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  1. BEIJING, March 5 -- Howell International Trade Fair Ltd., the Organizer of the 2nd China Game Developers Conference, recently announced the program and topics covered for this year's event. During the 3-day conference, 47 general sessions will be held. The decision was made after experts of the Advisory Board carefully reviewed the questions collected from game companies from home and abroad. CGDC aims to promote technology exchange and cooperation in the game industry both on the national and international levels, with an objective of building a platform for developers to exchange experience, share the latest technology and discuss future trend. The first CGDC conference, which was held in August 2007, proved to be such a platform: the conference was warmly welcomed and appreciated by both Chinese and overseas game developers, now waiting anxiously for the conference this year. CGDC Organizing Committee notes that through the first conference, CGDC answered their most urgent questions and demands. This group, of course, is best represented by those who are working everyday on developing games. Therefore, to improve the standing and relevancy of the Advisory Board, this year's conference expanded the advisory board at the very beginning of the preparation by including renowned game designers from world's major game companies. From last October, CGDC started collecting questions, in various ways, from developers in both domestic and foreign game companies and received over 500 professional and typical ones within one month. This high level of participation is greatly appreciated by the Organizing Committee. The proposed topics were first discussed, through conference calls and meetings, with the secretary division and with members of the Advisory Board, which is made up of technical executives of 28 game companies from home and abroad, including Blizzard, EA, Shanda, NetEase, Tencent, Perfect World and Giant ext. The General Advisory Board meeting was held on Jan. 14, 2009, in which a framework of the program was decided by advisors by sharing their opinions and considering practical needs of the game companies. The program was then finalized after lengthy discussions and careful evaluation by the Advisory Board, which was made so as to ensure that the most typical and urgent issues faced by most companies in game developing are covered. The topics decided for this year's conference include various areas such as on-line games, PC/Console games and mobile games. The topics not only cover the whole process of games development, including game design, management, testing, security, arts, audio and programming, but also include other business areas like outsourcing and operation. CGDC Organizing Committee would like to thank all the members of the Advisory Board, as well as the companies they are from, for their hard work and strong support. It is with their efforts that CGDC becomes an effective platform for technology exchange and a rare opportunity for technology debates and breakthroughs. Topics can now be downloaded at: http://www.chinagdc.com.cn/2009down/CGDC-program-en.pdf With the topics settled, the Organizing Committee will now start to recruit speakers. The topics and program are subject to small adjustments resulting from the recruitment and attendance of the speakers, as well as changes to industrial demands. For more information, please visit CGDC official website: http://www.chinagdc.com.cn For Inquiries, please contact: Ms. Cecillia Cao Tel: +86-10-5165-9355 x12 Email: cecillia_cao@howellexpo.com
  2. Beijing, China, Jan 19, 2009, The 2nd China Game Developer Conference (CGDC? will be held in Shanghai International Convention Center from Jul 24 to 26, 2009,. More than 30 professionals from all over the world have joined the Advisory Board. Followed by the success of the 1st CGDC?in Aug, 2007, the increasingly booming game market in Chinahas been attracting the attentions from global game companies and technology suppliers. Therefore, the flourishing Chinese game industry will offers great business opportunities and draws global attentions of those famous game companies and technology experts¡¯ to participatione. Up to now, we have had many great names, includes: Mr. Mike Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard; Mr. Peter Moore, President of EA Sports; Mr. John De Matgheriti CEO of Bigworld; Mr. Mark Jacobs, VP & GM of the Mythic Entertainment Studio, ; Mr. Barry Cottie, Senior VP & GM of EA Mobile; Mr. Gilles Langourieux, CEO of Virtuous; Mr. James Robert Hayes, Executive Director of Asian-Pacific of Glu Mobile; Mr. Lu Zhigang, President of Epic Games China; Mr. Andrew Flavell, GM of Microsoft Asian Game Studio; Mr. Yu Fei, GM of Gamoloft China; , besides, there are also many domestic top professionals had confirmed their participation of the advisory board including: Ms. Li Yu, CEO of Shanda SDG; Mr. Zhu Jisheng, CTO of Shanda SDG; Mr. He Di, CTO of Perfect World; Mr. Song Shiliang, CTO of Giant; Mr. Zhan Zhonghui, United COO of NetEase; Mr. Xiong Minghua, CTO of Tencent; Mr. Hong Xiaojian, CTO of Changyoushidai;and more.etc. Member list of the CGDC?Advisory Board: http://b3.ac-images.cdnmyspace.cn/cnimages01/4/l_4f9e0e3adab4b30484cd73ae209a4933.jpg Assaid by the CGDC?Organizing Committee: Based on the successful experience of 1st CGDC? we will make some adjustment due to the specific situation and the industrial structure in China compared to Europe, North America & Japan to meet the demands of different audience from both domestic and aboard .And we will stick to the purpose of establishing the best platform for promotion and communication, and one successful professional technology conference which is not only fitting to Chinese game industry but also offer valuable reference to the world game industry . Moreover, the participations of global technology experts will surely be a guarantee for this . Introduction of CGDC? CGDC?conference is officially proved by the government administration of P.R. China, aimed to enforce global game technology communications. The 1st CGDC?was held in Shanghai International Convention Center in Aug, 2007, attracted more than 60 global famous experts, besides, over 1000 professionals had participated. For more detail and up date information please visit Official Website£ºhttp://www.chinagdc.com.cn
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