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  1. Introduction: Hello there, my name is Ivan Mandi?, I'm developing a game with Unity game engine. I'm not the only one on the project, I'm just the only developer. (Programming, art, game design)  Nenad Markovi? is the one who made this possible, without him I would not be able to work full time on this. Matej Štajduhar is helping with everything not directly related to the development.  Davor Šimunovi? will be responsible for sound and music.   About the project: Nucleotide is a single player action-adventure in development. We are trying to create one development diary every week to show of the progress, all videos are available on our YouTube channel.  First video features a cube collecting spheres, so yes, we started doing this from the beginning of development.    You can check the latest development diary [no. 12]: Here;   Latest screenshot ( Scene created for the development diary 12)       Thank you for your time, I hope that you have some comments and questions.
  2. This entire game was developed in less than six hours. It was made as a joke, for fun, enjoy! Don't you just hate it when you have a shitty day, and there's no douchebags around to punch? Cry no more, little bitch. We found a solution. SUPERDOUCHEBAG: Suckerpunch A lifetime of emotions in less than six hours of creation. A mind-thrilling point'n'click survival horror/dramma game parabole to mankind's race with time. Download it now, for free. Avilable for Linux, MacOS and Windows.   Download page   Trailer
  3. That is the function that I need. Thanks. (MSDN ftw ;)) Quote:Original post by szecs And maybe I misunderstood something, but this text uses glRasterPos, so translation don't have effect (or does it?, I'm not sure) It's not working on the same way but the effect is the same :)
  4. Quote:Original post by SuperVGA If you locate the text above the position in the upper-left corner, it wouldn't be visible. Exactly. So one way to make it work is to calculete offset(font high in pixels). A problem is in the fact that I do not know how to calculate right font high in pixels.
  5. I did setup glOrtho on the right way, so if I translate 2D object on the position (0,0) he will be renderd in the upper left corner of the screen. That isn't the problem. The problem is that when I set a position Y (with glTranslatef) text sets just above that position,and not underneath. I could make offset but the problem is that I do not know how to calculate the hight of letters in pixels.
  6. @SuperVGA I'm working on a Game engine. And my goal is to make things work in any cases,doing things that way isn't so smart.
  7. The problem is only that the font height does not apply to pixels. p.s. I'm not stupid,and I do know math...
  8. This is in the section OpenGL so what do you think that I'm using? -_- Title says : "Bitmap font text". (I'm creating font just like NeHe in this tutorial http://nehe.gamedev.net/data/lessons/lesson.asp?lesson=13) The problem is that when I set a position Y (with glTranslatef) text sets just above it, not underneath. Does someone knows how to fix this? Thanks.
  9. Hello. I am drawing the text in the orthogonal projection but I am troubled by the fact that the text is positioned by its lower left corner, how can I make positioning by the upper left corner of the string itself?
  10. Hello. How can I pitch,yaw and roll objects matrix(4x4) around arbitrary axis. For example I know how to rotate object around it's local axis using quaternions. In other words I want to do the same thing only use different local axis. Thanks
  11. I began to lose hope at the moment ;) I've found a tutorial but I was interested in other people's feedback. Thanks :)
  12. Hello. Is it just me or is glSelectBuffer() really slow as hell? What do you think about the "Color coding" method? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for your help :)
  14. I assumed taht. Do you have finished function for inverting 4x4 matrix? And do you recommend using matrix directly for the camera? (or maybe to convert it to Euler/Angle Axis representation+Position)
  15. Hello. I have a problem with glMultMatrix. Example: // ... glMultMatrixf(Camera.Matrix);//Everything is inverse ... glPushMatrix(); glMultMatrixf(Object.Matrix);//Works fine ... glPopMatrix(); ... What do I need to do with matrix to make it work for camera? Thanks.