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  1. How to sell my game.

    Okay, I am re-making my first game in Unity3D right now because it allows me to release my game on iOS and Android in addition to Windows and Mac. I didn't even realize that you can also play Unity3D games in a web browser until recently, and I just put my game up on my website. I want to sell pre-orders of my game, and give pre-orderers exclusive access to weekly builds of my game which they can play on a webpage. I am not sure how I can sell access to the web page containing the weekly builds of my game, so can I get any advice on how I can do this? Has anyone ever sold access to a web browser game? My game is not ONLY a web browser game, but I would love to support web browsers if I can manage to.
  2. Hey guys, after 9 long months of work, Sketch Tanks is almost done, and I need just a little bit of help before I release it! I have a [url="http://kck.st/j3DeyP"]kickstarter project[/url] (which, for those of you who are unfamiliar with kickstarter, is basically something that allows you to get rewarded for helping fund projects) up, and my goal is to raise $1,000 in two weeks, so I need your help!!! Anyways, you can check out screenshots of the game and stuff in the image of the day gallery, my [url="http://kck.st/j3DeyP"]website[/url], or the kickstarter project page. Thanks everyone, I can't wait to release my game .
  3. I am developing a game called Sketch Tanks, and posting a video every Sunday on YouTube. Check it out here! http://www.youtube.com/user/PrelimseStudios
  4. C++, C# or Java? What should I use.

    Thanks for the responses. I will use C# for now. Sorry if I started arguments, or another language war, those weren't my intentions.
  5. C++, C# or Java? What should I use.

    Interesting, I didn't know about Monotouch. I'm not really up to spending $400 dollars for a license on it, though. I already know C++ and C#, by the way, so I could jump into Java any time I want, which just makes the decision harder for me to make.
  6. C++, C# or Java? What should I use.

    I'm starting a new game project, and I am REALLY confused about what language I want to use for it. I have used C++ with DirectX to develop a few small games, and C# with OpenTK to develop a few demos. I prefer C# to C++, but I want to make my game on Windows, Linux, Mac, and maybe more platforms like Android, iPhone, or Xbox(XNA) later. ATM I am leaning towards either C# or Java, because like I stated before, I like the languages better than C++. What would you recommend I develop the game in? If you respond, please tell me a reason why you think that language would be the best. P.S. The speed of these three languages are very similar, from what I have seen, so don't tell me "C++ is fast. Use it." Also, C# IS cross platform with OpenTK/Mono rather than Visual Studio/XNA. Edit: I have chosen C#. If C# with Mono presents portability problems, I will move to Java. Thanks. [Edited by - xXShadowAsasNXx on October 8, 2010 12:22:08 PM]
  7. Memory address string to pointer

    @Zipster I'm just experimenting. There's really no need for it, but I was just wondering how I could do it, if it is possible.
  8. Memory address string to pointer

    @Evil Steve 1) Yes. 2) Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
  9. I'm trying to make a program that takes a memory address you type into a console, and return the byte value stored at that memory address. I'm not quite sure how I can do this. Lets say I type in "0x4E8" into the console and press enter. I store that string in a variable, but how do I get a pointer to that memory address?
  10. @Lothlor Indeed. There are so many possibilities for the future...
  11. IDK how to do quotes, so... yeah. Anyways. How do you fund constant development without cost? Microsoft gets away with it because locking people in to their platform counts as income to them ;) True, true. Any good DirectX engine will have lots of vendor-specific hacks too. Things like doing efficient PCF differ quite a bit between vendors, and don't get me started on D3D "extensions", like R2VB: SetRenderState(D3DRS_POINTSIZE, r2vbGlbEnable_Set(TRUE)); I'd much prefer GL's vendor extensions than hacks like that! Not so much in DirectX 10/11. You can make your own wrappers to proceduralify D3D, or OOify GL... I know, I am just not up to the task. I'm pretty sure that "no bugs" is on every software developer's wish list. Lol, I know. OpenGL has too many driver bugs than it should have, though. This is really down to what the hardware gives you, not the library (unless you want to sacrifice speed). True. How does this work? I didn't exactly think that through, lol. Have you tried OpenCL? No, but I have heard of it. I don't think it's quite ready to be adopted by graphics programmers making mainstream games yet though.
  12. Very interesting... I wonder how far away this technology could be. It is a bummer Larrabee(as a graphics card) got canceled.
  13. Thanks for the link! I'll check it out right now!
  14. Well, I have been programming graphics demos lately in Direct3D. I really like the DirectX API and all, but the constant version changes, inability to add your own functionality, and most of all, lack of cross platform support(not counting Windows/Xbox support). You can't even use Direct3D 10/11 on all versions of windows! I have looked into OpenGL because it is the only mainstream API with cross platform support, and dislike it's procedural interface (although OpenGL does do some things in better/simpler ways IMHO). I would go with OpenGL, if Windows/Xbox didn't account for a vast majority of the video game industry. So, what if I write a game in Direct3D, and it does really good. I want to increase the exposure it gets by porting it. Now I have the problem of supporting multiple APIs, and the individual problems in both APIs(like OpenGL's horrible extensions that aren't even supported by all the cards). This creates longer development times, more frustration, more bug-ridden code, and lack of motivation(sometimes). Honestly, I don't like DirectX OR OpenGL. What do us graphics programmers need? We need a clean, simple graphics API with: -Constant development & updates like DirectX. -Cross-Platform support like OpenGL. -Support for adding new functionality. -Both a procedural AND object oriented interface like Leadwerks game engine. -No driver problems(I know this is up to graphics card manufacturers) -No cost. -Not having to write up vendor-specific hacks(OpenGL). -As much programmability as possible. Well, that's all I have to say. Sorry for any bad grammar, spelling, or sentence structure, I just threw this together in a few minutes. Feel free to add on ideas and leave your comments. P.S. Maybe we just need the CPU and GPU to merge, and one programming language for both(like C++ with graphics capabilites) that is low-level, and we can program our own graphics API's.
  15. Hi. I was just wondering if there is really any difference between a function like this void Function(const Class& Object); and void Function(Class* Object);. Which should I use and when?