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    Embedding Math Equations in Articles

  2. Stroppy Katamari

    #include Little Toolkit

    "Forward declarations everywhere! Try to use them wherever you can. This will reduce number of include files. Please notice that where some type is needed (in a function, as a class member) maybe include file is not so crucial for the compiler - it needs to know only its name, not full definition."   Strictly speaking, this is incorrect - if the actual type is needed (in a function, as a class member, wherever), then the definition is needed as well. Worse, the article basically assumes the reader already understands what forward declarations are and under what conditions they can be used, which I'm guessing is the polar opposite of the target audience.   Several paragraphs later there is a mention of using pointers and references, but again, someone who doesn't already know the subject will have a hard time connecting that to the paragraph that talks about forward declarations.
  3. Stroppy Katamari

    Your First Step to Game Development Starts Here

      Suggestions? Lazy Foo suggests a slot machine, Blackjack and Connect Four in addition to Tic-Tac-Toe. Most traditional boardgames would be OK as long as you keep it a hotseat game and do not try to write an AI.
  4. Stroppy Katamari

    Your First Step to Game Development Starts Here

    I think the list of suggested games would be greatly improved by adding an entry that comes even before Pong: any simple turn-based game. All games currently suggested are real-time, which is a significant complexity step.
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