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  1. Math interface with SIMD support

    I think I will look at Eigen a little, if not too complex maybe will go with that. I guess there is some work to do ^^   thanks for your inputs people :D
  2. Math interface with SIMD support

    RobTheBloke I'm tempted to actually use xnamath right as it is, the only thing I fear, is, if I would create like framework, based on that math, it would be almost impossible to port it,  even if I would write somewhat portable code. For example I want openGL support.   I've looked for different math libraries, as performance wise, they don't look impressive, (am I wrong maybe? ^^ haven't used them myself, just looked for performance reports made by others) The reason for not using SIMD, is if an underlying math lib wont have SIMD.    I'm only familiar with xnamath, d3dmath and directx 10 rendering, as far as crossplatform goes, I have no clue about anything there, but would feel to explore that area at some extent. 
  3. Math interface with SIMD support

    Hi   I want to write an interface for math, that will hade SIMD. For now using xnamath.h which has SIMD, pseudo code:   Vector v = LoadSIMD( vector3_stored ) // do some operations on v vector3_stored = StoreSIMD( v )   The reason for an interface, is so I can switch for another library, that maybe not platform dependet, and it may not have SIMD support,  so the question is, should the interface written in a general way that the use will now know if SIMD is being used. Or should I maybe write something that they explicitly tell and use SIMD.   The last way creates problem, if writing specific code, for game or demo (anything!!!) then it must be written for different versions. But this is easiest as implementation goes.   This is for 3D rendering, Vector, Matric, Planes, maybe something more.   Any insight or ideas are welcome So more , like how would you people solve if this interface needed to be switchable for other math lib (any for that matter)     // I hope I expressed my self correctly ^^, also  // Thanks in advance
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