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  1. I had just bought that and Pro Motion a few months back. I like them, but haven't had the time I wanted to learn pixel art so now they are just sitting and patiently waiting on me to get back to them.
  2. No. Firstly, I can't imagine a university paying $6k for a simplistic game like Flappy. Secondly, some universities require you to do a degree mid-point full game project and a final (senior) full game project which per the agreements you fill out during registration allows the universities to use your work as examples for the degree, courses,etc. So you are paying them and giving them examples to use making it even more unlikely that they would pay money to have a team make a game to help promote them. So they have an endless supply of games from all the previous students that have finished their degree. For example, DeVry has my Global Destruction Torque Game Builder game and my teams FPS using Torque Game Engine Advance.
  3. Is this Jeopardy?!    What is examples of politicians being corrupted, failing to take responsibility for their actions, passing the buck to someone else, and grounds for impeachment?
  4. I just started trying to learn pixel art and 3D modeling. Nothing to show just yet though as it will all be utterly ugly.
  5. Just depends entirely what I feel like listening to. In Amazon Music I have soundtracks, albums and songs I play. One time I might listen to Ray Stevens, the next maybe chiptunes on youtube, the next maybe the original Ghostbusters 1& 2 soundtracks or Britney Spears, Metallica, Queen, Cash, Rogers, AC/DC, ZZ Top, etc. 
  6. The way it is broken down right now it is like so: Gamers on a budget consider VR a fad due to not being able to afford the equipment for it. Hardcore gamers with money to burn make it a niche market.  To make it a mainstay the VR set prices will have to drop drastically for more gamers to buy them, but the recommended PCs also will have to undergo price drops as the range I saw when VR first launched was ~$1300. To give you context of my income, it broke me for the month just buying my son a Playstation 4  at $350. While I would love to play around with VR and even try to develop VR games, it isn't going to happen unless I win the lottery. This is a great article and makes me wonder if we will see VR go mainstream. I know Youtube content creators do a lot of "Let's Play" videos for VR games.
  7. I think they were referring to Tiled: http://www.mapeditor.org/
  8. This article feels like it jumps back and forth between a postmortem and a lengthy advertisement to sell the game based on art style. 
  9. Breaking a minor forum rule put in place to prevent recruitment spam all over the site isn't reason to throw a tantrum. In his introductory thread he states he never completed high school nor bothered with college (so guessing no GED either) and vaguely states he studied game development. Then his locked thread mentioned above was trying to recruit for a team. The biggest problem I have is his utter vagueness as he never states what his experience is in regards to game development. If he has no team leading experience it could bite him as it would be his job as lead to motivate and keep the team on task. With such vague posts, I can't imagine a skilled programmer/artist/musician/etc (or beginner for that matter) trying to join since they have absolutely no clue what they are getting into.
  10. I'm always working on something, but since I never publish and they are always for me or my son to play with I never show anything I'm doing.
  11. The ban will be challenged the minute an American citizen (either naturally born or gone through citizenship) is refused entry into the United States. I view the ban as a sledgehammer approach that now needs to have a laser scalpel approach created to be put in place of it. That said, this article is still beneficial to those who care about the topic and are concerned about how the ban will effect them, their job, or their company. Pissing and moaning over a few words doesn't affect the helpfulness of the article.