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  1. First of all, thx for response.The project is just a one man show and i never learned the graphic and directx stuff professionally. It's just fun and hobby. I was proud about that nice video result, so i wanted to share it. Sorry about the wrong section. Technical details ? On the Blog you can download a realtime demo (no sound, including source) and i added some infos to the engine-section about the shader. Or what technical interests do you have? I could add it. And yes.. the ugly color-bending is still a problem. I have experimented with noise, but still not lucky with the result.
  2. I have implemented some new PlanetShader, Bloom, Skyboxing and a better Glow. Watch the new Video and/or Download a running Demo from the VBexEngine Blog. Have Fun !
  3. VBexEngine Here is a new video about the implemented reflected material (Deferred Planar Reflections). Take a look and have fun... :wink:   https://youtu.be/9PGfwCsi9vc ProjectBlog: https://vbexengineblog.wordpress.com/
  4. So here is the first downloadable demo-scene of my Engine-Project. It's just a very simple Demo that show's how easy it is to implement the engine. It's testet on Windows10 / Nvidia GTX1070 / AMD4500HD. .. give it a try. I am glad about every feedback if everything is running or not .   SlimDX runtimes (32 and 64) must be installed. (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6)   Blog:https://vbexengineblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/30/basic-scene/
  5. If your Christmas tree is not decorated yet .. have a look to my Engine-Test Video  :) I wish you a Merry Christmas... Have fun and keep coding! https://youtu.be/eAaCevQmbh4     Blog: https://vbexengineblog.wordpress.com
  6. Yes that's right...  but I think my English is to bad to write all the stuff down correctly...
  7. I've Updatet my Engine and Editor-Project using SlimDX and VBnet. Have a look if you'e interested... :)   NiceVideo: https://youtu.be/8WW3Acl7qCQ   ProjectPage: https://vbexengineblog.wordpress.com/
  8. ok.. i can't get it to work like that.. so my way: - save viewpos.z to R32_Float Target - Draw Fullscreenquad\Triangle and get ViewVec (multiply position * InvProjection in VertexShader) - Scale ViewVec by saved viewpos.z That's it ! so i'm moving light calculation to ViewSpace.. that's easy and cheap.. multiply ViewPos with InvViewMatrix to get WorldPosition
  9. Somthing is wrong..  but i don't know what....  -store WorldViewDistance to R32_F -Fullscreen Quad (Positions x InvViewProjection)-WorldCamPos to get WorldRay (I'm Using Fullscreen Triangle) -Normalize Ray -Scale Ray by Distance from R32_F -add WorldCamPos     Save Length //Vertex Out.vpos = mul(pos,WorldView).xyz; //Pixel Out.ldepth = length(vpos.rgb);       FSTriangle VertexShader struct VS_OUT { float4 pos : SV_POSITION; float2 tex : TEXCOORD0; float4 vray : TEXCOORD1; }; //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //SHADER VS_OUT VShader(uint ID : SV_VertexID) { VS_OUT Out; float4 p = float4(0,0,0,1); float2 t = float2(0,0); p.x = (float)(ID / 2) * 4 - 1; p.y = (float)(ID % 2) * 4 - 1; t.x = (float)(ID / 2) * 2; t.y = 1 - (float)(ID % 2) * 2; float4 v = float4(p.x, p.y, 1, 1); //ndc (at the back of cube) v = mul(v,InvViewProjection); v.xyz -= CamPosition.xyz; Out.pos = p; Out.tex = t; Out.vray= v; return Out; }   GBuffer part // Normalize the view ray, and apply the distance to reconstruct position float3 viewRay = normalize(vray); float viewDistance = Source2; //F32 Texture float3 positionWS = CamPosition + viewRay * viewDistance; Out.Position=positionWS But if i write the position and the reconstructed position to ColorTargets, they are not the same [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:1019]  
  10. VBexEngine

    VBexEngine Graphic Engine Project Screenshots
  11. Since i've lost my last slimdx source.. some time has passed. Now it's time to come back with a new project... I'm no professionel, but i will share my knowledge on my blog in future. Maybe sombody is interested. http://vbexengineblog.wordpress.com/ Here is my last Video of my Enviromental Camera. https://youtu.be/7NTkr5FkG2c   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:6946]   Have Fun & keep coding!
  12. So i have found the problem... in the SDK Shader the RasterizerState is set twice... That's not working right... and Culling is using the default Value technique10 RenderAlphaToCoverage { pass P0 { SetDepthStencilState( EnableDepthTestWrite, 0 ); SetRasterizerState( DisableCulling ); SetRasterizerState( EnableMultisampling ); SetBlendState( AlphaToCoverage, float4( 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f ), 0xFFFFFFFF ); SetVertexShader( CompileShader( vs_4_0, VsRenderScene() ) ); SetGeometryShader( NULL ); SetPixelShader( CompileShader( ps_4_0, PsAlphaToCoverage() ) ); } }
  13. I've added the MS based TransparencyAA10.1 Shader to my Slimdx11 projekt. TransparencyAA and AlphaToCoverage ist working fine but only drawing the FrontFace. The BackFace is not drawing, only if i use simple AlphaTest. I figured out that "MultisampleEnable=True" will draw allways and only the FrontFace. AlphaTest is using "MultisampleEnable=False" and draw's Front and BackFace. The RasterizerState "Culling" is allways set to "None" ... so i don't no what's wrong
  14. so the graphic looks nice, but it's still DX9, old style and very simple techniques, so LensFlare is a must have :-) no, you're right, and it's just one switch to turn it off. Vegetation: the vegetation ist very simple, you can load the center-position's from a file and switch between ,tree's, palm's,grass or plant's and randomize to get a jungle. The geometry is very simple using billboards, crossboards or starboards for grass. So you have just one position for sorting and frustum-test, other vertices are generated by vertexshader, passing the scaling values. That makes sorting fast. Tree's, palm's and plant's switch to billboards if a distancevalue from player has reached. Tree's, Plan't and Palm's are renderd in 2Pass with Z-Buffer and Alphablending without Z-Buffer. Alphatest ist done in shader with clip command. Grass is rendert in one pass, only Z-Test and Alphablending So i've 3 VBuffers VB1 = grass (3 quads) VB2 = other plants (2 or 1 quad) VB3 = other plants no waveeffect and 1 quad the third buffer is rendering the reflected vegetation on the watermap
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