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  1. Hey Game Dev Sound and Musicers, I haven't shared personal projects in a super long time, so I thought it would be fun to share a little bit. For the past few months, I've been working with my voice actor colleague Kevin Powe in putting together this character for the Dota 2 Workshop. We wrote the script together and Kevin recorded remotely over Skype and sent to me the raw audio files.  I was responsible for all editing and post-processing to get the voice the right kind of evil. We had a super great time testing it out and finding the right tone and effects needed. A synopsis:     I would love to know what you think, any feedback you might have or just general impressions. Thanks! Link below:   DOTA 2 Announcer: Balmodar  
  2. Twin birthday wishes to Colleen Fitzgerald and Ryan Fitzgerald. Now, a battle for who will claim ultimate victory in owning the day! FIGHT!
  3. Whistle while you smirk.
  4. Thinking of doing a remix of Katamari Damacy. Fugue #7777 anyone?
  5. It's very floaty in here.
  6. Anyone need anything from Santa while I'm here?
  7. Ain't no party like a midwest party 'cause a midwest party's polite!
  8. There's a high five in your future. I just know it.
  9. When you guys wake up on Friday, do you skip around your domicile and sing the Smurfs theme song too?
  10. "I'm gonna talk like a robot. I'm a robot. I'm talking like a robot."
  11. Totally tripped up the stairs and did a header into the building's doors today, scraping up half my arm and knee cap as well as spilling hot coffee on myself. +5 training points for Jackass
  12. No offense if I can't imatoot you exarctly.
  13. I finna shive Netflix.
  14. "Dr. Errol Von Straussenbergerbecken: He's, like, one of the leading leaders in unusual methods and how I was appointed to the Presidential Council for experimental Educationers."
  15. I officially declare this day to be "Mon Day," in honor of Jamaicans everywhere.
  16. [Incoming message from The Big Giant Head]
  17. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I use to pronounce the word "superlative" like "Super Lay Tive." I know, weird right?
  18. *shakes fist* Get out of my status update Steve White!
  19. I know it's Tuesday, but it totally smells like Monday again.
  20. Had my first recording session via phone patch with the voice of Mickey Mouse. All I need is Elmo and Big Bird and childhood me can high five present me.
  21. Gesualdo is the Werner Herzog of composers.
  22. Today is Wednesday today. Just an FYI for your information.
  23. Gloria Estefan sounds like "Glory is Teflon." #ThingsThatSoundLikeOtherThings
  24. My cat's food smells like cat breath.
  25. Henceforth, I'm putting all my blog entries on micro fiche. Deal with it.
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