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  1. Quote:Original post by ant900 However now for some reason when I start up, my console window seems to open and then close right away without doing anything, even though i have a system("pause"); in it. Did you make sure it will not crash in any situation?
  2. ville-v

    So -- This is a programming language?

    Quote:Original post by EasilyConfused Quote:Original post by bschneid Quote:Original post by steveworks ...while our number system is base 10. Funny you should mention that, because every number system is base 10! You just have to read that "10" using that number system. (Ex. in Binary 10 = 2 decimal, in hex 10 = 16 decimal, etc.) No it isn't. The term base X corresponds to the number of unique states that a single digit can be in, or the number of values you can represent in a single column, hence 0-9 in our normal system is base 10, 0 and 1 in binary is base 2, 0-9 + A-F is base 16 in hexadecimal and so on. 0-9 is base 10. 0-1 is base 10. 10 in that system means 2 in base 10 system. 0-F is base 10. 10 in that system means 16 in base 10 system. Got it?
  3. ville-v

    (3D) Games in a Browser?

    Quote:Original post by Zotoaster Thanks swift. What about for 2D games? I'm mostly looking for something that works with C++, if that's possible of course. You can compile C++ source to Flash.
  4. ville-v

    One writer many readers

    If you are not sure if resource is thread-safe, it is fairly simple to implement an interface for it. class{ private: // It is possible to have separated indicator for each resource you are using bool locked; resource res; something use_resource(); public: // This function forces thread to wait until resource is free. function(){ while(locked){ sleep(); } locked = true; something x = use_resource(); locked = false; return x; } // This function will return instantly if resource is being used. // User should cache the results and if fail is returned, previous results can be used instead. approach_2(){ if(locked){ return fail; } locked = true; something x = use_resource(); locked = false; return x; } }
  5. Quote:Original post by pven It still flashes after the last command that was appointed in the other thread what am I doing wrong? system("pause"); will only request you to press any key to continue. When you press the key, your program will shut down, because it ends. Is this the problem? If so, replace that with while(1) system("pause"); and your program will never shut down. If you want window not to close after it ends, create a shortcut (place it to your desktop, for example), edit it's properties and check box with something like "Do not close window when program ends".
  6. ville-v

    A reasonable game demo?

    Quote:Original post by Captain P @ville-v: ak11streetballer is looking for a programming internship. -- I do agree that having insight in the whole development process is a big plus and that having released several games indicates a certain amount of experience though, but from my experience, winning competitions is not at all necessary. Well, it does help with getting your name out there, but I wouldn't call it a hard requirement for getting hired.Using Torque sounds like using GameMaker for me. You can advance to advanced programming by scripting, that is true, but "5 years experience with Torque game engine" isn't exactly what companies look from from a programmer. If you make games with something else than DirectX, C++ or <insert here a term an employer is familiar with>, it is always good to have something to show off. If I had to choose between two persons, of which first sends portfolio with: "I have just graduated and I want work. Here is demo I just made, and screenshots, and description, and source, and by the way, I just graduated." and another with "I have just graduated and I want work. Here is brief description of games I have programmed with my small indie team and published during last 5 years, oh and this one was third in the game of year competition at" If the demo was really breathtaking, I could hire the former person if he sounds fitting in the interview, no matter it is the only project he can mention about. If not, is it hard to guess which person would have a new job? That is what I meant when I said "Your game sounds like very basic. You had better continue making games and learn by doing. If you want to impress with a single demo, it should have something impressive."
  7. ville-v

    A reasonable game demo?

    It is better to publish games online. Unless your demo is very impressive, they will just think: "This guy has done his best, and this is all he has managed to make." But if you describe a published game in your CV and tell how it has about 10000 players or 100000 downloads or that it has active modding community or online highscores and how grateful players donate you $1000 every month, they will at least look into the references you can give on that. Winning some "game of year on the big site X" competitions is very good thing, since it is easy to prove and tells more about your game than a quick play. Your game sounds like very basic. You had better continue making games and learn by doing. If you want to impress with a single demo, it should have something impressive. Good graphics, good AI or good gameplay. Something that is easy to understand (and be amazed of) during a quick test play. It doesn't even have to have preloader or menu, person who checks 10-50 applications per day might be bored in those 10 seconds he has to wait before being able to play. Outstanding game idea or plot or anything similar is not necessary, you had better publish those games and win some onlinecompetition with them.
  8. ville-v

    only one function as friend

    This could do: int function1(void); class a{ public: class{ private: friend int function1(void); int operator(int c); }function2; private: int function3(void); }; int function1(void){ static a instance; return instance.function2(77); }
  9. Quote:Original post by Argus2 I'll try to draw an analogy here - it's like looking at the plans to the space shuttle in order to make a backyard baking soda/vinegar rocket. If I would like to make my own backyard rocket, I would definetly look into plans of a missile or a space rocket. All three do function the same way.
  10. ville-v

    c++ coding conventions

    The most important thing concerning coding conventions is that if the project uses the same in all the places, it is much easier to read and develope. You should try all conventions to get familiar with them, because every company or project you will work in will use some different one. If you can only use one, you will be hated by everybody working with you.
  11. Quote:Original post by hymerman Are you mad? You think Microsoft has a super-advanced 'special' version of DirectX that they reserve for themselves? That would be an absolutely terrible idea, and I'm sure you'd see why if you thought about it for a while. Not for themselves, but for selected companies whose games would run faster if they would pay more to get better version :)
  12. ville-v

    header files

    Quote:Original post by Palidine yes you are correct. If a function is not keyword inline and it's in a header and that header is #include'd in multiple .cpp files you will get linker errors of "previously defined".If you declare function as static, it does not have to be inline.
  13. ville-v

    Simple Encryption Gone Awry [solved]

    If you want a potato (an array), you shouldn't try to use a pile of carrots (a vector) instead. Read() has been designed for potatoes, so you should create a potato and pass it as a parameter instead of painting carrots brown and passing them. int array_size = 10; char buffer[array_size];, array_size); It is as simple as that, where is problem?
  14. ville-v

    Simple Encryption Gone Awry [solved] Read() excepts array. File_mem is not an array, but a pointer to one byte. If you want to read only one byte at once, you have to set size to 1 or use get().
  15. Quote:Original post by conlagia - All entities are connected by Messages, so I think there are other ways to check the entities existing, no need to count and verify in game loop (??? - not sure) This is easily done. When player kills an enemy, decrease counter. When you spawn a new enemy, increase counter. You only have to check if counter is zero. That check can be done in the game loop (before spawning new enemies!) or when decreasing counter.
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