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  1.   Thanks! :)   To access enemy states you can use the 'Enemy' module, it has the same API as 'Self' (more details in API, click on the "Show API" button. you can also see it used by the enemy code in "Show enemy code").   As for a way to store global vars, by default all vars are global and remain between executions. you can do something like this:   # for first-time execution - create the var if not exist("global_var"): global_var = 0 # every round the var will increase by 1 and we'll print it global_var += 1 print(global_var) The code above will print incrementing numbers every round.
  2. So this one needs some background...   Basically I needed a way to execute untrusted (user-generated) code on Node.js / browsers, and I ended up writing a Python-like language on top of JavaScript, designed to execute unsafe code in a safe way (http://adderscript.com/).   The game I'm posting here is a demonstration game for the language; its a web game (no canvas nor WebGL, only HTML elements :P) where you need to write an AI to defeat the house AI. You can play it here:   http://adderscript.com/examples/BotWars/BotWars.html   Feedback will be appreciated Cheers!  :D    
  3. Hi all,   I'd love to get some feedback on my release  I made this game as a hobby and to learn from it, but I think its kinda fun (its fully featured).   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ronenness.SpaceRunner   Would love to hear your opinion, suggestions, etc.   Thanks!
  4. hi guys, I hope this is the right place to announce this   As a hobby project, I've written a scene-graphs 2d rendering engine based on SDL2. if you are not familiar with the concept, it means that entities can be put inside scene nodes and transformations are inherited (such transformations include color, blend mode, position, scale, rotation, and more..)   in short, it's a really cool rendering engine, totally free (zlib license), and you can make some really cool things with it:   http://www.ness-engine.com/   it includes lots of built-in features such as camera, z-ordering, lighting, multi-line text, canvas entity, sprite animators, and much much more!   also it's very optimized so all you are left to do is writing your game    note: this is not a game engine, it's a rendering engine with some extras.   just for example, the following game is only 100 lines of code:     check it out, maybe use it for your projects. I will appreciate feedback and honest opinions.   thanks!   (here are some more screenshots of example projects:)  
  5. TheNess

    NessBots - New web game

    Hi everybody!   I would like to present my fresh new game - NessBots!   In this game you get to design and code your very own robot, and send it to fight and participate in PvP battles and Single player challenges! The game is 100% free and works entirely from the web (HTML5).     The game can be found here: http://www.nessbots.com   I'd love to get some feedback and tips :)   You can also view random replays here: http://www.nessbots.com/pvp/replay_random/ http://www.nessbots.com/challenge/replay_random/   thanks!  
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