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  1. I was wondering if any of you would know of examples of AI that change their (or separate) program code. And if so would you perhaps know if it has been incorporated in any games as of recent. Thanks ahead.
  2. One Game World, Multiple Interfaces...

    [quote name='jefferytitan' timestamp='1330218111' post='4916627'] [quote name='Tinholt' timestamp='1330217653' post='4916625'] Its quite easy to give everyone a job, however we don't want to annoy them by giving them tedious work that requires no effort whatsoever, no matter how big the pay offs are [/quote] Didn't you just describe an MMORPG? ;) [/quote] Let's take WoW for a most obvious example. You only do those dull daily quests so you get money/xp/whatever to make you richer before you start Raiding. Still nobody likes them.
  3. One Game World, Multiple Interfaces...

    Sorry for going a little of topic. Let us say we do create such a world, wouldn't that at least need a better understanding of AIs and how they can interact with other players? I suppose we need a world that is working without anything holding it up, so if we give the player the option to opt in some kind of activity we can never assure that both sides will be equal without a waiting list (which could be killing if there is nothing else for the player to do/gain). AI should take on a more proactive role, instead of those which we say in many strategy games where it would just react when the odds are ever in his favor. Plus we must not forget the interaction of the player with the AI as non-enemy. The problem with this kind of game is the capacity to entertain. Its quite easy to give everyone a job, however we don't want to annoy them by giving them tedious work that requires no effort whatsoever, no matter how big the pay offs are (for that the player uses cheats).
  4. Game Concept Development

    Well someone asked me if I could post a small introduction, well here it is; Well the game is in the nearly future. Human kind has grown to outlarging numbers and everywhere on the planet famine occured which had triggered a third world war. After the war has ended a big technologic city has been build, the city is founded as an Utopia. But only a minority of the population is allowed to live within the boundries of the city and everyone else has to live outside the city. The goverment and everything related to the country is within that city. Some years after the city has been founded the goverment decides to let the rest of the country go to waste. Because everyone on the other side of the city's borders is meaningless and not worth living. You as player who has grew up in the hell hole that was ones known as New York wants to get into the city to get a better life without the dayly danger of death. The players will be forced to work together to get into the city. This can only be done by using teamwork, betraying others and complete various tasks. You'll discover the horrible truth that lies deep within the big city and everything that is related to it. You'll be able to get your hands on guns, vehicles, clothes, buildings everything within imagination. Through your journey you'll need to strive for power. Only that way you'll be able to complete your goal. But.. What lies inside the city borders? Is it better then outside? or isnt it?
  5. Game Concept Development

    Quote:Original post by Cpt Mothballs I smell a troll? Thanks for your helpfull comment.
  6. Currently I'm working on a Concept of a MMO game and I'm looking for artist and designers who can help me with taking it to the next stage. It will be a revolutionary new kind of game which will force games like GTA and WoW into the shadows. Some Game studios have already been informed and are interested when the concept has risen to a new stage of development. If you are interested then please contact me; I_am_a_nooby@hotmail.com