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    World Cup 2010

    Viva España :).
  2. WazzatMan

    Heard any good music lately?

    Quote:(and I like Yes too, especially Close to the Edge). "Close to the Edge" is one of my favourite songs. Quote:EDIT: you're into long songs? I bet you like Tales From Topographic Oceans (Yes) Yeah, I'm mostly into Symphonic/Progressive Rock and Metal, and songs in that genre are usually very long. I also prefer longer songs because it allows the composer to do some interesting things with the theme. I haven't heard that album, but it's concept sounds interesting, I'll look into it, thanks.
  3. WazzatMan

    Heard any good music lately?

    I recently discovered that Rick Wakeman (The keyboardist for Yes) had released a solo album based on the tales of King Arthur. I downloaded the live version of the first song of the album ("Arthur") from 7 Digital, and all I have to say is: Epic. I also recently heard that Star One, one of Arjen Lucassen's side projects, has released a few demos for their new album. This, of course, prompted me to listen to their first album, Space Metal, again, which is as close as you can get to pure epicdom without your face melting off. Quote: I recently discovered Genesis (the Peter Gabriel era). Have you listened to "Supper's Ready" yet? It's my favourite by that band, altough I haven't heard all their work.
  4. WazzatMan

    Force change yourself

    I used to smoke. And I suffered from major depression for most of my life. Now I'm a happy healthy person. Here's what I did: * I stopped asking strangers for help. I felt that it weakened me. * I started talking to people about my ongoing projects. It gave me purpose. * I found what I'm good at, and did more of it. It built a better image of myself. * I travelled to a faraway place for a week. The detachment from my normal life gave me perspective. * I went to a meditation course. * I started sleeping eight hours a day. Lack of sleep can actually be a big factor in most of the things you mention. * I started taking a half an hour walk every day. * I became wary of my personal shortcomings, but I didn't use my own judgements as an excuse; I used them constructively to change myself for the better. * I learned to accept the criticism of others as a challenge to prove that criticism wrong. * I learned to take everything step by step, drop by drop, as every little helps if you let it. I felt that if I was a better person now than I was a week ago, I'm doing something right. EDIT: Before I had "Here's what you do" at the top of my list, and it was a mostly imperative list. But ApochPiQ is right, there's no one size fits all solution. So here's what worked for me. I hope it helps you find what works for you.
  5. WazzatMan

    No love for Java?

    Quote:Original post by MseMseM Absence of a decent graphics libraries and tools that could compete Flash already many year makes me a little bit sad. Seems nobody is writing now demos at Java. But even some 8 years ago all good Java demos contained their own graphics core that worked with pixel array. Check out processing. Despite it being an -extremely- minimalist tool, and in my opinion an incomplete library (No inbuilt shader support? no inbuilt vector buffers?), it has a lot of demos built on it. This site alone is full of demos.
  6. WazzatMan

    No love for Java?

    Quote: Open Source is not the sole domain of Java. And open source software doesn't have to be cross platform. Look at popular Windows-only open source programs like Notepad++, Paint.Net, and FlashDevelop. All fairly succesful I would say, and the last two are built on .Net technology.
  7. I've created a new blog on wordpress. My intention is to use it purely to showcase a few programs I create in my spare time. It's still in the beginning stages, so all I have is a c++ tetris clone, and a few small programs I wrote in a java environment we use for school. Eventually I plan to add an ASP.NET forum from my web days, and a python rogue-like engine I'm working on. It is mostly targetted at programmers -- both professional and independent -- so the source is open, and can be downloaded and viewed freely. I welcome any criticism on the content, including the source code, but what I'd like is criticism on the layout of the blog, and it's general feel. Is it easy to navigate? Is the information well presented? Is it too formal or too childish? Is the licensing information in order? etc.. Here's the link: <link removed> Your opinions are welcome. Thank you. [Edited by - WazzatMan on August 2, 2010 1:35:30 PM]
  8. WazzatMan

    Corporate Philosophy Comparisons

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Competition undermines the model. Every competitor doesn't want to be constrained to only offer exactly what the others do; each will want to offer differentiating factors. He suggests that all "news" will simply come from the New York Times app - ridiculous, given that the New York Times, and all other news agencies, only offer a portion of the news based on their own editorial policies. Will there be an Al Jazeera app? The Guardian (UK) app? Daily Punch (Nigeria) app? National Enquirer app? What if someone starts a new newsgathering organization; how does this new entrant get visibility when a platform vendor is the gatekeeper? Well, I was thinking more about Antheus's point about platforms reducing the visibility of certain unneccesary features, especially as OSs become more able to handle those features on their own. A good example would be a file explorer, a normal user doesn't need to know what files are on his / her hard disk. Some features may also be hidden so that the user doesn't use the platform in a way the publisher doesn't want him to. This doesn't have to be done coercively. The gatekeeper can simply deny the user access to an extraneous service (Such as a warranty), should the user go beyond the platform's intended use -- similar to what's happening with the iPhone and jailbreak. As we become more cloud centric, the extent of these services may grow. Should I be forced to allow a banned user from using my servers to store their files if they have broken their terms of service? People can't tell me what to do on my computer, but they most certainly can on their computer. A platform like this can't really exist unless it gives the majority of users the degree of freedom which they want. This freedom comes in the form of the app store and others like it. It's a closed sand box, but you can get it if you play by the rules. It also gives fruit to a very energetic market. Quote:We're not even discussing the anti-trust implications of this yet. I don't think anti-trust laws are really neccessary in all cases. I think you mentioned the browser advertisements the EU forced on Microsoft. I was pretty shocked by that, mostly because I really didn't think it was neccessary. Three years ago, I didn't need an advertisement to become an avid Firefox user. None of the people I know who immediately installed Chrome when it was announced needed an advertisement from Microsoft. If Microsoft was covertly hiding parts of the internet in order to obscure these alternate platforms, or breaking them in some way when they are installed, I would cry wolf, otherwhise, it doesn't make sense. I don't even think the cross-compiler thing is an anti-trust issue -- even though it's peculiar. Because, for better or worse, Apple aren't discriminating against anyone, and they still allow the most widely used, and available, system languages (C and C++) to be used. Quote: That's just the proliferation of cloud services to places where they make sense, such as large organizations that can see substantial gains from migrating line of business apps back onto the cloud (ie "mainframe," LOL) and using lightweight client machines. My thoughts exactly lol.
  9. WazzatMan

    Corporate Philosophy Comparisons

    Quote: I just can't get behind your vision of the future, essentially controlled by a single company, even as someone who likes much of what Apple has to offer. Is it real control when people move towards it out of their own free will? I doubt the generic PC would be extinct, it would just be relegated to a small market of entusiasts, which becomes smaller and smaller as machines become more complex. Besides, if this model works, it would be adopted by more companies, increasing competition. Something similar might happen in the business world, with small businesses opting for cheap speciality computers, and large businesses reducing their worker's pcs to little more than a web browser which accesses the applications on the main server.
  10. WazzatMan

    Corporate Philosophy Comparisons

    I don't know. Controlling the tools the developers use to build their applications seems a bit arbitrary. It only clearly effects the developer, not the user, nor Apple for that matter. If people find it easier to develop on flash than Xcode, well bully for them. You can make millions of arguments against it but flash remains an important development platform, especially for game developers, and a cross compiler wouldn't require a vm to be installed on the device -- right?. From a superficial perspective, it would be just like an objective c app, why does Apple care how it was built? [Edited by - WazzatMan on June 23, 2010 4:29:55 PM]
  11. WazzatMan

    Is anyone else doubting the industry?

    Honestly, there really isn't anything to gain from pointing out the negative aspects of the Software Industry. Trying to look at things from a macro point of view accomplishes nothing. Keep your head down, and push forward, you'll either be mowed down, or come out alive.
  12. WazzatMan

    Recommendations for a backup software?

    Quote: Looking around I notice a load of different backup solutions. All I want, though, is very simple. I just want to specify some directories/files and a destination to back them up to (possibly with compression). Then every now and again load up the software, click "back up" and it does it. Very simple - but most of the software I checked out go on about setting up servers and imaging whole drives, etc. I just want something simple! Any suggestions? I had the same problems. If you have the time, I would suggest you just create your own backup routine, or backup software, using your favourite language -- or powershell if you have windows 7. I created mine using python, which has inbuilt support for compression.
  13. WazzatMan

    What's wrong with today's gamers?

    Quote:Why is it offensive? Perhaps because it is consistently used pejoratively? Quote:Why is it obsolete? ...because Quote:To me the term "gamer" is perfectly valid, and in this context most people would agree that it refers to a person who plays computer/console games - especially online - more than the average Joe. Playing games online is not a fringe interest anymore, perhaps the term "gamer" had some validity when there weren't that many players, and you could attribute some sort of common personality trait to all of them, but as it stands "gamers" nowadays come from a variety of social backgrounds, from different parts of the world. Critiquing "gamers" as a collective makes no sense. Quote:It appears to me that you are more interested in waging war over terminology than actually contributing to the dialogue. Waging war? I merely pointed out that I thought the OP was casting a wide generalization. In what way was I either agressive or confrontational?
  14. WazzatMan

    What's wrong with today's gamers?

    I'd just like to point out a few things that come to mind: 1. I find references to the "gaming community", or the term "gamers", in general, to be offensive and obsolete. There is no "gaming community", there never was, just like there never was a "book reading community", or a "movie watching community". The very concept does not hold water, and at best it is just there as an imaginary entity to throw vague insults at. Even if such an entity existed, it is so atomized that references to it can become confusing -- or, to be more precise, open to malicious misinterpretation. Do you, in your rant, target people who make and play flash games? How about people who play roleplaying games? Or people who play chess? Or people who play billiards? Professional snooker players? cricket players? people who play nethack on their ipod? people who still play nintendo games on their xbox? Aren't all those things technically games? 2. Stupid people online are stupid. I don't play online games, but writing off a game's entire community based on a few bad encounters seems hasty, and uncalled for. [Edited by - WazzatMan on January 24, 2010 10:36:33 AM]
  15. WazzatMan

    Brown vs Coakley

    Quote:Original post by Mithrandir Quote:Original post by CDProp What sweet-heart deals is he handing to bank execs? Just humour him. He watches Fox News. Isn't that what the netroots progressives are saying?
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