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    MMOFPS idea/vanity writing

    I like this Idea, But I am not clear on a few things, is this a constant game world? or is it much a 20 minuets to 5 hour match? I haven't played 'planetside' but I have played a game called 'savage' which embraces much of the ideas you have outlined. This isn't a bad thing at all as I find savage to be lacking alot in some ideas. Questions I bring to the table are: 1). Could you cheat and have a massive world but its set up in 'regions' which are controlled by a single sever each. I'll explain this on a very basic level: There are 3 sections to a small world map, (Team1) - Where players from team1 home base is; can build and expand with ease at the start of the game. (Team2) - Where players from team2 home base is; can build and expand with ease at the start of the game. (Center of Play area) - where neither team starts, but is where most of the battle is fought, once areas in this area are controlled a team can build on it, advancing till the war is mostly fought on the opposing teams home base. Remember this is a very basic explanation; when logging in you choose a spawn point and the game loads the area that you choose, when choosing you have access to 'status reports' on the areas such as who controls it ect once all severs are owned by a team then that team wins. 2). If its not a MMO, then would it just be small games in which you wouldn't need so much content and could have a player skill system more so than extra weapons, units and tanks/ships etc. These are areas I am currently looking into myself as I'm also designing a concept but its more RPG based than RTS at the moment. The game is called 'Prevalence' and is based on a war between two main factions and game-play involves non-linear objective based maps as well as some "for fun" game modes that are much like mini games.
  2. Morbid Addiction

    Resetting, Interactable world Online RPG?

    krez: It could be balanced to last from anywhere from 6 months to a year? And yes they would carry over stats such as 'awards' etc like that. Increase in rank. I think the main aspect of this would be that people will pull together better, your not in the game just for yourself, your there for the PvP aspect. Level would be much quicker/or all rounded than traditional games. I just put this Idea out there because I felt when playing games like WOW, Anarchy Online, Silkroad (which is the best in my opinion except for the crappy alchemy system)that your just there repeating the same old same old and it never truely ended like a traditional game would (meaning an RPG, RTS, any game that you work to 'finish'). It would try to have a very re-playable system. And if you look at MMORPG's there are many people that start new characters all the time when they have other characters. Maybe there is no levelling. You just gain items, etc. You pick a class, pick your skills and off you go. Raids would have to be planed out. Giving the illusion at least that the characters aren't the same, your not totally familiarising with the game world. fzambetta: Show me :)
  3. Morbid Addiction

    Resetting, Interactable world Online RPG?

    um, no one comment? You can flame the crap out of it if you like, just wanted some responses/feedback. Discussion, Do you think players would like the idea of working towards something, Do you think they would like a resetting world... meaning they start again. from lvl 1.
  4. An Online (not going to say MMO) RPG where after all goals are met by a certain race the game is finished, reset and begun again. Unlike other ORPGs out at the moment (that I am aware of) this concept involves set overall race goals, instead of constant battle between sides and side quests. Features: 01 - Races/factions don't have a set diplomatic stance against each other; alliances can be formed or broken at any time. Random 'Start Locations' at beginning of each new world. Diplomatic relations allow races to trade, give, demand etc to other races. 02 - A News system that is actually important; Know what's going on in your world. 'Race 1 offered resources to Race 2 in exchange for Peace' etc. 03 - Game world evolves from start to finish; timeline where upon new world the races are limited; small but as time advances towns become cities etc; Much like an RTS the races (which are not player controlled but may be player suggested; meaning players have an input system where the computer can take into account player requests etc or may have Game Masters to control races in a form such the same as those text based RTS games such as kings of chaos, utopia etc) evolve and progress through tech trees allowing for better access to items etc. Start with basic Blacksmith etc... advance to many more shops/options of items etc. Race would start with say, small city, 3 towns each. Then able to expand, colonise new area. Able to overtake other towns. Generated NPC and Quests: When game is reset NPC names, appearance etc are randomly generated; also the quests given are generated but most likely would involve the same variables 'collect' 'number' 'item' 'bring to' 'take to' 'kill' 'MOB' etc but are random and could be generated to need of race. This could extend to the boring task of collecting a resource such as... food or anything. Though one or two set characters will always be named the same, such as beginning area. Also buildings, NPCs etc are randomly located in set structures. Think of a grid. Inside the grid 1 building may be set to be placed, inside that building the NPC's also added, or outside. But all of the placing is inside this set grid area on a selected square. As a city expands, the grid size would be increased. Districts/layouts would be defined. Buildings/NPC rotation would apply by a check to surrounding buildings and overall city direction. 04 - Guild System allowing for a building with NPC's to be placed, could have a becon point even that a guild leader would have, an item that when activated sets a marker for GMs to place a Guild Building, so could be anywhere. Gms would obviously not build a guild building randomly over some other structure etc. But would be able to have on an even ground (the building could have stilts) and over water. All MOBs in area would be moved as game world would place mobs in random location over set area - so rock monsters always around rock area, water, water etc etc. Would just move MOB spawn further away. Could not build guild with in closeness to other guild building. 05 - Trade System that can effect a races development - tax on items, money spent on items goes to race for resources. No NPC has set number of items from store, will sell items they bought for an increased price (but hey, it would be for a cause ;0). Trade would also extend to other races. 06 - World Events; A town/city may be attacked by MOBs; help defend. Items might appear for certain time, etc. Battles, raids etc. Game ends and world reset according to traditional RTS conditions. - No enemies left, etc.
  5. Morbid Addiction

    Items In MMO

    [q] What's 'enough'? Do you mean users can't obtain the best items for their level because there just aren't any for sale, or users can only afford to fill 4 of their 6 equip slots, or users can't get new gear every time they level up, or what? [/q] I mean, Items in game, your average items are worth a lot more than they really are, for example - average items that are dropped by mobs are quite expensive; rather than like World of Warcraft which seemed to have an affordable price. Another Idea I had, which I was never sure would work. But guilds would actually impact upon the game itself. To start a guild you have to have a certain number of people that have 'sign' some document, in game of course. Then they must take it to some leader NPC such as a king or so. Its then given yay, or nay; first it becomes pending I guess and an actual person looks at it. But Once you get an ok, you get a building certificate, you can than spend a lot of money in having workers build you a barrack/base/hideout etc. You then have your own building, you can hire NPC guards, and you have a place to also keep a loot as well as the banks or whatever. I thought about this when playing Silk Roads, since there is a lot of just blank Flat Ground. Would open up to some crazy turf wars. I liked how Anarchy Online allowed you to have your own apartment, that would be one of those fantastic games if it wasn't for the horrible graphics that get on your nerves and the crappy feeling controls. I herd they're upgrading the engine? Hopefully that's fixed. I can't actually find enough on Guildwars? I heard it was just a grinding game? I'm looking for a game to play that is a mixture of grinding, but a lot of items to collect, and just an all round game that's not just based on getting to the highest level (as that's not what's important to me). Also, How would people feel about a resetting MMORPG? You evolve with the game. Say... every 1-6 months, its reset. Or maybe every year. But its like a timeline. The Factions/Races have a goal to reach. At the start, cities are towns and towns are farms. There's NPCs or Actual human players that play the game like a strategy/diplomacy Sim. Races could become Allies/Enemies > War > Have a ceasefire > Trade etc etc Would also mean races have Population > $$ > etc etc. And when a player logs out, you can pick a 'job' that your character supposedly does while your not there to help out your nation, earns you a few gold. Or you could select 'nah, just sleep/rest'. Obviously your character doesn't actually do it, just disappears from game when logged out, but it comes up as though you worked. But for the average player I'm (obviously) talking they play it like a normal RPG - but could be called when starts a guild, to raid certain places, etc etc. Would that engine be expensive to make? (as in time, effort, bugs, testing)?
  6. Morbid Addiction

    Feedback on Game Concept (2)

    Second Part of my Game Concept; First part is located: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=518132 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT/WARNING: This forum doesn't count the extra spacing I placed to keep everything inline. Sorry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok Game is an FPS/RPG; 1.0 - Stats 1.5 - Classes 2.0 - Game Mechanics ============================================== 1.0 =============================<-- Stats --> ============================================== Base level number is 6, each level you gain 2-6 points to place into which ever you like. ----------------------------------------------- Strength - Factors Health and physical damage. Intelligence - Factors Manapool and the ability to learn spells/skills. Agility - Factors Speed, Jump and speed of Melee Attacks. Will - Factors the modifier when casting/using spells and skills. ----------------------------------------------- An example of this is for a Foot Soldier; base stats are: ----------------------------------------------- (Stat) (Level) (Advantage) (Percent) Strength | - |10| - | +4 | = 120% Intelligence| - |04| - | -2 | = 90% Agility | - |06| - | -0 | = 100% Will | - |04| - | -2 | = 90% ----------------------------------------------- Foot Solider is pretty well-rounded with the points, nothing is too low yet has a nice amount of Strength. Each level point counts 5 to your attributes; ----------------------------------------------- (Attributes) (Points) Health | - | 50 | Nanopool | - | 20 | Speed | - | 30 | Modifier | - | 20 | ----------------------------------------------- ================================================ 1.5 =============================<-- Classes --> ================================================ Foot Soldier: ----------------------------------------------- Strength - |10| +4 = 120% Intelligence - |04| -2 = 90% Agility - |06| -0 = 100% Will - |04| -2 = 90% ----------------------------------------------- Description: Focuses on mainly physical weapons with some added abilities; Has skills on modifying weapons to give advantages such as increasing damage and accuracy, reload time and even some amour skills. Foot Soldiers are tanks and can withstand and pelt out quite a bit of physical damage. Cleric: ----------------------------------------------- Strength - |08| +2 = 110% Intelligence - |04| -2 = 90% Agility - |02| -4 = 80% Will - |10| +4 = 120% ----------------------------------------------- Description: Clerics are slow moving but radiate auras that help them and their team. They know their way around a weapon and are the second strongest class in the game. Their knowledge of Auras and Spells such as healing make them a high priority for a team, for that reason they are also a high priority target for enemies. Magi: ----------------------------------------------- Strength - |02| -4 = 80% Intelligence - |10| +4 = 120% Agility - |04| -2 = 90% Will - |08| +2 = 110% ----------------------------------------------- Description: Magi spend most of their lives studying the art involved in Nanotechnology. They have a high knowledge of Spells from Summoning Creatures and Objects to Damage Spells and Alteration Spells. Although They have a large level of knowledge are lacking in strength; causing this class to be the most fragile of all. Stalker: ----------------------------------------------- Strength - |04| -2 = 90% Intelligence - |06| -0 = 100% Agility - |10| +4 = 120% Will - |04| -2 = 90% ----------------------------------------------- Description: Stalkers are agile, silent killers. They stalk their prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Their arsenal ranges from the use of Sniper Rifles to Melee Twin Blades. Their Skills range from invisibility to causing high level of damage on a single attack. Stalking involves waiting for the perfect chance to strike, targeting enemies backs that are unprotected by their allies. ================================================ 2.0 ======================<-- Game Mechanics --> ================================================ Levelling: ----------------------------------------------- Gaining XP can be done through: Killing, Completing set Objectives and through other players. When You kill another player, you gain XP. But the amount of XP is factored by: The Level of Your Opponent + The Number of People on Your Team; A small amount of Xp is shared through Your team as well as the lump sum going to yourself. This makes sure teams are balanced; a team with a smaller number of players will gain XP at a higher rate than a team with a lot of players. It will also help the newer players; if they joined a game late or are just new to the game. The same process is set for Completing set Objectives, but rather the team in question gets an overall XP bonus that's shared amongst them evenly. ----------------------------------------------- Classes: ----------------------------------------------- Classes have to work together to oppress the other team. None stand a chance alone. <- Clerics: are slow, easy targets but are a massive support to players -> <- Magi: are very weak, but extremely powerful if able to be kept alive -> <- Stalkers: although they are soloists, if hunted down are easily killed -> <- Foot Soldiers: Are the Glue, but holds no true advantage over the others -> ----------------------------------------------- Game-Play: ----------------------------------------------- Maps can generally last between 10 - 120 minuets depending on sever-side settings. Any of the settings through the entire game could be changed from the sever config file. There are multiple game maps with different types of play on each. You have your Normal 'Oppression' type map: Non-Linear Game-play involving set objectives that can change through out a game; from take and hold to destruction of an object. There is also your classic 'Death Match': Teams just go at it, only there to kill each other. There is a survival game mode: One team vs waves of enemies. Each wave becoming stronger and the interval between waves becomes smaller and smaller giving less time to spend your points and get ready for next round. Only one life in this mode, no respawn. Uber Magi: One to Three players are magi that have super uber stats; the idea is these players can constantly spawn monsters (and maybe use other spells... but this might be too uneven) and the other team with say... 1 - 12 players have to try and kill the uber magi, these other players have no uber skills, and start the game in your basic way. - Could be that the three magi start as semi uber each class able to use certain skills... as each is killed, the others get stronger. Or maybe just one uber magi. - Also, This would be balanced in someway so the magi couldn't just rush and kill the Team. ----------------------------------------------- ================================================ 3.0 =========================<-- Final Words --> ================================================ ----------------------------------------------- I am still figuring out all the tech tree skills for each class, am Also setting up a website; just forum to start with that has all the information in each. Before anyone mentions anything on playability I want to mention that this game would undergo a lot of beta and play testing. But I have been thinking about this a lot and most of my concept is quite balanced. The story is also being developed slowly; Along the lines maybe of Human race creating a synthetic life. Nano-bots involve bacteria/cells and machinery. (Bio-machinery as well) maybe. haha. Please I would love feedback of all types; Thank You! Morbid Addiction.
  7. Morbid Addiction

    Items In MMO

    But still, KulSeran; I know you went a bit off topic, but I agree. It could be balanced out though, such as: Everybody can craft to some extent; you could follow down a certain tree of learning - that way you could stay to class type weapon/amour ect. Though crafting could be quite a large and 'just something to do' kind of thing. Don't forget a 'mining/gathering' skill. Also think about location: type of monster part in location one would be greater than in location two if at all, there for you could always collect, and move to anther area, such as silk roads (I quite enjoyed that but only got to a low level before getting tired of the full severs). Maybe for your PvE and PvP players, you could have a mission/quest system that players themselves can place. [quest type] you have to select quest type [quest reward] you have to place the reward up instantly etc; PvP players would obtain a higher rep or something. etc etc etc
  8. Morbid Addiction

    Items In MMO

    I'm not currently planing to make an MMORPG, but was just thinking about a few minor issues with why most of them bore the crap out of me. Most MMORPGs are all about grinding (and a lot of it!). The money system doesn't allow users to buy/obtain enough items and weapons for sale. And usually the NPCs and players will sell items for x4 their actual price. So why don't we see many games out their based on a massive item/a proper economy and trade. As to say, for example. Killing certain MOBs will give you a certain item. Lets just use leather for example. NPCs sell this item, but they have a limited stock, The price of the Item is made set by the rarity of it (as to say the less they have, the more its worth), Players can kill mobs and sell item to NPC (which they buy accordingly), The item stock then is increased by the player. Sides could then have a need for certain items, able to raid from other race or whatever and steal it. As to have a more impact feel to the game, and even though stocks will most likely be always filled a player might come along and buy a high stock of the item; maybe for alchemy etc. Alchemy/Craft: A high craft level should be used; the ability to create a high level of items, from clothing/armour to weapons, to pets, to random items (such as rune type times), to even just cosmological (I think that's the right word) items. This makes basicly every Item in the game a component allowing for high level of time spent making them. And combos should be available from almost lvl 1. These things are not in every MMO, and they're all based only upon griding. (As in normally - item worth 1,000,000) when its not even that great of an item. I think this would keep a player interested, and its more 'realistic' which helps immersion.
  9. Morbid Addiction

    Feedback on Game Concept

    I have firefox, where is the built in spell check? or is it an addon?
  10. Morbid Addiction

    Is it worth learning C+, C#, etc?

    Hey, I'm more a musician/composer but have had experince with Morrowind and Dungeon Kepper scripting (I know that's very basic :D) as well as knowing HTML and a bit of Java. My question is, is it worth the time to learn programming (I'm 20 years old) and am most likely going to pursue a career somewhere in the music industry from playing to sound engeneering but still am not quite sure where I want to head, just exploring my options (as I have always wanted to get into the gamming industry until I picked up a guitar :P). Thanks and sorry if this is a stupid question ;), Wyatt. [Edit] Forgot to mention I'm guessing coding involves alot of problem solving, which I love to do :)
  11. Morbid Addiction

    Places in a horror game

    Its alreay been said, but go with rooms (so movement is constriced) with many ways for enemies to come from, the fear of the unknown.
  12. Morbid Addiction

    Feedback on Game Concept

    Quote:Original post by Cpt Mothballs First of all, it's Scientists. Sorry, I am a hopeless speller and do not have any spell check software. Quote:Original post by Cpt Mothballs Secondly, if these sci-fi based game, you're going to have to create a setting where this is technically feasible and THEN, you're going to have to have to either briefly show how it is, or go and throw in time-travelling alien concubines. For this, what I have said is only a rough guide line, you seem to be picking at it as though it were a full thought out design :P But to awnser your question anyway. It is quite possible to create the setting as well as make it technically feasible (as it is set in the future) and doesn't involve any real technology advancements other than nano bots ect but weapons and everything else around that your subject to in the game world is all basicly the same as today. Just with slightly differn't looks and some more adanced armor... but nothing that couldn't be deemed feasible. The game since its basic design at the moment only deals with online multiplayer and will only have an opening backstory when you first load up the game (I'm guessing). If it was ever to become more popular, then a single player/co op could be released. Or I did think about a bunch of just multiplayer maps that are differn't periods of time through out the story and if players wish their could be many signs of story telling on the maps them selfs. This could also be added to the singleplayer as easter eggs (as in maybe graffeti on the wall thats the same in a multiplayer map for instant) but at the moment single player is not in question. Quote:Original post by Cpt Mothballs Just another thing, if there's magic, why is there still religion? Last I heard, anything related to magic was considered paganism or devil worship. Wouldn't this have caused a stir earlier? There is magic involved all throughout religion, just its more under tones than anything, for a very basic example... you have Jesus with the water to wine. As example. But, as I did say in my orignal post: 'Through experiments they were able to create some sort of 'magik' compound. Though it laid a toll on the people who used it, made their bodies weaker and weaker. But there were also other propierties of this rock.' Its not magik, but to do with sceince, just that sceince can't explain everything though a theroy could be applyed to it, Its not magic exaclly that you use in the game, its more of less this 'substance' applied to the body in differn't ways resulting in differn't affects. The image of a mage in my head involves a twisted being that has tubes runing in and out of its body, those tubes cary this substance around the body, which increases the mind, but obivously the side effects create twisted and weak bodies. With the help of nano bots (also having the substance applied to them) are connected to the mage's brain. For instance, a fireball type of spell, Nanobots move around in a certain may, say infront of the mage's hand which he can aim the direction of the shot, once ready the nanobots help repel the flame in that direction... Same can be applied to Ice, Lighting and (maybe) even some sort of darkness effect. Also, remember that this is all set in the future where the people of earth lived in a somewhat peacful soicity, this can deffently be expanded upon to facts such as if everyone is leaving in peace then there must be some level of uderstanding between religion and science, giving way for the acceptance that they beleieve that this substance has come from god to give to them (this obviously involves extremists etc). Quote:Original post by Cpt Mothballs Why are the factions so clear cut? If you're going to put a story in and then totally disregard it by placing three totally clear cut groups of people, why bother with the story at all? Seems a little pointless, considering the perspectives are so predictable. Sorry thats my fault, I forgot to add the word 'main'. These are the main three groups you are dealing with (for now). Knowlege of others would be avalible, but these factions are no way near strong enough to take on the main two. This leads onto a story line in single player (if implemented) which can involve many differn't Factions. It also opens to an exspansion add on... which where after single player another faction in the end gains enough power to create a three way, which can open to a 3 way games. Orignally I had 'Sojourn and the Embrace' faction as one of these minor groups. And still could be, as its only just a guide line that i could even change on a daily basis. Quote:Original post by Cpt Mothballs What gameplay modes are there going to be? If there are going to be wormholes, how are players going to be able to take advantage of that? Furthermore, if there is going to be 50 vs 50 combat, how are you going to implement them so that there's no tele-camping? For starters, the goal would be to release early beta with death match. Then work Take and Hold and Crystal (or whatever) Collect. After this is done anything is possible and can be release via down load (additional content) such as survival, even mission maps (like constantly reacting to the game enviroment with a comander giving orders, after set main objectives are complete the game is one). I don't beleive I ever mentioned wormholes, if you are refering to the rips I would say that they would reappear every time, and leave behind this substance, like the orignal game concept. But the only thing to work on there is that in game i was orignaly intending shards to fall during play or somthing in the background. (see with the shard/crystal showers they constantly fall upon earth, but arn't always falling everywhere, so you would/are able to see shards falling in the distance). ... If tele-camping is teleporter camping (like sitting behind the portal in sidewinder on halo) this isn't envolved in this game... Though a skill may involve a 'blink (sort distance teleport)' skill there is real teleporting. I hope I am awnsering you correclty! Thanks, Wyatt.
  13. Morbid Addiction

    Feedback on Game Concept

    @Guthur: Great Idea :) there could be balancing issues though? And I haven't figured out if you would either: a). Choose a class upon joining the game. b). Have accssess to every skill tree creating more variety of players (and have model changes after death that corrospond to skills (ie, more points in magik push for the mage player model). @Cpt Mothballs: Doesn't have to be crystals, I origanlly had a backstory where seintists while working on an experiment to do with atoms (or somthing arather) miscalculate and over shoot their mark for power by a decemial place or somthing. It creates a rip in the universe and most of the world gets covered in this black kind of plasma stuff and there are randomly rips that lead to other dimensions or the other side of the universe. But I did state that its completly just a guide line, anything can be changed :) Thanks, Wyatt.
  14. Morbid Addiction

    Feedback on Game Concept

    Well, is it possible to define, say its all based on: a). Amount of players on each team. b). Amount of Xp (as a whole) the team has made. If so, that along with the Kill reward ratio, and the kicking of players if their ability to play seems to be far behond that of the rest of the sever population. Then I think these 3 processors working together would work to create a balance between Factions. More to the idea could be... That if a player becomes too strong, then the game will put a target on that player.. almost a bounty on their head maybe and an extra XP reward or somthing drawing others to do so. What do you think? Thanks, Wyatt. [edit] Scrap that? I would prefer to keep things more simple.
  15. Morbid Addiction


    Is it all based on time, or are there scripted changes? As in, you accomplish a certain mission of sorts and you age? Or, is it ment to be more of a sandbox game (which I don't beleive fable to be unlike morrowind) where you are completly free to do whatever you like? In either case, try to think about what would engage a player to keep playing, otherwise I doubt people will just wait around to get old ;P But it is a good conecpt do you die at the end? Goodluck, Wyatt.
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