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  1. True Risk or the Illusion of Risk?

    I remember playing Bioshock for the first time. I was scared silly because I was low on health and ammo and I saw a Big Daddy lumbering by in front of me. Now, I rarely use quicksaves in games (I can't remember if Bioshock even had them... I assume it did), but in Bioshock there's practically no penalty for death, so there is no _real_ risk in a confrontation, but I was still scared. I guess that goes along with the OP's idea of the "illusion" of risk. I was plenty scared even though there was no penalty for death. If there _were_ a penalty, like having to start the level over, then I'd probably just get pissed at the game.
  2. things you should and shouldn't do when writing stories

    The most important "do" I can think of is to have other people edit your work. I've been playing and writing a bit of interactive fiction lately, and even in those games spelling and grammar errors slip through occasionally and can ruin the player's immersion. It seems like an obvious thing to suggest, but you'd be surprised how many errors are never caught in released interactive fiction (including some of mine), not to mention the horrible grammar in many RPG Maker games and such. Trust me; no matter how good you think you are, you'll never catch all the errors yourself. You'll just read over your own writing and skip right past the typo, saying it correctly in your head without realizing it's written wrong. Get someone (or more than one someone) to proofread your game's script, or anything you write, really, before you publish it.
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