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  1. Leaving a company at a critical moment

    I second what @swiftcoder said but also that 4 days in the project is pretty much nothing. Also the fact that they are moving places whilst so early in the project means that what you originally agreed to has changed and it's all the more reason to let them know that you can't continue this.
  2. Snapshot Interpolation

    I don't see why it makes no sense. It can catch up earlier. Since you know where you want to be, it gives you an extra variable to adjust and extra accuracy which again you can adjust.
  3. Snapshot Interpolation

    OK so my jittering in the end wasn't due to mistakes in snapshot interpolation code rather some extra physics were interacting with my object when they shouldn't thus network code was setting the object where it should be and the physics engine tried to move it elsewhere, it could also be what I mentioned above about indexing my packets but mostly the physics caused the issue. To comment on @Kylotan 's previous messages, the reason I asked why we add the future was because it felt unatural to manually add extra latency but of course there isn't any other way to interpolate. I think what would make your answer more complete would be to increase the speed of interpolation by something small so that it eventually catches up to the extra latency that was setup, basically that was what confused me as I thought for skill games 50ms might create edge cases but when I fixed the physics issue I saw that it won't.
  4. Snapshot Interpolation

    It might've been a case of a bug in the server code as well which didn't send packets in the same order they were sent. I added an indexing method when I did the queuing to drop "previous" packets.
  5. Snapshot Interpolation

    @Kylotan I did try to "override" the current position but still was getting jittering maybe if I had stopped and optimized how much into the future it should jump rather than changing to a queuing system would hide the jittering. I might give it another try to see if I did a mistake at the time. as you say the extra latency started creating issues even if it was set to 50ms. I currently solved that by speeding up the lerp but that also doesn't create a very smooth result but a passable one. I realize that I l get better results the more I play with the numbers but shouldn't there be a result that makes it look like it's running 30 fps? Currently I'm sending a packet every 2 frames.
  6. Snapshot Interpolation

    Thank you both! I added both urls to my read list and already started going through the first. I'm not sure extrapolation is the right way for a pong game because of the skill involved if it gets corrected it might look like the other player isn't making up his mind.
  7. Snapshot Interpolation

    OK so just to update on my current situation, to solve the problem of a new message coming before the interpolation finished and to fix the jittering what I did was to create a queue, now that obviously creates issues the more messages arrive the longer the queue and the longer the delay, also dependent on how much of a delay one adds. I am creating a pong game so one could say that it's a reflex game and @Kylotan in his original post mentions that this technique wouldn't work on those. Is there a way to do snapshot interpolation for reflex games?
  8. I was reading the above very old thread about snapshot interpolation and being new in network programming I must say I cant get good enough results. I tried a few different ways and @Kylotan 's above but I still get jittered results and the reason is that I get a message from the server before the interpolation ends. I'm not sure I understand the reasoning of adding some random time in the future and lerping using that so anyone that can shed some light is greatly appreciated!
  9. Game Competition!

    15 people so far! Sign up people!
  10. Game Competition!

    Join this facebook group in order to take part in a 3D art competition and become part of an upcoming game!!! http://www.facebook.com/groups/445816935478835/
  11. Looking to start programming, where to start?

    I'd say give it a go with C# or javascript using the Unity engine. Python is very easy to learn but also has kinda distinct way of writing, I'd say go with C# if you want to touch your feet in the water or go with javascript if you want to have an easier time ( from what I've seen in the industry artists always pick it up ).
  12. Talk to me about java in gaming

    Always use the right tools for the job, in this case Java isn't the right tool.. When you have limited resources to create an application you need every little thing that's available for you. The mobile market supports java just because Apple and Google want to make money off developers more than they want off users so they give you an "easy" language for you to work with. At the end of the day, use what you are most comfortable with but the games industry is a tricky place to be!
  13. Maze Generation

    Your algorithm seems a bit slow, you could show a "generating" screen whilst it's working, also try to keep the maze within the limits of the screen
  14. Turn Based Strategy AI

    Very nice, I'll keep your topic for future reference [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png[/img]
  15. Why can't my PC handle 4 ram slots...

    [color="#808080"][quote name='Structural' timestamp='1302437853' post='4796646'] Perhaps, by coincidence, one of your RAM sticks is corrupt/broken, and you took out the corrupted one? [/quote] Nah I've tried that and also [font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]I've run tests on all the ram separately, combined and in pairs and i didn't get 1 error... [/font] [font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]with memtest and other programs. Also its happens by removing any ram [/font][/color]