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  1. fuedone

    Possible 3d engine with no physics?

    if you don't need it, don't put it in. make sure you really don't need it first, tho
  2. fuedone

    Possible 3d engine with no physics?

    isn't that still a very basic form of physics? lol
  3. http://www.themoderndaypirates.com/pirates/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Final-Fantasy-3-Image-3.gif =sideview, shows players and monsters evenly http://www.snesclassics.com/snes-roms/images/boxart/final%20fantasy%20-%20mystic%20quest-1.jpg =bottom to top, shows little player characters, big monsters http://www.gamingdale.com/games/role_playing/might_and_magic_v_darkside_of_xeen/screen_1.jpg = just portraits with monsters, with buttons to the side making an iphone game(zombie survival rpg), wondering which would be better, each seems to have advantages and disadvantages 1) monsters don't look all that menacing, but players look cool 2) monsters look good, but players look a little bland 3) monsters look good, but i don't know if a portrait is enough, or if it seems cheap
  4. u will want a pause before the monster moves possibly, otherwise the player will move, the screen refreshes, then instantly monster moves and screen refreshes again causing a double refresh unnecessarily.
  5. so close to quitting my job and going full time indie, with the occasionaly contract to get funds
  6. fuedone

    slot machine images

    did you try what i posted earlier? if so what happened?
  7. fuedone

    Help with first C++ game.

    definitly use SDL with c++ (its pretty easy to use once u figure it out) just follow the examples and you should pick up the basics at least. if you want to move onto more complicated games, you might want to use an engine, but while you are still learning i recommend sticking with just c++/SDL and make very basic games
  8. learn HTML, there is no reason you should not know it, its not hard at all. also learn CSS(what it is, and how to link it into a page) and javascript basics(jquery as well if your feeling adventurous) i suggest making a little page for each example tutorial you can find if its a complicated web system, you will then also need to learn PHP/ASP/.NET to code the backend processing(they will tell you that when u start, i wouldnt bother with them yet) There is a good chance they could be using a CMS system which would mean another thing to learn(but it will reduce the dependance on HTML) but this would be a good thing for you, as you wouldn't be expected to know it (and most of them are about as simple as MS word once you click around and figure things out) if this is the case, just play around with it as much as possible when you get there, figure it out.
  9. fuedone

    slot machine images

    what do you mean? can you try explaining more clearly?
  10. fuedone

    The best software to make a mmorpg?

    im finding c#/xna not too bad... im probably going to hit major memory problems sooner or lately tho c++ is what most are made in i would assume (although i have seen a few made in flash/java)
  11. fuedone

    Civilization/ Technology Progression Sim

    invention system primarily..
  12. i have thought about this before, the solution i came up with was as follows: you need to classify each cell type you are going to have, i had. brain(or calculation rate) threshold(or stomach) movement(or legs) strength(or mouth) sense(or eyes) structure(or skin) each one starts out as a single brain(which at a single node was just whether it was female or male) and a movement, where they just went for the closest food or mate possible, if it was food then repeated, if mate it died.(but they spawned 6 new ones) each new one had the chance to add an additional module, a brain module would make it have a higher % chance at dodging a preditor(one with higher strength), a threshold let them mate twice before dying(but it needed food afterwards before it could mate again), this kept older "weaker" ones alive for food for new generations, an additional movement made them move faster, an additional strength allowed them to eat anything lower strength, which meant more food, an additional sense increased sense range, and structure did nothing yet. rules; once they hit around 10 modules, they started needing 1 structure per 10 to keep growing, and i kept those all joined, with a more focus on straight lines(made spiky snakes mainly lol) movement modules had to be on the outside, or they did nothing, and if they were on opposing sides they cancelled each other out.(needed to make it so ones on the side could help, but didnt figure out how to do that, meant everything i made had big tails) everything had to mate->eat->mate->eat, they didnt die from hunger(i tried that for a while, but populations kept dying out with bad luck occasionally) everything checked its nieghbours to see if they would eat them or if they were food, a higher brain increased thier chances at acurate guesses(and less wasted time, meaning more genetic offspring)
  13. fuedone

    Civilization/ Technology Progression Sim

    sounds very similar to one of my projects im working on lol my one focuses more upon NPCs making the villages/towns etc while you just interact more as an adventurer/god my advice, dont get caught up in realism too much, make it fun and simple more, otherwise not enough people will "get" it
  14. fuedone

    slot machine images

    i THINK your asking how to make a random image yeah? in the[color=#008000][font=Consolas][size=2]//draw surface to the backbuffer[/font] [font="Consolas"][color="#008000"] [/font] [font="Consolas"][color="#008000"]replace [/font][font=Consolas][size=2]d3ddev->StretchRect(FRUITSYMBOL, NULL, backbuffer, &rect, D3DTEXF_NONE);[/font] [font=Consolas][size=2]([/font]this is off the top of my head and may need fixing, but you want something like(this is for c#, similar concept in c++ tho) [font=Consolas][size=2]with the following:[/font] //sets the random field random rand = new random(); //gets a number 1,2 or 3 rand.next(1,3) //display a certain image depending on what is used select(rand){ case 1: [font=Consolas][size=2]d3ddev->StretchRect(FRUITSYMBOL, NULL, backbuffer, &rect, D3DTEXF_NONE);[/font] break; case 2: [font=Consolas][size=2]d3ddev->StretchRect(GOLDBARS, NULL, backbuffer, &rect, D3DTEXF_NONE);[/font] break; case 3: [font=Consolas][size=2]d3ddev->StretchRect(LUCKY7S, NULL, backbuffer, &rect, D3DTEXF_NONE);[/font] break; }
  15. fuedone

    My Isometric Level Editor (HTML5 canvas)

    very cool, love making these x) no slopes/blended terrain yet? theyre always the 2 trickiest parts i run into have you made one of these in non-html5 before? is it much harder in html5? (don't know much about it)
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