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  1. Do you think text games should have sound/music? Why or why not? Genre: Text adventure, text rpg, and MUDs.
  2. This is my first attempt at inheritance, and I am also beginner of the C++ language. In a small game-engine I'm working on... I'm storing items in an array. EX: Item itemlist[Max_Items] Now, what if I want to use inheritance.. and make Weapon, Armor, Key, Potion classes which derive from the Item class. I'm wondering, in this situation how can inheritance help me? Does the way items are being stored, need to be changed?
  3. How would I go about having my project to compatible with, at least Windows and Linux? The project itself, only outputs text into console window, and for now just needs the ability to change font colors. I'll probably be using Windows.h, but is there a similar header for Linux?, and how would I go about telling the program "If you're not on windows.. use this header and functions instead!" Any information would be helpful.
  4. RebNyx

    C++ Beginner: Classes Question

    Quote:One last thing, why does the Main Menu want to know about the Player? Sorry, MainMenu doesn't need access to the Player object (at least, not on this game), I was just using that as an example... Because other Scene::methods will need to know information about the player. The pass by reference, is one of the answers I was looking for. Thanks.
  5. I'm writing a small game, and would like some advice. Everything works fine, but I'm new to C++, and feel like that I'm probably 'doing it wrong', and making it extremely unoptimized. There are several classes written already (Examples: Player, NPC, Room, Game, Scene) Class Game{ public: ....... lots of stuff here private: Player player; Scene scene; }; Game::GameLoop() { scene.MainMenu(player) ..other stuff } Scene::MainMenu(Player player) { cout << "Is it correct to pass player object in the argument?"; } So my question is, what should I do instead of passing player into every argument? I haven't worked with pointers yet, but should I pass a pointer instead? Anything else you see wrong, please criticize.
  6. I have a few questions about developing games with Python. Do you know of any limitations... or pitfalls? What kind of productivity can I expect? What's the .NET version like? Why are most games -- not using this language? Anything else, you feel worthy of throwing at me..related to Python game development... please go ahead. It's a subject, that has recently caught my attention.
  7. RebNyx

    Behold, the impossible project!

    Quote:In my mind's eye I want a game with the polish of WoW with the dynamic world-building of Wurm Online... Quote:My question is thus... does there exist an MMO-friendly engine that allows more or less plug-and-play of your basic MMO trappings (quest giving, inventories, levelling up, simple combat), that is also geared more towards a designer than a programmer? Or should I suck it up and spend the next decade learning a language? How are you going to achieve your MMO-creation goals? Multiple choice: A. Wait until someone designs a miracle engine, that lets you turn ideas into code. B. Learn to program, and decide a language. Since you're more of an artist, you might want to look in the RAD languages, like VB and C#. These can cut development time by around 60%. Then realize, with only one person, you'll have to throw half your design out the window. C. Get a high paying job, save money, and hire you a development team. You'll need at least: Programmers, musicians, artists. D. Forget about making a MMO. (*Gasp*)
  8. Hello, my question is this: For someone who has mental barriers (learning, and functioning difficulties), is it feasible, to pursue the path of programming, and ever hope to become a professional? I have been diagnosed with several mental problems, (Paranoid schizophrenia, agoraphobia, social anxiety, depression.) But I have a deep interest and goal in learning to program, and design games. Since my doctors know little to nothing about programming, I thought I'd ask the PROs of GameDev, and see what your honest opinions are. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  9. Here's a simple solution to looking at the problem. The user will need .NET framework and XNA runtime to play your game. Also, you'll will need to make their game folder, look like your game folder. Minus the source code. You could code your own installer program to handle this, or use a pre-made one. And since you're using XNA, you probably won't be able to share your game with people on say, Linux. That's just one of the drawbacks to using XNA sdk.
  10. What is a good beginner project, to help introduce and reinforce the importance of pointers in C++? Doesn't necessarily have to be a game. Thanks for your time.
  11. RebNyx

    "switch" problem

    std::string a = "abc"; switch (a[0]) { case 'a': // std::cout << a[0]; break; default: break; } String is an array. So if you are just using case on chars like "b", this could be a solution? Correct me, if for some reason this is a bad idea.
  12. RebNyx

    searching for beginner team

    (Opinion) From my own experience, 'learning from other beginners' isn't an effective learning tool, unless you have at least 1 qualified instructor figure, that can overlook the project. Think of it this way: If you were going to design and build a house for yourself, would you want to assemble a team that have no experience at all? For any beginner teams that have succeeded(Not aware of any), my guess is that they had an instructor figure, but it was in the form of videos and/or books. Which sounds like it would be much longer approach than having an experienced person on your project.
  13. RebNyx

    Breakpoints with Dev-c++?

    Quote:Original post by Spoonbender I can think of a couple of things. First, you're using an IDE which hasn't been maintained for years, and which was substandard even when it was maintained. Upgrade to something sensible. There are free versions of Visual C++ from Microsoft, or if you want non-MS software, there's Code::Blocks. I hear Eclipse has decent C++ support too these days. The second thing is only a guess, because I don't use Dev-C++ (See point 1, pretty much no one who knows what they're doing uses it), but you probably have to run it in the debugger. Execute->Run sounds like a "run without debugger" option to me. Thanks for the advice. I have Visual C++ express already installed, however I only use it when I must.. (It's bulky and slow on my programming PC) Code::blocks sounds interesting, I'll check it out.
  14. I set a breakpoint in the Dev-c++ IDE, and it never stops to view line of execution. What am I doing wrong? 1. Clicks the *gray area* of the line. (So it's checked now) 2. Next I go to Execute->Run The program works fine, but unable to step through it.
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