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  1. 1.  WIndows 7 2.  Windows/Mac/Linux, Sony/Nintendo 3.  C++ / Visual Studio 2013 4.  SDL 2.0/OpenGL 5.  HD 2d platformer/shooter 6.  There's a ton of features I don't quite understand in regards to debugging, meaning I end up always closing my game and recompiling it each time I want to test something.  It's probably due to inexperience more than anything else.
  2. As I'm working to update my game from SDL 1.2 to 2.0 I've run into a bit of a problem updating my joystick input.  I created a SDL_JoystickID from my existing joystick, but despite using SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING), my SDL_Event queue doesn't want to seem to generate any joystick events.  It compiles just fine, and the other events work as they're supposed to.   Pastebin for the method in question is here. http://pastebin.com/91efK7bC   This may have something to do with a conflict with OpenGL, as that is what I use for graphics.  Another thread detailing the same issues I'm having are here. http://sdl.5483.n7.nabble.com/SDL2-Joystick-Events-not-working-td37763.html
  3. Thank you much!  We should be updating the video with even better footage soon!
  4. Hello everyone.   Constancy:  Roa is a game my roommate and I have been working on the last several years, and now we're up to where we can show some gameplay and show off our kickstarter!  Site partner Heavy Cat Studios has been working with us and has been very helpful for resources and have very talented people on board.  If you want to see an evolution of gameplay from the Mega Man X series combined with rich experiences from modern games such as intricate AI, memorable boss fights, and a rich deep gameplay experience, head on over to our kickstarter and pledge your donation!  Help make this project become reality!   Abster, coder of InfintyArk