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  1. Thanks for your help, guys. I have one more question. To start programmming with simpler libraries, is knowing how to program with winmain() required? I haven't started with it yet, but from what I have read, Windows programming is required but is a lot tougher than the usual Dos programs.
  2. I've just finished Michael Dawson's amazing book. It was excellent, especially regarding how a game programmer should think. To follow it up, I had found a book called 'Creating Games in C++' by David Conger. But while his narration was awesome, the Game Engine he had included did not work and so I could not continue beyond the fourth chapter. So I'm wondering how I could go on from here, see some online tutorials or get a book that covers the next part. I know that programming can only be learnt by doing it, but I have zero experience in how to handle a Game Engine or a Graphics Library. I was hoping I could get some advice. Thanks.
  3. Gotenks92

    A comlete beginner

    Quote:Original post by steveworks So you can't program at all except for a little C++? That is not good. C++ is an hard language to learn as a beginner (I should know). I would recomend learning to use a language called Python first. The general concepts of programming are the same. Python is just less mind boggoling and has easier syntax. Once your good with Python you chould then move on to C++ and it would be a smoother transition. Python.org is the site where you can download the language and quite a few good books and tutorials. ( I recomend byte_of_python. That is what I used to learn.) After learning python you could learn to use PyGame (pygame.org) which is a graphics library meant for making games. Make a few sample games then, after all this you would have a good grasp of the basics of how a game works and is built. Then you could go into C++ java or whatever and have a pretty easy transition. Thanks for the input! A question though, byte_of_python refers to the book 'A Byte of Python' or a guide/ tutorial ?
  4. Gotenks92

    A comlete beginner

    Hi! I'm new to GD and new to the whole game developing area, considering the fact i have no 1dea where to begin. I am a student of 16 preparing for IIT JEE, so i really do not have much time to spare for classes of programming languages and modelling software. Being really interested in it( I want to take it up as an occupation), I have begun with C++ though i don't know much. It would be really great if you veterans could direct me how i should proceed and what tutorials, books, software etc i should use to learn. Thanks
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