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  1. I believe the free account has 10gb/mo whereas the pro one has 250gb/mo, but not sure. Thanks for uploading it to Google Drive though! Works like a charm
  2. Thanks a lot for the upload, Ripiz. But is there any way for you to upload the file elsewhere? Seems that the available Dropbox bandwith already got sucked up Would be awesome!
  3. Hey. Ying, documentation will maybe be added to the chart - dependant on whether anyone will care for it in the future :) ddn3; we didn't run any benchmarks and as we decided on luabind, we won't test it. feel free to do so though :)
  4. While working on Project Daydream, we wanted to fairly evaluate all reasonable LUA wrappers. We did a fair amount of research and testing with each of the wrappers, and came up with the following chart comparing features between each: click here I'm putting this information on the GD forums in the hopes that our research can benefit others as well. Please let me know if you think I'm missing something from the chart or if I have something marked down wrong. Thanks to Nayruden for the idea of creating such a comparison chart and helping us realize it!