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  1. Model of Scotsman steam engine (WIP - no tender yet)

    Hi Clinton. Thanks for comment and sorry for delayed answer:). This model is from Arthur Novotny. Highpoly animated version is here but for game engine only low-poly version with baked normals was used (and I don't have animation support yet). I will add some closer view in next updates.
  2. Mashinky

    This album is about development of transport tycoon like game called Mashinky. More about this game at
  3. 1

    Thanks Jeff. These trees from my friend Jan are really beautiful. I will tell him your praise.
  4. Shadows1 Full

    I like the bloom effect. Also the shadows looks very hi-res. I've never achieved such shadow details... Keep up good work;)
  5. AiTest90 2010-06-15 23-59-33-12.jpg

    Looks like oblivion:) Good job
  6. near village

    Looks very good.. How did you do that shadows on the ground? Is it a static shadow map or somehow rendered?
  7. 2

    Hi Mytre, thanks a lot. Grass is made of two meshes per map tile (~ 10*10m). Every mesh has around 50 intersected textured quads (for lower num of vertices than a face per single grass blade) with alpha testing. Thanks for report, maybe it is because of facebook app (like buttons), I will get rid of this:)