools-part-3/
  4. http://creatingsound.com/2012/08/saving-space-with-linear-audio-in-pro-tools-part-2/ In [url="http://creatingsound.com/2012/08/saving-space-with-linear-audio-in-pro-tools-part-1/"]Part 1[/url] of this tutorial, I covered the process for getting started, staying organized, and identifying and removing silent gaps. For Part 2, I go through more space-saving tips by demonstrating how I look for opportunities to reuse the same audio clips in multiple places. If this part is not an option for your project, look for Part 3, PREPARING THE SESSION DATA, coming August 23rd.
  5. http://creatingsound.com/2012/08/saving-space-with-linear-audio-in-pro-tools-part-1/ When working on projects with limited audio space, such as apps for mobile, browser-based games or packaged electronics/toys, it is often necessary to squeeze as much out of that space as possible in order to meet or exceed the expectations of the project. From the standpoint of the sound designer, this is likely achieved through compressing the sound files in various ways. However, when working with linear audio that contains gaps of silence or recalls repeated audio, precious space can be saved by editing within your Pro Tools session and exporting the resultant files and session data for programming. While the processes for identifying and editing these two elements are different, their functionality in implementation is essentially the same. In Part 1, I cover the process for getting started, staying organized, and identifying and removing silent gaps.
  6. Hey GameDevers/Lovers of Sound, Over at Creating Sound, we occasionally have a week that celebrates the work of a single sound designer, focusing on both his/her personal interests as well as any projects they have going. This week, we're featuring Alexandre Saba, sound designer for Funcom and working on their MMO, "The Secret World." In invite you to join us and keep abreast to the interviews and videos we will be posting throughout the week. [url="http://creatingsound.com/tag/alexandre-saba/"]http://creatingsound...alexandre-saba/[/url] Cheers! Georgio
  7. Thanks very much for the reply. It's nice to know there are other tools out there. Cheers and beers! George
  8. New post over at Creating Sound demonstrating some ideas on how the controller can be combined with Max/MSP for content creation - http://creatingsound.com/2012/07/the-wii-remote-as-sound-design-tool/
  9. Hit it! http://creatingsound.com/2012/06/3x5-interview-with-viktor-phoenix/
  10. Here is the latest 3x5 interview with Playdead's Danish Dude! http://creatingsound.com/2012/05/3x5-interview-with-martin-stig-andersen/
  11. [quote][size=3] [b][b]1) Starting with the word “one” and increasing by increments of one thereafter, list 5 points that describe yourself.[/b][/b][/size][size=3] Once a day I make sure to eat yogurt. Cherry is the best flavor. It’s super delicious and good for you.[/size][size=3] Two of my favorite microphones are the Heil PR20 and PR40.[/size][size=3] Three car shows per month in Minneapolis is how many I attend on average.[/size][size=3] Four sounds a lot like forza, which is so far my favorite racing game to play.[/size][size=3] Five is the optimal number of speakers (plus a sub) for gaming, especially when properly set up.[/size] [/quote] [size=3] You can read the entire interview here: http://creatingsound.com/2012/05/3x5-interview-with-david-nichols-aka-track-time-audio/[/size]
  12. Good. Use it sparingly, though. We have at least 4 locked and ready. Don't want you to turn all nicey nice nice on me.
  13. Thanks, Nate! I have a bunch more coming, so prep that hate. There's a lot to go around! Srsly...but not.
  14. Hey Everyone, We've got another fun one for you! [url="http://creatingsound.com/2012/05/3x5-interview-with-matt-chaney-aka-chainsaw/"]http://creatingsound...y-aka-chainsaw/[/url] [img]http://i.imgur.com/BAkbj.png[/img]
  15. Thanks, Nate! Glad to be doing them again. I hope to sustain them longer term, so here we go!