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  1. If you dont know what is then you should go there, If you want to join it just email me at " [REDACTED] " and I'll send you an invite. I still got a ton :/
  2. Z_of_Thule

    Fallout 3 too similar to Oblivion?

    chances are they are both made from the same engine. Alot of games are like that.
  3. I'm looking for something small but free (and php)
  4. can any one please help me get on track with learning how to make pixel art?its realy important that i go back and learn all the basics and such. Please help.
  5. Z_of_Thule

    Firefox update virus

    damn.... thats one odd virus.....
  6. Z_of_Thule

    Which gui/graphics library should I choose?

    for 2d game programing, try SDL, you can learn how to use it go here
  7. Seeing how I'm one of the youngest programers here, I clearly remember how I feelt when I started programing. Your not going to learn every thing you need to know in a week, I'd go with c++, but thats just me.
  8. Z_of_Thule

    Trying to create Checkers

    I started with BASIC, then moved on the c++ in like a week >.< and I'm doing good. All you realy need is a few good books to teach you what you need to know.
  9. Z_of_Thule

    Learning flash

    I just want something I can easly make money off of as I keep learning directx. :) thanks for the info.
  10. Z_of_Thule

    Learning flash

    Where should I go to learn flash? Then go to learn how to make flash games? also is flash more or less harder than c++? I've had c++ down for a long while now but I herd you can make some good money from flash games. Any help please?
  11. Z_of_Thule

    How can you [really] make money online?

    holy crap, I love your site too. Man it was one of the most usful things I've ever read >.<
  12. Are they mostly the same? I just found out directx10 and up wont work on XP so I want to know if working with 9 be just as the same as working with directx10.
  13. Z_of_Thule

    Directx help sites?

    any one know of some good ones?
  14. Z_of_Thule

    Mass emailing (news letters)

    that would mean every one it was sent to would see every one elses email
  15. Z_of_Thule

    Gaming site in need of games!!!

    give me an email at and I'll send you a few game links.
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