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  1. Hi everyone, right now, I'm prototyping a 2D platformer engine in Actionscript 3 (Flex IDE) that I intend to use as a prototype for implementing the same engine in C++ using the SDL library. Right now, I'm about to code the functionality for bitmap background layers with parallax functionality. I stumbled upon the following design/performance question: When the bitmap layer scrolls, it's the nature of scrolling that part of the whole background image on the one side vanishes whereas on the other side new parts appear. Now, which of the following uses less CPU/GPU power: - Leave the background image as a whole and simply move it across the screen or - Blit only the displayed part of the background image with each loop? Maybe there even is a performance difference in AS3 and SDL, but what do you think? My intention tells me that blitting the background area might improve the overall performance, but maybe I'm misleaded and it would be a waste of time implementing a background blitting system when it doesn't improve anything. What do you think about this?
  2. Felix Ullrich

    How to properly plan a game model

    Yeah it was kind of so... I constructed the arm armor from a naked mesh, but I inflated it a bit.. but you were right, the great helm was definitely too large. I already found that out when applying a real head to the model. Therefor, I changed the size of the great helm and it looks better. I mean, those great helms WERE really huge, but not that huge... here, look at how it looks now: http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs44/i/2009/141/c/8/Turntable___Templar_I_by_Ephiarsis.jpg Thanks for the hint though.
  3. Felix Ullrich

    How to properly plan a game model

    Okay, thanks for the quick reply, that makes me think further. I think it's important what kind of a game I want to create. As I'm doing a strategy game, where the units are NOT modular, so I can't change clothing and stuff, so I think it's better to do it out of one single mesh, right? That's what I'm doing right now. If I'd develop a role playing game, where I could switch items it would not make sense to create dozens of characters for all clothing combinations ;) Well, but I think I will do it in one piece. I think I can manage to build the whole model including shield and sword out of 2000-2500 polygong (triangles) which is quite okay, as it still leaves space for very high detail.... Do you comply?
  4. Felix Ullrich

    How to properly plan a game model

    Hi there, I'm just working on some models for my game, which is meant to be a strategy game with quite high detail. Camera from above. Setting is the crusades. So... I've created most of my templar as a high detail version in ZBrush. Some besic mesh in Maya, too. At the moment, it looks like this: http://fux-media.com/3d/enw/templar.png Now my question is how I will go on? Which is the best way to plan my character. The possibilities I can think of are: Create a low poly model, consisting of one piece of architecture and try to project the geometry of my actual model on it? Or shall I create low poly models of every single piece of equipment (pants, body/arms, gloves, shoes, belt, helmet, etc.) What makes more sense? Divide my model into many parts? Is it easy to rig them onto a bone-skeleton afterwards? Or make one single piece of 3d-architecture of it? Thanks for help in advance, cheers, Felix
  5. Thanks a whole lot. The arrow was what I needed. But this initialization list is just gorgeous. Thanks a lot for this. I hope, the questions will be somewhat more advanced in time ;)
  6. Hi, I've got a little problem. I'm coming from the Java development, and there, I'm used to create a class with a member variable. The constructor has an argument with the same name. In the constructor, I make this argument to a member variable. Like this. class Blabla int variable; void Blabla(int variable){ this.variable = variable; } } Is there something similar to the "this." Keyword in C++? I know, normally, you write m_ before the variable. But somehow, I don't like that style. I just want to point in which focus the variable is, that I address.
  7. Felix Ullrich

    Which Engine is the right one for me?

    Well, as I said: I do have experience in developing games. And I do also bring a lot of experience in the Java Development. So there is no real need for improvement. What I intend to learn is C++. In a way, that I can mention it in a job application without telling lies. Because in every job opportunity from large game companies it is said that C++ proficiency (often with several years of stated C++ experience) is a must-have. I'm working myself through the Irrlicht tutorials at the moment and then I'm gonna see if this engine is quick enough for my development. The next games that I intend to do are a RTS like minigame in medieval open terrains and a Action RPG, somewhat like the gothic or elder scrolls games (just a whole lot smaller). When watching at the Torque Demo, I came to the thought that this engine brings a lot of the stuff, that would be important for my games: good terrain engine, indoor/outdoor merging, weather system, LOD... I don't know... what do you think: is developing in the Torque Game Engine work that can be seen as "C++ Game Development Experience"?
  8. Hi, I want to ask the users with a bit more experience an important question for me: I am a Web Developer at the moment, with completed Bachelor Studies in Creative Media and Technologies, bring some experience in Game Development from my studies (3D Game Studio A6) with some very good results from a two-week one-man project and have quite a lot of experience, mainly in Actionscript (3.0), Java, javascript, as I'm working professionally in this area at the moment. My long-time goal is to get into the game development business professionally, so at the moment, I'm doing all I can to improve my portfolio for applying as a game developer. I taught myself the basics in C++ (Just console programs) and wrote down and documented a game concept, that I had in mind for several years. Now, I want to improve my skills in two areas: I want to add more finished game projects to my portfolio and I want to get more stated experience in working with C++. So, me and a friend of mine decided to create a game together and are now looking for the right engine/framework to build upon. We don't want to write a complete engine on our own, because that's too much work with too little chance of success at a too long time. =) There are two engines, which we have in focus at the moment. The one is the Irrlicht Engine. I think the big advantage is, that it's free and that we'll be coding directly in C++. The other engine of interest is the Torque Game Engine (opt. Advanced). The price shouldn't be the problem here, because it's really cheap for indies. In my opinion, the biggest advantage would be, that it leads to really quick successes in the development with optically fine results. But our biggest question about that is: Is the Torque engine right to improve the skills in C++ game development, because it uses the TorqueScript script language. People said, that the Torque Engine made them understand C++ a lot better than before. Is it also possible to state the development in the Torque Engine as experience in C++ in a job application form without being a liar? What do you think people? Our needs are: Quick results with a maximum quality at a maximum level of C++ learning. Any recommendations? Thank you for your help in advance, Felix
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