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  1. up... any good 3d modeler in linux? with animation... does blitz3d have a linux version? thnx guys
  2. oh i see... i think i should stick with blender for scenes and maps.... but what about my main characters and sprite animation... anyone can give me a good 3d sprite modeler that is open source and supported already by irrlicht... i wont use blender for sprite animation because irrmesh dont support animation... the only way to process blender files in irrlicht is to convert it to irrmesh... thnx guys hoping for your reply... to those who already replied... thnx... i really love to make my own first game and proposed it to be my thesis... im really good in c++ i think...
  3. im learning openGL right now, what do you think should i use for making my maps and characters/objects that are easy to insert inside openGL for programming? does openGL supports blender? so i can easily load my blender files in my GL codes? another thing, can you guys guide me what engine should i use for my blende, im using irrlicht right now, but having troubles with textures when loading converted objects from blender to irrlicht. can you guys give me another good engine for blender rather than irrlicht and blender's own engine... focusing on c++? or any graphics software that can easily be loaded inside GL codes for programming? thnx guys....
  4. dreamport

    hello crystal space help again...

    ello.... i am lindsay lohan
  5. dreamport

    hello crystal space help again...

    up....anyone please...
  6. dreamport

    hello crystal space help again...

    hey thnx.... still open for suggestions... ^^ have a nice day guys
  7. i think i will use blender for my 3d models, characters, objects etc... but what do you think guys should i use in creating terrains and maps for a RPG 3d game, im using linux... hope you guys can give me some software names for linux.. thnx guys....
  8. yeah... i think i have a very great foundation in C++... and its my favorite language... yeah i have the crystal space manual... but for the learning progression,,, i dont know what should i read first... the manual is a bunch of HTML with many different topics.... i think i need a guideline... as with blender... i have good books about it... and how about a book that teaches crystal space and blender.... focus on the power of these two softwares... thnx guys...
  9. i want to learn blender3d and crystal space... is there a great book about game programming that focuses on crystalspace and blender? or what book can you guys recommend to me as a linux nwbie 3d programmer? hoping for your reply guys and thnx
  10. sound support for SDL doesnt work on nonroot user.. my program in SDL with SDL_mixer or the sound extendion library, crashes when compiled on nonroot useraccount but when compiled on root account, the code works just fine.. ive heard of pulseaudio but i dont know how to configure it... pls help me configure pulseaudio to let nonroot user have the access on using the sound pulseaudio.... thnx guys and have a nice day...
  11. i think i have installed the correct and the latest driver for my card,,, i think first of all, i would not be able to use compiz-fusion and desktop effects without installing it right? but im using the full feature of my compiz-fusion.... ='(
  12. to wolfdog... first i wanna thnk you for helping me out... now that i can load main.cs.... the terminal just hang up when loading the example codes that i have(which is working properly on windows), but here in LINUX fedora 9 it wont, but running console codes is just fine... why it cant run the graphics part, only console part ='(
  13. when im running the demo.bin file in terminal, two message box appears.. failed to open main.cs & game failed to initialize, shutting down... why? pls help
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