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  1. Free Game Music for developers!

      Congrats on noticing that - it was totally inspired by AFS, one of my favorite pieces ever.  And yes that's sufficient credit.   Nice game btw, Love the right-click view and the raycasting!
  2. SteamPunk TD on PlayMyCode

    Thanks for the feedback!
  3. SteamPunk TD on PlayMyCode

    Machine Spirits Td by DSTgames! Playmycode html5 engine allows you to view the source.
  4. Synth tutorial, part 2

    Very nice, the 'compute note freq. instead of reading it from array' was pretty slick, will add a new angle to the way i look at synthmaking, not so much in the formula itself but in the concept behind it.
  5. Your favourite game?

    Favorite? As in only one? That's not possible. I can only say i've spent the most hours of my life on Age of Mythology GTA (pick one) Harvest: Massive Encounter A year after purchasing it, Harvest is still in my most used list in the start menu. I think it's helping me go completely insane!
  6. Regame Radio now Online!

    Hey all, I setup a video game music station at All of the tracks are original tracks you've never heard but are all intended to be used as video game music. There are both electronic and classical pieces, in different styles. Check it out, and have fun!
  7. Where to start game programming

    I found Processing to be a nice introduction to Java.
  8. Target Defense: Laser Syndrome (Tower Defense)

    :D Thanks! The speed comes from a horrible coding tradeoff, where instead of using objects, everything is done with arrays, and an object is just 'i' aligning with the arrays... level[i]; damage[i]; range[i]; graphic[i]; etc. etc. Because of this, i can't reuse the engine for anything, even the smallest edits are quite difficult. But i got the speed!
  9. Indie Game Challenge

    Requiring 100 dollar entry fee is good from the standpoint that it will bring them only serious submissions, but the principle isn't right. We're the ones with the games, we're the ones with the ideas, we're the ones with the perseverance to write all the code, YOU should be paying US to enter! I don't have 100 bucks to spare because i spend my time coding, instead of working for more money, you should never ask a talented person to go flip burgers to come up with cash when they could be spending their time working on their art! So should i go spend another day driving screws into wood to come up with the 100 dollar entry fee? Or should i forget about this contest and spend the time working on my coding? There's plenty of work where i live, i could work 7 days a week if i wanted, but that would be a crime, because i can do so much more than work a power tool. How many of you out there agree with me that working menial jobs for rent money is a crime when you have talents to make beautiful things, and that our system is failing artists, musicians, and philosophers in a big way?
  10. Target Defense: Laser Syndrome (Tower Defense)

    On the download version, you can press ctrl+f for fullscreen (only on the menu! If you do it during gameplay the graphics will glitch). The reason for the refresh is a JAVA issue, where plugins don't get closed, yet the applet tries to open a new thread for the plugin. Windows refuses because the plugin is already active and then you get the error described above. Java's been around for a while, and this bug has never been fixed, too bad. Maybe Oracle will do something about it. The error is usually in the Gluegen files, which are called by JOGL (java opengl). Notice though that you can pause the game using the TAB button, and then press 'q' to quit and return to the main menu without using refresh.
  11. Thanks for the offer, Tony, but I want to warn all the users out there: The fine print gives 2bee games the rights to use your game on their site eternally, with no compensation to the game creator, ever. I was going to try to talk my friend into joining the contest, as was i, but after reading that, we'll pass. We've put a lot of work into our games, and a website owning display rights will hinder our games' value to other publishers.
  12. I have made a Tower Defense game using Java that's a bit more visually oriented than most, if you're looking for something fast and techno-psychedelic, give it a try! Requires Java and an OPENGL compatible graphics card to run. If the applet doesn't work for any reason, there are downloadable versions at the bottom of the page for Windows, Linux, and MacOs. I hope you enjoy playing it!
  13. How many of you actually have girlfriends/wifes?

    Have a girlfriend for 11 years now. She wasn't a gamer until I bought her a DS, now she hardly has time for me :P