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  1. Augmented Reality

    You must consider what happens if you rotate your camera... what if you move it away or closer to the object you're trying to track... what if lighting changes.... This are  all factors that affect the way pixels look... so just comparing the pixels themselves isn't a good idea. Usually what you compare is some correlation between the pixels Also before you start tracking your object you'll need to find it. Read about SURF, SIFT, BRIEF algorithms ... they might give you some insight...   If you have a static camera and just move the piece of paper ... you should be able to get away by just finding the corners of the paper by using a feature detector and then on every frame just calculate features on small area arround each paper corner and compare.... 
  2. Hi   If I am to use your library I'd much rather the classes to be in separate .h/.cpp files.. it makes it much more readable...   After that if you want u can always add one single .h file that includes all classes at once but still keeping the actual class code in separate files.
  3. Hi I've used OpenGL's Shader Designed before ([url="http://www.opengl.org/sdk/tools/ShaderDesigner/"]http://www.opengl.org/sdk/tools/ShaderDesigner/[/url]) ... and it's usefull to tryout some stuff.. but i'm not sure how helpfull it will be for more complicated work
  4. SDL pisses me off

    Also try using "int main(int argc, char *argv[])" instead of "int main()"... VC was giving me linking errors when using just main()
  5. On the topic of players giving quests for resources... I don't know how many of you know Ultima Online... also not quite sure if that experience was because i played on a private server not on the official EA server but there was those players who earned money by mining minerals for blacksmiths .... blacksmiths needed a lot more than what could be bought from NPCs and also NPCs sold it at a high price. In order for the miners to be able to carry the heavy ore they had to have a pack animal they are able to ride. That was some blue beetle that was sold from tamers. There weren't any specific quests for that.. that's just the way the came clicked. Also the best gear wasn't dropped by monsters... It was made by legendary blacksmiths. There were few artifacts dropped from bosses ... but they weren't all that good. What these bosses dropped was scrolls that allow you to extend your skill to legendary level. All the economy in the game was managed by players.. who were able to hire NPCs to sell your goods More on the topic of the thread.. what i'd really want to see in an MMO ... and have been thinking of a way to implement it.... is quests that really change the world on a global scale... This i think would actually make you feel more like a part of this world.. So maybe a low level character wouldn't change much.. say complete a quest of cleaning a cave of some monsters so there are no monsters in this cave for some time ... and the other players have to do something else... and If you are a high level player... or even a guild you could make huge changes like burning a city to the ground... so this city doesn't exist any more... The bad thing is that this brings many problems of balance.. and keeping the core of the game while still allowing the players to make these huge changes to the world.. and stuff like that .. but at least i'd like to see that in a game if not make the game that has it...
  6. All from scratch

    I guess Unity3D with C# is also a good way to start... Lots of tutorials and also the asset store is growing quite nicely. Lots of free and useful assets there as well.
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