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  1. AudioUnity

    XNA and the xbox360

    Thanks, all good info... -Rick
  2. Hi All, Couple questions comments regarding XNA and the 360 game dev env... 1. Anybody making money with the business model they have for XNA game creators? 2. I was a bit surprised that you need to spend the $100.00 up front to test against the xbox while developing. Not that $100 is a deal breaker, seems odd that you cannot try out the system without committing finances. 3. Do most people start off with building a PC game and migrating to xbox to get it up and running / debugging or is actively debugging on 360 code practical? 4. Is building for both the PC and Xbox viable with XNA? Curious for any general feelings about the XNA framework from a developers viewpoint. Thanks, Rick
  3. AudioUnity

    Is it legal???

    Hi All, Thanks for the input...I would prefer to do the right thing and if that means not using any videos etc without consent I wont. It seems like a gray area so far... I'll take all the advice under consideration and figure out what to do next, thanks again... You folks are a big help. Best regards, Rick
  4. AudioUnity

    Is it legal???

    Thanks Nate, when you say: "...I've seen many young(er) composers..." I hope "young" means young to composing in general and not to actual age :) Thanks again, Rick
  5. AudioUnity

    Is it legal???

    Hi all, Is it legal to take screen captures or cut scenes from existing games to add in your own music for demo purposes? If so, what do people use for tools to capture and split the audio from the video etc? I am running on an Intel Imac. Thanks for any information! Best regards, Rick
  6. AudioUnity

    Recent release, wanted to show off )

    I don't blame you one bit for "showing off". All sounds great! When you say you worked on this, do you mean the graphics / game as well? Checked out your site, nice sounds etc. I hate to ask stuff like this in fear of violating trade secrets, so you can ignore me if you wish. What do you use for orchestral samples? They have nice clarity and realism... Thanks, Rick
  7. AudioUnity

    Comments appreciated (audio and site)

    Hi Nathan, Thanks for the detailed response. This was the exact type of feedback I was hoping for. I agree with the points you have made and will update the audio and web accordingly. Regarding the web site, there is still a part of me that feels it is a little too "urban". I was looking for a mix of contemporary and official-ish, I am not 100% sold on it yet. I may scrap the whole thing...adding texture as you mentioned may help. The about us is totally a placeholder. I agree there is way too much text there. Regarding the audio, you are correct on many points. The endings (cut short etc...), I will fix all that, thinking back it was pretty lame to not address that. Regarding the samples I just bought Garritan Personal Orchestra due to its price point and bang for the buck. The only song I tried it out with is Butterfly(lower left on the demo page). I am not sure if you listened to that one or not. Listening to your orchestral samples versus mine makes me realize the vast separation in tonal quality. I hope to move up to higher quality samples once some money frees up etc. I plan on updating the current demos in the not too distant future with the GPO samples, I hope it brings up the music a couple notches in the realism category. I tried to add a direct link here and failed...oh the humanity I really appreciate the feedback and time you spent reviewing my stuff. It was very helpful. UPDATE: I couldn't cope with the old site, I added a new version. Many issues you pointed out still remain. Thanks again. Thanks, Rick [Edited by - AudioUnity on January 1, 2009 3:00:57 PM]
  8. Hi All, New guy on the block here...I am looking for some honest input on where I am headed with my audio and web site. I have much to learn, any comments would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to the site etc: Bear-in-mind this is a work in progress, I am not 100% complete. Many thanks, Rick
  9. AudioUnity

    tools of the trade and issues I have

    Hi Jay, Thanks for the response. I am running Pro Tools 7.1.1 on: intel imac 2.0 Ghz dual core w/ 2 gig of memory After much research, I ended up buying the Garritan Personal Orchestra. This product was very reasonably priced and should fit the bill for my needs. It was on sale for 1/2 price when I bought it. It has very nice sounds etc. I did try the IK demo and liked that as well. I plan on posting a link in the not too distant future for some critical analysis of where I am headed with my audio. My goal is to do video game music and maybe an indie film (I know, I know, but it is nice to dream). Thanks again, Rick
  10. Hi All, I am working through some orchestrated pieces for a demo reel of sorts. I use Pro tools LE and samplebase, as well as, some built in plugins like Xpand and such. My demo reel will also consist of heavier pieces with guitar and drums as well. The point being the recordings I do are both virtual and real instruments. The themes of my music work well. However, I find the articulations for some of the strings and repetitiveness in the vibrato give a somewhat artificial feel. I am considering IK Multimedia's symphonik as an option. Things like glissandos (sp?) and orchestral hits are lacking as well. What symphonic type plug ins/etc are highly detailed yet not too burdensome on the processor etc. Any thoughts on this? It is an interesting balance, some of the video game music I listen to is obviously virtual instrumentation, but still is quite good. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  11. AudioUnity

    music composition details

    Thanks Nathan, excellent input. I am venturing into video game music composing on the side. I am actually a full time software geek by profession. Music has always been a passion, but finding video game music as an avenue is new territory to me. I am quite excited about the possibilities, realizing there is much work involved. I appreciate the comments and I'm sure I'll have more questions. Thanks, Rick
  12. AudioUnity

    music composition details

    Hi All, Great forum, lots of info. I am am in the process of setting up a video game music offering. I have a few very basic questions: 1. What audio format do gamers expect to use with their games (mp3, wav etc)? 2. Are there any guidelines for general composition or loop time lengths (1 minute??)? 3. What kind of money can and should you charge (general versus custom pieces)? 4. Is it realistic to make money in this area? I am a competent musician and feel my music is pretty good (always room for improvement). 5. What do successful folks use for hosting and download capabilities? I know lots of basic questions. Any information is really appreciated. Thanks, Rick
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